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  1. santargria Well-Known Member

    Yah, been doing a lot of dungeons and quests I missed or out leveled - getting closer to that magic # to be able to move on again :(
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  2. Ghoelix New Member

    I'm a returning player and found myself confused by the changes to spending AA points. The biggest problem I had was not realizing that when building or modifying an AA template, it lets you plan it all the way to level 95, letting you spend points as if you were already lvl 95, even if you're only lvl 25. It even lets you spend Prestige Points, which aren't available until lvl 90.

    I found it useful to start with a blank template, keeping an eye on the "Unassigned Points" at the bottom of the screen, and making sure I don't spend anymore once it gets to zero.
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  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I dunno if its been said before on this thread Before but I have a trick for new players to get a kickstart.

    Make a character starting in neriak or gorowyn.
    Quest until you reach lvl 10 then go to Freeport and lock for AA. Go to the ruins and kill Orcs for looted fertilizers wich you can sell on broker for up to a plat each, ruins have a pretty high drop rate for these. Once you get some sold buy a few "totem of the succulent" and a 3p mount and go back to ruins. Target yourself and draw your weapon and run around the Orcs and watch them die in a fast rate for even more fertilizers and easy AA exp! And as a bonus U have 130% runspeed from the mount :)
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  4. Ghoelix New Member

    <edit> Keeping an eye on "Assigned Points".
  5. aspekx Well-Known Member

    not sure if this is an issue with what Ghoelix is doing, but once you have cleared the template and made it a blank, if you then Save and Commit it will lock you out of prespending your AA points.
  6. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I always commit to one of "unused slots" and spend the points as i get them. So when i press something in the AA trees i get the bonus right away.
  7. Zuicidal Member

    When your toon gets stuck spinning in circles just open and close a browser page like internet explorer or google chrome and it should make it stop without having to log off the game
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  8. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I am microsoft systems builder and I never use IE. The newer versions are more tolerable but I love and use whatever the latest sable version of Firefox browser with had great addon to make your browser experience a pleasure once setup and you can use Mozbackup to keep exact backup copies in yours gets messed up on when I setup another system I want it on. Chrome browser is in second place for best browser but I keep it installed with bookmarks and pw and add ons but unless on android dont get used much. Firefox has good browser for android too but I dont like as much as windows version.
  9. sarnavus New Member

    for those casters who don't know it;
    To increase your focus, which helps you to concentrate and not get interrupted spells during a fight, just train 4-5 green non heroic mobs, do not engage in a fight with them but let them hit you while you are trying to cast your call to home spell.
    Almost every time the call to home spell is interrupted by the mobs, your focus will increase.
    Some times although the mobs hit you, you will be able to complete this long casting time spell, so be careful to walk-interrupt it yourself, in order not to be zoned home instead of increasing your focus.
    I do it every 5 levels to keep my focus capped.
  10. diamondabbraxus New Member

    There are so many posts on this thread that I'm not sure if this has been posted but it is often a good idea to do plat run like OOA or PR often, or make a macro that allows you to harvest easier.
  11. CharleBeth New Member

    Please tell me more about this chronomage. My transmute is very low but I don't know anything about chronomage.
  12. CharleBeth New Member

    Could you say that in English. I'm no good at acronyms.
  13. Rotherian Well-Known Member

  14. CharleBeth New Member

  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Visiting a zone or set of zones with the express purpose of generating in-game currency. Some folks mean it to only include the currency that is directly awarded from mobs. Others mean it to include that currency as well as any currency gained through selling of items directly to a vendor NPC (non-player character) and/or currency gained from selling items (or their byproducts, when salvaging or transmuting) to other (player) characters.
  16. CharleBeth New Member

    Oh, see I thought it meant that you mapped out, "platted", a zone to pinpoint where the objects to harvest are. So when you say making a macro you are not talking about harvesting at all but only gaining currency?
  17. santargria Well-Known Member

    Got a real estate background ay?

    Some of the terms can be misleading for sure
  18. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I didn't say anything about a harvesting macro (since I'm not diamondabbraxus), but I did find the following archived thread in a Google search (although I can't tell you if the information within it is still viable):
  19. CharleBeth New Member

    Well, I was referring to this line, as you can see I've got it ALL wrong. ",or make a macro that allows you to havest easier."oror make a macro that allows you to harvest easier. make a macro that allows you to harvest easier."
  20. CharleBeth New Member

    Some of it was, couldn't see macro pic he posted though. Very interesting. Thanks for being patient with all my dumb questions.