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  1. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I understood which post you were referencing. I was just stating that I wasn't the person that wrote that post. I don't use harvest macros (nor have I ever used them), so if the information in the thread that I linked is no longer viable, then I can't answer your question about harvest macros. I can talk you through making regular macros (for using an item, for broadcasting an announcement that you are about to cast a given spell, etc.) but I've never tried linking harvesting to macros, so I am unclear as to the specific nature of harvest macros' .
  2. CharleBeth New Member

    Okay, irregardless you have been more than patient and helpful. Thanks.
  3. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    The only dumb questions are questions that aren't asked - except for questions that have been asked (by the same person) and answered at least five times* (sometimes more). Since your questions did not fall into either category, they weren't dumb questions.

    * Those questions are pretty asinine.
  4. Arloc New Member

    If you need some help leveling up and you're tired of the constant grinding, check out the dungeons (once you're past level 20). They're basically different instances, it'll help bring your level up!
  5. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    There are many ways to play, but few things for new players to sell...only craft for fun and to give things to alts or other players you like.Crafting is fun and well worth it, its part of the game and to enjoy but you can no longer make any real plat at it or sell the rares you harvest. Thats broken dont waste your time then become mad.

    Try repatble quests only way to make plat in game that is left. Ignore the broker till 90 unless you have fertilizer or seasonal event currency to sell. Its all thats left for the broker at low levels and not for long is my guess.

    Also 5 loyalty token = 75 plat bag from loyalty vendor, always get. You can save for nice stuff at high level from your tokens. Dont worry about that for now.

    Also kronos are worth the money for the plat you get and the level of enjoyment you get from the gameplay exspernce. Its nice to get what you want and not have to worry about it. At least sometimes.

    Remember eq2 dose not sell stat gear like rift and some other ftp games, what you get still means something and krono sells support the game. They are just a nice option for players thats there if you want it. :)

    Play a sk if you want to go solo mostly, also if you like, you will be very effective in groups without question while leveling.

    If you like a challenge, and for fun, turn aa to max every 10 levels while you gear in agnostics then do the quest anyway. If on your third character or so, buy the aa potion, its not like a heroic character in that it skips the fun leveling part but you have no idea how much of a diffrence it makes and the ease of play.

    If limited playtime, less than 6 hours a day, then do this for sure.

    Also place your own aa. There are better ways to go, more effective ways that make you stronger than the preset...depending on the character and your style.
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  6. dcracknell Member

    This thread clearly exemplifies why EQ2 is not widely played.

    Theoretically, this MMO should have 1>5 million players playing it. I've played 17 hours, but it doesn't matter it if it was 2-3. It's not really going to change all that much just like in every MMO I've played.

    The persistence in the way in which you have to do things (that NPC re-appearance trick, which I don't understand) doesn't even make sense.

    I'm also getting the sense that EQ2 gets worse the further you get, rather than the opposite.

    Just throwing it out there again. You know because, generally, I'm right about these things when I come across it/them.
  7. Seefar Well-Known Member

    No doubt you've already found the chronomages, but just in case you haven't: they are NPCs who will reduce your adventure level to a value of your choice (in multiples of five, so 5, 10, 15 etc) for a fee of 5GP and 100 status. So you are 'mentoring', but without 'mentoring' anyone. This means that you can, for instance, work on old, 'greyed out', quests, in a way that brings back some of the fear and excitement ;) Or you can add a bit of spice to your harvesting sessions in areas that would mean you are surrounded by grey mobs. Or go hunting names for AA. Or, as Ximenia suggested, you can hunt low-level reward drops you might need to boost your transmuting skill.

    There are chronomages in the harbour areas of Qeynos and Freeport, and elsewhere. The ones I tend to visit most often (because they're right by the bell) are in Kelethin (Greater Faydark).

    For an even greater challenge, consider carrying a change of gear with you. You can easily switch between your regular gear and a set that's not quite so high-powered by using the (relatively recent) 'sets' feature (it's kind of hidden; accessed via the 'sets' tab at the top of the 'stats' part of the character window).
  8. Oddo Member

    There has never been any advertising at all, expect the occasional fan created youtube video.

    I know they are all coders and techno people, but you'd think at least one person in the bunch would have taken a business or marketing class somewhere along the way.
  9. WsaberMT New Member

    I also found going to windows mode then back to full screen will stop it
  10. Leeroy 16 year vet. Forum lurker. Altaholic.

