Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom

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  1. Tetrol Well-Known Member

    Tried using the blue pillar thingies - kept getting killed so just kited them, zero damage to me. Did the same for wave two just using the specials instead.
  2. Donilla New Member

    Not sure when a fix went in, but something has been changed. I could not do the quest first time round. Today however was another story.

    First wave, you don't have the special spell bar yet, just move into a blue pillar, pick a mob and start taking it down. When you get a message saying the magic is starting to harm you, move to the next blue pillar, and so on. If you die, if it was dead, it stays dead. After this wave, you get the special tool bar.

    I targeted one of the invaders, moved into a blue pillar and stayed put. Cast the shield and the health. Cast the longest cast damage, then the next two damage spells. Keep recasting shield and health whenever they pop up. Don't use any of your spells, don't use a merc, just don't let you health get too far down. Kill all the invaders in turn. Use the portal spell on the portal. Done.,
  3. Wellknownmember Active Member

    I did exactly what Tabri said (post 16) while on beta, helping a squishy caster out. Since there were two of us the only skill of my own I used was taunt to keep any possible memwipe from happening. The caster was able to keep a pet alive the entire time and I was never in danger of dying as long as I kept the shield up and damaged it with the given abilities, not my own. I kind of hope they don't change it from what it was in beta because I know the strat already.

    I was able to pull one alone with a damage-free taunt, so maybe that was the difference between the living and the dead... if you pull all 3, yeah the damage will add up. That will be 25% damage x3 instead of just 25%. We did the one on the left, the one on the right and the center one. Actually what took longest was targeting the portal. TAB was the way to go.
  4. floofloobunny Active Member

    I kited the middle of the final 3. But cant get past the last 2 solo necro beta to 100 with legendary/heroic/fabled gem adorn gear.

    Now while tabris advice has worked for some, as well as others', for me I get to the hallway and get killed. I stand at the farthest point away and cast until they are right on me, shield up then run and get 1 shotted. I tried in the lights at first and got killed, realized I should kite them. So I got the middle guy first try.

    After countless deaths, I found several posts about this problem and some say it was fixed and others are still having issues. If I cant complete this part of the signature line, will i not get the hellhound mount? They were giving us until the 25th to finish on beta and I did all the overland stuff, 82 plus quests in Tranquil/Phantom. But it wasnt specified if its the signature line that needs to be completed or not.

    Please any help figuring this out or peeps that have done this with no problems can you donate your time to help me on beta finish this part?
  5. Donilla New Member

    Have you tried just standing in the pillar and using only the spells from the quest hotbar? those were enough to keep me alive so long as I always cast the health and shield when it was up. I stood in the pillar closed to the invader I planned to kill, aggroed only that one, and took it down. Moved to the next pillar, targeted the next invader, rinse and repeat. The portal doesn't fight back, just cast the close portal spell.

    If you can't complete the first part, before you get the spell bar. You have to move pillars every time the text tells you the magic is killing you. For this I targeted one mob, moved when it told me to, just used my normal attack sequence. I did have a merc up, but I had him on hold, so the pillar buffs were enough to keep me up.
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