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  1. Araxes Active Member

    Did you know ...

    You can hide hotbar borders, text labels, and arrows, and even resize your icons and the space between them? Right-click your hotbar for options.

    Press F10 to show all of your UI windows and unlock them, drag them around, resize them. Press it again to hide all windows entirely. Press it again to get everything back to normal.

    Right-click on an open inventory bag to give it your own label.

    Take a screenshot! Use PrntScrn to take a picture of your favorite vistas.

    Alt-M hides /shows your maintained spell window!

    Alt-E hides / shows your conditional spells window (I actually forget the real name of this window, but you get the point.)

    Ctrl-M hides /shows your mini-map!

    Ctrl-T hides / shows your threat meter!

    You can re-assign your auto-run key by going to the Options menu! Pick a key that works for you!

    You can show your group-members' portraits. Right-click the group window and choose "show portraits."

    Just about every single game window has options for transparency, size, and border display. Right-click your windows and see what pops up! To re-size one, try dragging the cursor from a corner or edge of the window frame.

    That's all I can think of ...
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  2. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    :eek: no one stated the most usefull command ever, there is no other one beside this one :D

    /camp <Charname> allows you to log straight to the next toon from you (must be on the same account!)

    Ok, maybe this one could also be handy:
    /zone_to <Charname> but, be carefull first letter have to be big (duno how to say that ^^)
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  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    Also, graphically speaking if you are lagging. Try turning off spell-efects or lowering them in your options windows.

    Tanks again: Really tiny tanks are very hard to see especially for those who click-to-target. Also really large characters are hard to see around. If you play a large character be prepared for some players to request you shrink.
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  4. Finora Well-Known Member

    To be quite honest I'm not sure what the default keymaps for these things are as I have a tendancy to remap things to suit me.

    For me they are as follows:
    shift + c for calendar
    control + t for threat meter (can only see it when in combat I believe unless you change the settings for it in options).
    to turn on auto attack bar it's alt + o to open up options >user interface> game windows > 3rd check box down in basic 5th down in advanced
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  5. Aran Anar Active Member

    Use dungeon finder if more used it players would never be looking for a group. Its great it even port you right to the dungeon.

    When moving a house item hold down shift then use mouse wheel alot of players dont know you can change a house items size.

    Learn the /who all commands in game. Good for finding group members you can find any class any level . Can do /who all templar 80 95 to find that cleric or any class in game, or who all priest and you get list of all healer classes. You get list of all players levels 80 to level 95 . Change the numbers and you change the who all list report. Great tip :)
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  6. Famorf New Member

    F11 will bring up your FPS/packet loss/data window, around 20 to 30 FPS
    is ideal for raiding.
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  7. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    Well, SoE nerfed the shiney summoning, so now my tip is all wrong.
    Unless it gets changed back.

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  8. Morg Well-Known Member

    1. Start Transmuting your quested gear from lvl 1 up as you replace it instead of selling it and run the nameds in your area often when at that level. It prevents having to go back and chrono down and farm the nameds and/or lots of plat from buying off the broker for lvl 2 items- lvl 10 items.

    2. Go to the nearest player housing city from where you logged into game at IE: if you log into game in Hates Envy your home city is Neriak, and take the Player Housing Quest from the NPC that stands right outside the starter house. This will give you a market board for free to be able to sell from your house with instead of finding an NPC who sells them or buying them off of said broker. Also buy or have a guild mate make the sales crates for you!

    3. Type in (when in game) /claim and get your travelers pack stuff a run speed cloak, and a backpack. If you are returning to game and were once a subscriber you also get other nifty things from /claim like xp potions, world bells etc etc..

    4. U key will bring up guilds who are recruiting. You can narrow your search down using the menu's on the right hand side ( i think it's that side anyway lol ).

    5. You can ignore a person in chat by right clicking that persons name then choose "Toggle Ignore".

    6. You can make Custom Chat Channels by right clicking your chat box and setting it up. Then just give the info out to those you want to use that same channel.

    7. Use the spell books for your class that you loot instead of the research option. Saves time. As does buying them off the broker ( higher level spells can take 20+ days to research ).

