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  1. Ximenia New Member

    If your transmute skill is abysmal, chronomage down to 5 or 15 and go to Frostfang Sea. I've brought mine up from 5 to 120 in no time (and I wasn't playing that much).
  2. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    Also, though it has been alluded to before, you may not want to read 9 years worth of update notes, but do read the new ones as they come out. New functionality is added like the recent ability to enter any house you own from any city zone by simply hitting C to open your character screen clicking on your housing tab and clicking the access button underneath the house name. Or the change to the mage cure that came out with the GU. When I play my templar I still have to tell casters they can help out by curing curses only to hear, "Since when can i do that?" Both things were clearly spelled out plus many others, just take the few minutes to familiarize yourself each time a patch note is posted and things will be much simpler.

    Second for those interested in adorning and tinkering they are secondary tradeskills not actual tradeskills. Transmuting also falls into this hint though it is not a tradeskill at all. This means you do not have to use a challenging recipe to level them you can do that same level one tinkering/adorning combine over and over again and max the skill, transmuting the skill will go up no matter what level the item you transmute. In all three cases the progress might be slightly slower than using the challenging recipes/ current level transmuting, but the saved cash for upping the fuel levels makes it worthwhile. Also in tinkering and adorning you merely need to finish the first line of the combine to be succesful allowing you to do four times as many combines in the same amount of time by stopping the craft once that line is done. Note do not do this when making actual adornments as it will take the recipes that produce 3 or 10 adornments and only give you 1 not what you want when kitting yourself out or making them for sale or deposit in your guild adorn depot.
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    It's cure Detrimentals, Curses are still healer-only for curing. I have 2 macro's on my Cure-Arcane now, one for myself and one for my healer. If I can get click to cure working I will have that too.

    Defenitly good points for new players.
  4. drknuck New Member

    chronmage to lv 5 sounds great but on the pvp server you cant go past lv 10. any advice/help? Im currently trying to kill everything lv 7 and up. transmute is at a sad 7. Im a lv 26 ranger good. Thank you in advance
  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Harvest low level rares then craft them into attuneable jewelry, armor, and/or weapons, then transmute those.
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  6. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    I've not played on Nagafen, but if you are allowed to roll an alt there, make one, level to 5 and then right click on your xp bar and disable both Adventure and Quest XP. You should then be able to run around killing as many low level mobs as you need to gather transmuting materials. Turn adventure xp back on if you need to level up a bit, then turn it off again to farm more.

    Edit: This has a side benefit in that you can sell any drops you don't need for a bit of coin on the broker.

    Edit2: In Frostfang Sea there is a rolling rock (forget it's name) and a bear which both drop transmutable items and are near the first camp you reach after leaving the newbie island there. Used to be they dropped gear that did not have a level, so could not be transmuted. Not sure when it was changed but their drops can now be used to level transmuting.
  7. clapisback Active Member

    Don't neglect AA advancement, because when you're level 76 and have 60 AA's you'll be vewwy vewwy sawwy
  8. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    If you have AoD, even if you hate crafting it is worth raising your tradeskill to level 10 and getting the research apprentice. The daily quest will give you a little bit of AA xp, and the rewards can be one of common harvest (qty 20), rare (qty 1), reactant (qty 1) or a potion (qty 1). One of the potions that you have a chance to get is a 6 hour 25% xp potion.

    Free xp potions are always nice to have, IMO. Not to mention you can broker the rares and reactants for a little bit of extra income.
  9. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    This was posted in this thread originally, and the tool & tutorial are definitely worthy of checking out.
  10. blueangle Member

    For commands I can put into a macro I keep a Notepad file on my desktop for easy copy and paste. Saves a bit of time if I want to macro the same command for other characters. Alt Tab, highlight & copy, Alt Tab, paste.
  11. Airos Active Member

    How, exactly, would one go about doing this? I've only done one or two instanced dungeons and I've only done them a single time. Do I just need to return to the instance after 90 minutes have passed, or is there a hidden command that I'm not aware of. eq2.wikia didn't have anything helpful to say when I searched for 'zone timers'.
  12. TechUp Active Member

    Press Alt+Z and click on the Persistent Instances timer tab or go to the EQ2 menu > Dungeon Finder > Persistent Instances. Highlight your zone and click the reset timer button in the bottom right hand corner (if you hover over the button, it will tell you how long it is before you can reset).
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  13. Airos Active Member

    Sweet, thank you.
  14. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    If you drop from voice chat when you zone into your guild hall or house, go to the voice options menu and disable the autojoin local channels check box in the lower left hand corner.
  15. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Each class has an NPC trainer in one or multiple cities, that sells you unique, largly fluff spells and appearance armor for cheap. There is one spell they all sell that's useful in certain circumstances right at the top level, which is Singular Focus.

