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  1. Bashem Well-Known Member

    AA are definitely big part of game these days and how you spent them will make a big difference I recommend going to this site to see how others are speced to use as guide or you can use the predefined ones SoE has for solo and group specs.
  2. Alepounder New Member

    Does a guild dissolve after a certain period of inactivity? i'm returning to the game after a few yrs and can't find my guild.
  3. Bashem Well-Known Member

    No expert on guilds but I guessing if it not around they decided to dissolve it or maybe you were removed from it you remember the exact guild name? Could have moved to another server as well.
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I just pulled all my EQ2 bookmarks from the browser for something else, and I thought others might find them useful.

    Tears of Veeshan

    Helpful Sources of Information

    EQ2 Tradeskills

    EQ2 Housing and Home Decorating

    EQ2 Items

    UI Mods and Add On Tools

    SOE/EQ2 Official Tools, Rules, and Stuff
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  5. Leeroy 16 year vet. Forum lurker. Altaholic.

    One thing I do to make it MUCH easier to locate a corpse for rezzing purposes is to change that gray color that their name and target take on when dead. This is especially handy in raids, but also useful in groups, and for classes like Paladin who have a short range rez.

    Go into Options (Alt O) and then click User Interface, then Game Colors. Scroll down a (very) long list to find near the bottom of the list Corpse Name and Corpse Target. I make them a brilliant magenta, myself.
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  6. Glenorian Well-Known Member

    I like the above suggestion about guilds. They are very helpful. Many new players do not realize the amenities that come with guilds. I dislike playing without a guild hall! I love to be able to cast call to guild hall and then be right at a banker, mendor or whatever I need, then be able to click on the portal to go where I need to go in the world. And working on tradeskills is so much easier.
  7. JuJu New Member

    wrong thread dude
  8. Mavtoons New Member

    Mavtoon's Grand list of tips:

    Heritage Quests: Look for them, do them. They give you lotsa status, some of the games lore, decent exp., and more often than not a really kewl item that you can either equip or mount and use to decorate your home! ;) These boots were made for...

    Speaking of mounting, r-click a heritage item to bring up a small context menu. Amongst the choices is an item called "mount" use those new boots for decoration!:)

    You see that star next to that nameds name? It means you haven't bested it yet, go give it the business end of your sword/spell/hammer/dagger/etc. If you feel confident...:D

    There are tooltips that appear at the loading screen when you zone, read them when you can, they contain useful info. Cookies are good....:p

    More into the topic of the EQ2 files and folders on your PC, there is some well composed music hidden alongside all of the niches that make the launchpad and game work. I'll give you a freebie, amongst the well composed songs there is one that is a medley of the EQ franchise music. Have fun rocking to SOE's blues and etc.:cool:

    Feel free to stray off "the golden beginner path." EQ2 is full of kewl, and old stuff!;)

    Make lotsa friends, and be courteous to your fellow players. Lotsa friends get's you more people to group with, trade with, talk to, etc. Trolling gets you......... trouble,:mad:

    Lastly, I see this all the time, don't ask which class you should be playing! Pick a class at random and play it for awhile if you're unsure. You can ask what each is like, but in the end your personal experience is what matters. Pick a class you wish to play, You'll have more fun that way! Hopefully.....:)

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  9. jordash Member

    This is a great tip that even I forgot about and I have played for 7 years. It is probably the most important feature to use when you initially install the game.
  10. Kenz New Member

    Tried it and it didn't work. I am a new player so could have been I did something wrong of course.
  11. blutree Member

    As a new player to EQ II one thing that bothered me was the chests appearing where the mob died and often in the middle of other mobs. I kept having encounters while trying to loot the chest and a few times was overwhelmed by too many mobs.

    Luckily for me, I'm a macro junkie and found the /summon_chest command - so I macro'd it, assigned a chest icon to it and dropped it on my hot bar.

    Now when a mob drops a chest, I can back up (or move to a safer tile) and hit my macro and the chest drops at my feet - very useful at low lvls and I imagine at the higher lvls as well.
  12. blutree Member

    Just found another...

    You can set all kinds of windows in your interface - one I find helpful for directions is the Compass....

    In Options -> Controls -> Windows Keys -> Compass Window (mine is Alt n)

    Also somethings I think vets take for granted are things that new players haven't a clue about....

    Maps - using the mouse wheel will zoom in and out on either the large or mini map.