    8. Each Starter city has a free mount quest. You can find the questlines at As do other levels, lvl 35 Adventuring and Crafting in Butcherblock for the Leapers, lvl 50 ( i think ) Sinking sands for a maj'dul carpet, lvl 65 Adventure & Crafting in Tenebrous tangle 3 mounts Cloud Mount, 2 different looking Gliders. Lvl 85 DoV Griffin quest.
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  9. Velekorr Member

    Okay so recently I have been tanking CoE as I recently hit 95, I have gotten all my armor and weapons from the denial steward and I just wanted to know from you fellow paladin instance/raid tanks if there are any really helpful macros you use?

    Please tell me below with a full description on what you use and in which order or if you are on the Freeport server please /tell velekorr in game

    Thanks for your time

  10. Wanyen Active Member

    Add the following to the command to be even a little more effective..

    /cl ... to clear the spell/combat art queue (make this the first comand in that macro)
    • /cl
    • /autoattack 0
    • /cancel_spellcast
    • /target_self
      /pet backoff
    • /merc backoff
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  11. Bloodlich Member

    /weapon will tell you the details of your melee and ranged weapons such as base damage, actual damage, proc percent, procs per minute, etc. You can type /wea for short.

    /playsound will give you a list of sounds and music you can play just for fun. For example, /playsound ding plays the sound you hear when you level up - ding!

    /loadui will load the default ui (not to be confused with /load_uisettings)

    alt + w will bring up a waypoint window, it comes in handy if your in a new dungeon and can't find your way to your group members.

    /brower will bring up the in-game web brower

    /target (NPC or player name) will target the name of that person or NPC as long as you're in the same zone as them.

    Healers/casters - you can click a dot to cure it.
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  12. seneth Active Member

    One thing I have found useful is, to make all my new toons on or near 20-21 of the month due to Moonlight Enchantments.
    You can get a mount that runs as fast as everyone else's and its free for doing a small easy quest. Yes it has 20 uses, however, one of those uses can last as long as a year(which is way long enough to get a better different mount),. You only lose one of those uses if you DISMOUNT, so never dismount, which you should rarely have to do since your mount disappears
    in water and when fighting or climbing and then reappears when needed.
    Also in those zones are purple shinies, when sold on the broker sell for anywhere from 20gold to several plat. which is nice starter coin.
    There is also a way to set your options to show shinies from far away, so you can see them easily. Since I am at work and not on the game, I will put this info in later unless someone else knows how and can put the info in.
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  13. chantra Member

    doesn't always work. my toon is a chronic runner and nothing has been able to stop her - even with tech support. However, one gm suggested that i hit the up arrow key only once. this worked and seems to have helped tremendously
  14. BaldNinja Member

    these are all great tips guys! thanks. and yes, I would like to know the option on how to set shinies brighter. as I have only been playing about a month or so, there's a lot of great things here for me to try out :) and this is why I love checking the boards everyday
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  15. Finora Well-Known Member

    Well, shinies are particle effects so if you open up options, click the advanced button, find the particle effects under display options. Once there adjust the last slider, particle size. The larger the size, the brighter shinies will be, to a point anyway.
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  16. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Very important command would be:
    Keeps you in touch with you´re wife/friend/gf/husband ^^ (sry, but the command actualy works great ^^)
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  17. seneth Active Member

    Ok, these are my settings and it helps to see the shinnies at a distance,,however, beware this can cause Shiny Addiction.
    I have had to resist strongly the urge to pull over while driving my car at night when I see something shiny on the side of the road. Please understand this may bog down some older computers so use with discretion.
    EQ2 button---options---display---click advanced in upper right corner---model detail and this is my settings:
    Under Model detail:
    Level of detail bias---move towards high res,,mine is 0.767
    Triangle density--- bar is set just a wee bit less than bias above
    High detail characters---------6
    Low detail characters----------70

    Under animation:
    Fast animation------set about 80 % of the bar towards High

    Under particle effects:
    Particle level of detail (Far)------------0.332
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  18. seneth Active Member

    Well oops,, did not realize Finora had posted that lil tip, thanks Finora.
  19. BaldNinja Member

    yes, ty Finora lol does help a bit
  20. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Good variety here! I'm compiling them all and plan to use them!