    Google "EQ2 wikia <your class> trainer" to find their names
  16. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I will give a couple of tips that my first toon did not followed, wish i had known ;-)

    - Start breaking items at level 1 or 2 to raise your dechanting, you will love turning your outdated fabled and legendary items
    into manas later in the game.

    - Raise harvesting on your first toon, this will save you lot of money. You probably don't need to do it on your alts. It's up to you. I harvested like 40 rare today with the prestige Aas and the artisan brand new cloak. I won't sell tham but estimate saving (according to broker prices) is around 200pp.

    - At 30 do the Salipraptor quest, it's a funny semi flying mount that his hilarious.It's very unique ....
    It was not existing when i levelled my mains, indeed Aena had to buy a 40% speed mount with status and platinium ;-)

    - Remember to \claim items, i learned about it when i was ?? hum may be already at the level cap (80 in ROK days).
    You will get free potions and other goodies.

    - Buying stuff from the seller house may save you the broker fee (if he set up a personnal shop).

    - Till level 20 loot is smart, so kill the mob of the level at which you miss a spell/art.

    - Selling collection rare items is a good source of money in the early levels. I remember selling a stupid big worn from kelethin collection for 6pp, at level 20. In those days it was a real fortune (today a 2mn quest may give me 1pp or more).

    - The infamous eq2flame may contain very valid information for your class, if you can distinguish real information from rant and scam.

    - Inherited items can be passed to alts using the shared bank.

    - The griffon at Butcherblock dock interconnect the 3 revamped newbie zones : Halas, Darkligth Woods, Gorowyn.
    If you can set the xp slider above 75% (or may be more) you can end up with 40 or more AAs at 20 -- without pushing--.

    - Using a Veteran Call, sneaking around or using a guild banner you can probably get any mercenary you want (assuming a friendly end if you low leve).

    - At the bottom of you character window (stats and so on) there is an option to select which auto attack should be prefered.
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  17. Leeroy 16 year vet. Forum lurker. Altaholic.

    I can't find any reference to the autoattack mode in this thread and a forum poster brought up the issue so here it is:

    When you start a new character (especially important for melee priests) be sure to do this right away:

    Press C to open Character window. Click the Options tab. You should see a Character Flags heading with "Auto Attack Mode" by a dropdown field. This field contains Automatic, Forced Melee, and Forced Range/Spell.

    If you are a melee priest and have a focus ranged item (wand) equipped, each time you cast a spell, in Automatic it will revert to the Ranged spellcast mode for your autoattack, which you won't want. So what you do is change the dropdown to Forced Melee. Conversely, a pure caster might want it on Forced Ranged because they only run in and swing a weapon once in a while, and get far enough away normally that melee autoattack would be unused.
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  18. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I wish they had an option that said Distance Dependent. That way, when you were close enough to melee, it would force melee and once you were out of melee range, if you had a ranged auto weapon, it would force ranged/spell.
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  19. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    How to mentor so everyone gets credit.

    The maximum difference in levels between group members before the lowest level member no longer gets XP or quest updates/credit is 25% of the higher person's level. The maximum level difference is 15 levels.

    So, a lower level person (LL) can group without being mentored to a higher level person (HL) pretty much as follows:


    For the Excel/math geeks, I think this works out to be something like HL=MIN((LL+15), MAX((LL+6), FLOOR(LL*(4/3),1)))
  20. Alexaandria Member

    With the new AA templates, when creating a new toon, and you hit level 10, you automatically get a few AA point (maybe 6ish), but also it kicks in an automatic "Solo" template for spending AA. If you wish to disable this auto-spending on the solo template so that you can select your own AA "as you go" do the following:

    In AA, change the drop-down selection to the first "unused" slot. This will be a blank spec. Click the Commit button at the bottom to clear out all the previously selected AA from the solo template. You can now select your AA options as you earn them through adventuring. No need to use "build" mode or commit each time you add points.

    Also, I find it helpful to select your Character specs as you level up as well. The more you add there, the stronger your toon will be throughout the leveling process.