    The map is your friend -
    • Available quests look like a feather on the map, finished quests look like a book on the maps.
    • Banks are a dark gold circle
    • Clicking anywhere on a map will set a waypoint and wisp to guide you (if you are close enough) if not close enough for the wisp, the mini map shows the direction you should travel until the wisp kicks in.
  13. Edaemus New Member

    I'm not sure if this was previously mentioned, but a couple of things to add.

    Download the full eq2 installation when first loading up the game to avoid lag and longer zone times. Default is streaming.

    Currency is mostly heirloom. It can be shared amongst alts. Move it from the currency tab to a bag on the character and then to the shared bank.
  14. DreadRoberts Active Member

    When the directions say to not use the waffle iron in the bathtub, they totally mean it!
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  15. Mavtoons New Member

    Mavtoon's Grand List of tips 2

    This time we plunge the depths of account's, security, and the infamous "ban hammer"

    - Be calm, forthcoming, cooperative, and courteous to the community staff. By doing so issues get resolved faster. Doing otherwise just brings more issues, and in some cases gets you suspended or banned.:mad:

    - SOE will never ask by e-mail, twitter, facebook, phone, skype, etc. for your SOE accounts password, ID, or any identifiable information. Only use it for logging into the game or the website. Don't give it to anyone who asks by said social outlets, or you'll regret it.:(

    Don't give out your personal information freely either. Doing so makes you vulnerable to attacks over the interwebs. If someone asks for that information in-game, report them! CS knows how to deal with these situations.;)

    Don't buy plat with real money! It doesn't matter how broke you are in-game, it beats getting your financial information stolen any day! You'll most likely get banned for doing so as well.:(

    A strong password consists of more than 6 characters with numbers, letters and special characters mixed in.;)

    When sending CS tickets, bug reports, feedback, etc., be informative and use correct english! Using L33Tspeak makes things more difficult for everyone. P33p5 hav a hard t1m3 r3ad1n th1ng5 l1k3 th15.... :confused:

    Finally don't put on chat that you "reported" someone. Don't report someone falsely either. It is a form of trolling, and it gets on everyones nerves. Specifically CS's. It is one thing if someone is being rude or acting foolish, but making "false reports" get's people suspended or banned. Then you get to deal with SOE's stellar CS.o_O

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  16. Fayrtria New Member

    OMG! I don't care how many years you are on the game there is always something new to be helpfully learned from another!! I knew about summoning chests but NEVER crossed my mind to summon the shiny. Ooooh and I stop for every lil shiny I see!! Great way to become rich at an early age, and keep your toons decked out/upgraded at the highest level!!
  17. Fayrtria New Member

    Aw, well about that shiny hunting tip, hehe again years prove out it happens!! I will give it a try today in game, myself after all what IF you were bugged for a minute. hehe can always hope hope :D
  18. Snacktime New Member

    Another thing about AA that I found out as a complete noob, and was kind of upset about, is that the AA templates put points into the TOV line right off the bat, which people just trying out the game most likely do not have.

    I have also found the solo templates to be pretty bad. If you dig through the forums to find the best leveling AA specs, you will generally find that the templates do not match those at all.
  19. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Instead of relying on the default templates, ask in the General channel who is the best in your class in the game. This will likely net you a couple of names. You can look these folks up on EQ2U ( and see how they filled their trees, and better yet, you can look at their stats and see how they balanced potency vs. ability mod vs. block etc.

    You can also try contacting the recommended players. Be polite. Ask them if they have a few minutes, or if not, when would be a good time to contact them. Many will have excellent advice.

    A third source of good information on AA lines is the Flames class forums. Yes, they are full of self-important flaming prootwaddles, but pretty much every class forum there has some very informative posts stickied at the top that discuss building your toon.

    One thing many players never consider and that can double your DPS is cast order. Look for posts on recommended cast order. There are also folks who have Excel spreadsheets for working out cast order, with varying schools of thought about how to do the math. It may be counter-intuitive, but that small spell that casts instantly and does a moderate amount of damage may be way more effective than the big slow-casting nuke, because you can shoot off that small spell a bunch of times in the seconds it takes to cast the nuke. Some other considerations: if you have debuffs, debuffing your opponent vs. the kind of damage you do before you start into your DPS button-mashing is A Good Thing.
  20. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, the shiny thing no longer works. It worked when they first introduced the chest summoning, but it was disabled shortly thereafter. I haven't checked to see if it is still disabled, but I know that it used to be.