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    Hey Holly,

    As a head's up, in the installation folder of the game there are two documents that haven't been updated since nearly the time of launch and would be great to include links to for future installations. One is a command document and the other is a key-binding document. Maybe with slight updates they'd alleviate some confusion!
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Totems are your Friends!
    Check on the broker: there are totems there you can buy inexpensively that allow you to breath underwater, see invisible things, allow you to become invisible yourself, allow you to run faster, and so on. I was level 50-something before I realized there was a way to make a paladin invisible.

    FTW Comix
    Mordant commentary on life in EQ2. Some things have changed a bit, but still funny!

    /slash Commands Explained (with examples of use)

    Comprehensive List of /slash Commands

    Comprehensive Tradeskill Equipment List

    How Harvesting Works
    Domino explained this back on the old forums:
    For each node in each zone, when you harvest it, there are different result tables set up that tell the game what to give you when you harvest. Your skill level determines which table you use.

    For example, using entirely invented numbers, let's imagine that there is a root node in a level 30-40 zone and you go and harvest it with a gathering skill of 190.

    The game sees that the root node points to two result tables. Let's call them:

    T4_roots_base_result - required skill 140
    T4_roots_bonus_result - required skill 189
    • The "base" table might tell you that you have a 70% chance of getting 1 root, a 20% chance of getting 3 roots, an 8% chance of getting 5 roots, a 1% chance of getting an imbue, a 0.7% chance of getting a rare root, and a 0.3% chance of getting a rare root + 10 common ones.
    • The "bonus" table might tell you that you have a 60% chance of getting 1 root, a 25% chance of getting 3 roots, an 10% chance of getting 5 roots, a 0.5% chance of getting an imbue, a 0.8% chance of getting a rare root, and a 0.7% chance of getting a rare root + 10 common ones.
    (Yes, the numbers probably don't add up to 100%, I just invented them on the spot.)

    Now we know that if your skill is under 140, you can't harvest the node at all. And we know your skill is 190. So the RNG rolls a number between 140 and 190. If it gets 140-188, you use the "base" result table. If it gets 189+, you use the "bonus" result table. Clearly, as your gathering skill increases, your chance of using the "bonus" result table gets better. (This is where +harvesting skill items affect your results, they increase your chance of using the bonus table.)

    As of GU37, you get to start using the "bonus" table at level _8 (so, 8, 18, 28, 38, etc.) You're still not guaranteed to use it, but you have a CHANCE to use it....

    Incidentally, all nodes within a level range (in this example, all nodes in level 30-40 zones) point to the same result tables, so it makes no difference whether you're harvesting in one zone or another.
  3. Hoosierdaddy Active Member

    You'd be surprised at how many people have no idea that they are able to reset their zone timers.

    It seems like at least once/week, I see someone in-game or on these forums asking how people are getting into solo and heroic instances more than once every three days.

    This is because when you get the lockout text in your chat window it reads something along the lines of "Your zone lockout has been set. You may leave and reenter this zone for three days." It doesn't, however, mention that you can also reset this timer after 90 minutes. That might be a useful addition for those unaware of the fact.
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    Do not go to China or you'll need vpn to play this game and proxy to login this site. Since SOE ban all Chinese IP at station level, that means no forum grinding. Not even requesting Tech Support if there is
  5. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Hotbar frequently used recipes

    Whether you're doing a tradeskill work order or simply find yourself making a lot of a particular item, you can drag the recipe icon from the recipe window to a hotbar for easy access. Clicking the hotkey while standing near the appropriate station brings you straight to the creation window for said recipe. This is especially helpful to scholars doing rush orders, where the recipe list is rather long to scroll through. Work orders only ever pull from a handful of recipes, so this won't take up much space on a hotbar.
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    Do your Legend and Lore and Language Quests......I can't stress that enough for low level casters....Mages have horrid slow spells and recast times in the low levels and L&L saved my toon a lot while I was waiting for other spells to reset.
    Also...a lot of the high end epic quest lines have language requirements to complete the really blows to be in the middle of VERY long quest chain and find out that you never learned Kombral......LOL
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  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    Got burned by "Speak as a Dragon" did you?
  8. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    A capital letter.
  9. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Got me there, sry :) but i think anyone knows what was ment (at least i hope)
  10. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Oh, I thought maybe English wasn't your first language and you were asking what "big letters" are called.
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    Fun with marcos!

    Typing the following commands and pressing enter will give you different results based on the command you entered.

    %T - Current target name.
    %S - Gender specific pronoun (he, she, it)
    %O - Objective gender specific pronoun (him, her, it)
    %P - Possessive gender specific pronoun (his, her, its)
    %R - Shows you the race of your target.
    %G - Gives you the gender of your target.
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  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    Great now I can finally show my guild that they have been incorrectly genderizing dragons!
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  13. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Former president of the Philippines (prior to the Aquino presidency)?

    Oh, wait, you mean macros.
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    Great tip Rotherian. Do you have anything else to contribute?
  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Actually, yes.

    • %A – Implied target name
    • %C – Icon/Item name over which the mouse cursor is positioned (this one is only of limited use for macros and assumes that the mouse cursor is over something)
    • %M – Targeted character’s pet's name (this assumes that the targeted character has a pet)
    • %RT - Name of the last character from whom you have received a tell
  16. AccidentProne37 Active Member

    Have trouble with moving bars? Locking them down helps. If you lock all windows in your options menu, they can be easily rearranged by hitting F10. This highlights all windows on your screen and temporarily unlocks them to readjust without having to go back and relock every single one. Just hit F10 twice more to go back to your normal play screen.
  17. Dtrick New Member

    I recently came back after quitting during RoK. I started at level 80 and have been leveling up with 25% going to AA.

    Do not put any xp into AA if you own CoE. You will be able to grant two of your characters 280 AAs at level 90. This is up to 280 AAs, not an additional 280 AAs added to what you currently have.
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  18. Gnomish Member

    That seems like really bad advice. Unless being powerleveled, AAs are quite important in actually -getting- to level 90.
  19. Dtrick New Member

    You will get plenty of AAs from just questing, discovering items, killing named, etc.. You could just put 5% into AAs during leveling and have plenty to get you along until you hit 90.
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  20. CharleBeth New Member

    I've been playing for about a year and a lot of this information on this page is new to me. Also in reading a discussion on players playing solo the common complaint seemed to stem from the fact that most players don't know all the ins and outs of the game, like how to play their character effectively. This is the second MMO game I have played and judging from the list here, the discussion there, and my prior experience, most experienced players don't want to deal with new players and are embarrassingly obvious about it. My whole point is we need more up front, complete information. I'm level 77 now and I'm just now figuring out transmuting. Makes me really mad that I got rid of all that old stuff I earned or found. Now I'm stuck plodding along doing adorning tasks trying to level up. Of course since I play the free version I didn't have the inventory space to save all my old junk anyway.