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Discussion in 'Guardian' started by ARCHIVED-Arkian, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Arkian Guest

    guardian is nice and all but our damage output is horrid. either sitching to berserker or shelfing the toon untill they fix this and gunna main tank with my OP monk. I am 91/300 currently and couldnt keep threat off a 92 paladin the onlthing i could do to peel it off him was by using snaps. all masters and specced correctly in the aa dept. no ire aadorn but thats mainly because i came back not long ago... still kinda insane i cant keep threat to save my life off a 92 at 91...
  2. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Yes, keeping threat off other tanks is an issue if the other tanks don't hold back their threat generation.
  3. ARCHIVED-resiler Guest

    Yah. Save Reinforcement for when the pally hits Holy Ground, or try and convince them that they don't actually need to hit positionals when the mobs are already under control.
    Crap on Ire procs. It's strictly an MT adorn to avoid OTs randomly ripping, and either you have aggro and waste procs or you don't, in which case you can't rely on ire getting it back so you're going to snap anyway.
  4. ARCHIVED-Plaguemeister Guest

    Guardians were never designed to do massive damage - we are designed to absorb massive damage. Guardians are more balanced than they have been in years and even though I pretty much quit playing over 2 months ago I'd have to argue the guardian is finally right about where it should be. I doubt much has changed in that amount of time - even SOE cannot screw something up that fast. Don't give up on your guardian - its a different play from the monk/brawler but still enjoyable.
    *** re-read your only 91. There is a world of difference between a 91 and 92/full aa/prestige etc. you were most likely very out geared and outclassed. ***
    I would not consider the use of reinforcement when a pally uses holy ground. That would be wasting the skill for when/if it is really needed, even with it on a 1.30 min retimer I would not waste it over such a trivial matter. the pally in question would learn nothing from your using re-inforcement. You could try the direct tell approach - "Please do not use your +1 and threat increasing skills when I am tanking." If the person continues to do it you could add "Your just making yourself look stoopid - at elast stand in front of the mob when stealing aggro."
    You could also ask the healers to stop healing the pally if hes ripping aggro to teach him an object lesson. You might also take a step backwards and sit down ( an old eq1 insult for rangers/monks) and let the pally tank - stepping up only to protect a grp member if the pally fails.
    Providing your doing everything you need to be doing including proper hate feeds/etc gear set ups blah, blah, blah unless the other tank is out parsing you by a good 100k or so the other tanks should not be grabbing aggro off you unless they use a positional or ire proc. Those mistakes can be fixed with /tells, counseling/ tank training in your guild etc. If a non guildie w/ a bad attitude the /kick feature works wel too if all other appeals to reason won't work PROVIDING you are properly geared/spec'd for the task at hand.

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