Shared pet stats - what helps and what does'nt?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Xanvarin, Feb 25, 2011.

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    I've done a little experimenting with swapping gear and posessing my pet to try to figure out what gear actually conveys a benefit, but there is some gear options I don't have and would rather not shell out coin just to experiment (but I might if its a mystery to others too). So far...
    It seems that all stats to some degree are influenced by our stats, but int moreso than anything else. I've tried isolated stat increases in Sta and Str on the warrior pet, but those did not affect HP or damage, so I would say that even tho other stats seem to affect the pets stats, only Int seems to do anythign quantifiable (and if that applies tot he Warrior pet, its probably safe to say it affects all pets that way)
    Crit transfers.
    Potency transfers.
    Ability mod transfers (my warrior pet had an ability mod score which was more than double my own)
    Haste and Multi attack does NOT seem to transfer. (perhaps changing that would make the scout pet more viable)
    The mage pet seems to only have Nox resist, and my own resists do not seem to have any affect on it (have not looked at the numbers for other pets, but that one stood out to me)
    What I'm still wondering about are if things like +defense, +slashing, + disruption have any cary over to the pets.
    When considering adornments, what things will give us the most benefit (or ANY benefit for that matter) and what stacks and what does not?

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