    17 hours..... you're right about these things.......... give me a break. I've been playing this game over 10 years. Don't presume that you know better than veterans, and that this thread is somehow useless. Indeed it points up the depth of the game and yes unfortunately some quirks and such. Every single game has some. At least here I don't have to buy keys with RL money to open chests I get in the game!

    Lack of advertising is one fault it had. Another is that it didn't push the sensationalism that wow did, nor did it pander to children. Perhaps its biggest fault in the early days was the hardware requirement to run the game.
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  11. Taishar New Member

    Is it possible to prevent my character from turning and looking at NPCs and such? It is really distracting, and I think she's going to give herself whiplash. I could have sworn I could turn it off a couple years ago, but after reinstalling the game I can't find the appropriate setting for the life of me (and I have advanced settings turned on).
  12. trixster Active Member

    Yes, it is possilbe there is a check box in the options somewhere to face target.
  13. Taishar New Member

    I already have all the auto-face target stuff turned off. That's not what I'm talking about. I mean while running from point A to point B with nothing targetted, she's constantly looking right then left then right because of the NPCs and other players/pets. That is what I want to stop.
  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    So when you walk across a city you never look at stuff around you?
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  15. Chienne-Errante Well-Known Member

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned. But, if you are trading with someone, drag the first item to the window and then just Alt + click the rest of them. Makes it infinitely faster & easier. :)
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  16. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    In the current state of game - I got feeling that there are at least 2 way of fairly fast grinding. First is questing - but bear in mind that quests need to con at least blue but better yellow to you (I basically leveling my level 70/282AA (now 77/312AA) warlock in Kurnak doing zone after zone questing... Other option is dungeon molo crawl (molo = solo + merc)... Again you need to find good dugeon where you can grind ... Just to give you an example - Karnor is bad place for exp - mobs have tone of life, tend to add up but it was good place for me to practice :)... On other hand City of Mist was a great place for exp grind - same heroic mobs a lot less HP (compare to Karnor) and exp was flow just of killing them. I'd also suggest agnostic dungeons at level 77 I did molo 2 top of them (Charassis - Maiden and Erudine Grand Library) they give OK exp and upon zoning that give you a quest on completion.... Outside of those 2 methods - exploring new zone (discovery) not bad exp, and of course collections (tip - collect the pages for books they tend be located on areas with none agro mobs like cities and near by). But all in all - I'd say molo questing is way to go
  17. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Why SK?!?!? In current state of game with presence of mercenaries (and by the way SK merc one of the best .. if you are a caster) you can play any class you want. Summoners (necro in particular) is probably one of most self sufficient class but if you target end-game well it would be completely different ball game. I'd say try all archtypes and see what you like most - get merc early in game they dirt cheap to unkeep (well except for Kenny)
  18. ShalimarTroy Member

    I am simply amazed at how deserted older zones are within the game. If you want to explore new lands and also gain surprisingly good xp, mentor down to 80 or 85 and run through Kunark. It is also good way to make loot that can be sold on the market or converted into rares or adornment dusts.

    Running around mentored essentially turns you into a demi-god in older zones. You can walk through epic dungeons with just you and your merc. There are also a number of heroic level dungeons remade and populated with 95+ mobs with great experience and loot.

    Try it sometime -- take a 95 and mentor down to 50 and then churn through old dungeons. Its great fun and can be profitable. too.
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  19. Barak Member

    Since some quests want you to kill certain enemies or click on certain targets, I am pretty happy, that those older areas are empty. Respawn rates of 5-10 minutes for your targets are simply...****...

    I am still a new player, although I hit 50 today after 2 weeks or so.
    You only need money to get bigger bags. Either for your inventory or for your broker at that level.

    Do the dailies and buy those platinum bags for loyality points, right around the spawn point in Freetown for example (=75 Platinum coins, when opened).
    Then buy as much "thick bearskin bags" for 10-12 Gold (provides 46 slots) as you need from the market for your inventory. And if you wanna sell stuff, *DON'T* buy those special showcases for bags/scrolls/weapons whatever. They provide less space as the general showcases (68 slots!).
  20. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    You must be comparing different tiers!
    You need to compare, say, the Ebony Bag stand with the Ebony Sales crate.
    The special showcases can hold at least 96 items.