Shattered Unrest [Solo]

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  1. ootuko New Member

    Color the teleporter running up and down different. I'm accidentally on the wrong teleporter back down again. Two different colors would help.
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  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    How would that work since its the same transport? If you mean make the transport between each 'island' a different color, you would still have to remember which color you came in on, which is more work than the two seconds to read before clicking on it.
  3. Chrol Developer

    Not changing the color. You can take 2 seconds to read the description.
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  4. Caeri A New Member

    I had spoken with Arcana and started the solo zone when the message came that instance was going down. I evac'd out to do the tradeskill . Later I returned to Nek to pick back up and could not see the zone instance or Dr Arcana. to reenter.
  5. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    Malius - I still insta kill the adds when all my stuff is up, but that's with the grace buff and my gear....If I turn off just my raid flawless buff they are no longer just insta dying. I still could just kill them all pretty easily, but I'm also overgeared for the zone.
    Interestingly enough Malius seems to not take damage while casting the projections, though once its done casting he does still take damage while the projections are up[I'm going to assume the cast bar/time itself will be important for some groups to not blow themselves up to AOEs in some version of the heroic fight, but not sure if there's a reason it needs to quit taking damage while casting].

    Gilidisk - still can get the eggs stuck on the not alive thing, but this seems to only happen if there's some sort of dot on them[Any time I tried to kill it without a dot, and didn't use a dot for the HO I was able to complete the HO without any issues]. When I used a dot I would get the not alive spam on trying to HO until the dot faded off the egg. This might be annoying for some classes[though unless you don't have any non-dots to use for your HO, you can just use the dot spell as the 2nd one and be fine].
    Any chance the DR/mit on the eggs could go even higher, since it's not like we can kill em with damage anyways? [Though at this point I think any one who would have issues would either have enough DPS to just kill the named through the eggs anyways or be someone who decided not to read the buff until attempting to outright kill one didn't work]
  6. Chrol Developer

    The high damage reduction while casting is there so Malius can get at least one Simulacrum off. Not changing that.

    The eggs will be set up to heal to full when they reach 0 health to avoid the target not alive message.
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  7. Manafizzle Well-Known Member

    A bit of feedback on the transport discs in all of the versions of this zone.

    There are some players with a type of vertigo that is triggered by this disc ride. Is it possible to put a right-click 'teleport to next location' option on the disc as well so that people can skip the nausea if they have this problem? I've met two players now who came to beta and were set off by the transport disc and couldn't run the zone. Both are concerned that they will not be able to handle it on live and will miss out.
  8. Chrol Developer

    If I add an option to teleport I might as well remove the transports entirely as everyone will just teleport.
  9. Manafizzle Well-Known Member


    Some people won't be able to run this zone, I guess.
  10. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    Do they still have issues if they zoom all the way in while on the transport, which makes it so you can't see it?
  11. Manafizzle Well-Known Member

    Not sure, but that seems like something to try.
  12. Taled Well-Known Member


    Sent in a /typo, but this presumably should be 'a simple pewter cup'
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  13. Chrol Developer

    My little puter cup, has the sweetest smile.
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  14. Taled Well-Known Member

    For the 'Bygones Will Be Bygones' weekly, the casting bar when interacting with the potion says 'attuning to the crystal'

    Don't have time to re-run it atm to check the others, but will try to make a point of checking the cast bar this next time around.