Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - I broke it :(

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Katz, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Katz Well-Known Member

    Three of us were going through the signature line together and had our mercenaries with us. We didn't even think about it when we got to this part as we had done everything else as a group. So we zoned in and it was two of us and the third guy kicked out of the instance with of course no mercs. So two of us were going through it and the third was going to go through on his own. The two of us were doing fine except we got the 12 updates and for some reason we thought the farseas person was outside and we were done. We zoned out, realized our error and tried to zone back in. It would give us the "too many people message" and zone us right back out. We ungrouped and tried to go in separately. Same thing.

    Apparently this all ended up with us all three sharing the instance or something. Anyhow, the third guy reset the instance and was going through it and we two couldn't get back in. So it said an hour and half for the zone to be able to be reset. I logged out for the night. My friend was planning on going back in an hour and a half.

    This morning I went in and zone was empty except for one drunk pirate. I thought, oh yeah, reset it. So I zoned out and reset it. Zoned in and saw all the mobs and thought it was ok. I went through, talked to the farseas person and killed two of the four named, but the other two named weren't there so the Captain didn't spawn and I couldn't do the last part.

    TLDR: How do I get the quest to work for me now? Do I need to delete it and start over? Wait 3 days? Anyone have any idea? I didn't want to delete it in case that would mess things up even more.
  2. Katz Well-Known Member

    Ignore this. I didn't realize the 4 named had to be killed in a certain order. Found one that I had missed and then the last one was there afterwards.

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