Shipwrecked! quest chain

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  1. Ustas Member


    Does anyone know why I can't get next quest from Rafik ?
    I did all previous steps but no follow up quests appeared from him. No in-game mails, nothing.
    I tried to zone-in, logout-login, it seems that quest chain is broken now.
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  2. Twyla Well-Known Member

    From what I remember you have to move to new zone...i.e. leave his island, then travel somewhere, anywhere and a new mail will arrive. It is also level locked (if I recall - it's been a while), so if you did his first step and aren't at the next level he won't send you mail until your tradeskill level is that.
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  3. Ephras Active Member

    When you finish Halasians for Hire, to start Halasian Hangover you'll get an email from Raffik once you reach Tradeskill level 60. Have you?

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  4. Ustas Member

    Yes, I do. Actually I turned 125 tradeskill even before I start this chain.
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  5. Denmum Developer

    Have you tried speaking with Jerol, next to the Far Seas building on the docks of Mara? He "finds" lost quest starter mail and flings it at you. You might have more than one thing waiting for you, one of which should be the quest starter if it isn't already hiding in your journal somewhere.
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  6. Ustas Member

    I have progressed further in my journey... The previous mission I received was from Rafik during his time in New Halas.
    I successfully finished the mission, but Rafik did not send me any follow up in-game mail, despite being at adventure level 120 and provisioner level 125.
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  7. Denmum Developer

    See my above post about checking with Jerol. Sometimes mail can get stuck for one reason or another, and Jerol tries to keep track of such things and deliver it to you.
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  8. Ustas Member

    Yes, I did. It load me with few mails but none of them are from Rafik.
    And Rafik is still standing at same location where he was when I completed my previous quest when it supposed to be moved to Raven's Roost. And when I'm trying to hail him, he says "Any problem?" and I have the only one reply option "I will be back soon". I'm sure that previous quest was completed.
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  9. Ustas Member

    Correction, I was wrong, actually, one of mails was about to help Raffik but it is from Captain Iceblade :)
    It is ok now, everything is working fine.
  10. Twyla Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear it got sorted out.
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