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    From a technical standpoint and after consideration of what the engine is capable of, would it be possible to remove the loading screen when traveling by ship to a new zone and instead make it a normal sailing trip while streaming the new zones content while we're sailing to it over the ocean?

    Ppl that want to fast travel will use fast travel, but for the sake of immersion, I would love to see you guys get rid of as many loading screens as humanly possible with 64b.

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  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    They would have to program the actual sailing portion to make that happen. The game isn't one giant open world segmented into zones, but rather a series of zones that are segmented into other zones. It's not like all of Thundering Steppes is already loaded up when you click on the door in Antonica-- the game's servers are telling the Antonica zone to go to sleep while the Thundering Steppes zone loads up.
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    So zone from TS, to a boat, then zone from a boat into EL? You've added another zone in there to load, even if EL was loading there in the background while you were in the boat zone.
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    ya YA!!
    jus likies Ocean of Tears in the lands of Norrath ~500 years ago!!!
    was great place to share languages!!!!!
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