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  1. Aran Anar Active Member

    Here is all my tops i can think of i will edit this post a lot and one day ill copy it into a Note Book and sell on broker on Antonia Bayle server. Started playing Ever Quest in 2004 . I have over 14 years experience .

    Ever quest 1 and Ever quest 2 become much more fun to play if you know the /commands . Old / commands from eq1 work with eq2 . I was so lost in eq1 back in 2006 but then i study the > / < /commands .

    /wave /sitchair /sleep /run /cute mode /cute mode 2 ( if a/command not work then try a space betwwen words OR no space between words might fix it. Not sure if it is /cutemode or /cute mode . To turn off something like Cute Mode simply type the /command a 2nd time and it turn off. That works with a lot of things in eq1 and 2

    there are lots of /commands here is the link :

    1) Simply press the / button on keyboard first no need to press enter and you can start typing like press / then type group so it looks like /group then space bar then type chat into group or guild or say or tell. A faster way .

    2) Learn how to make your own custom hotkeys. EQ2 hot keys are on the Emotes window so click on EQII button in game bottom left corner then find emotes click there then click on the tabs on that window and find how to make your own hot key. Type in what you want it to do choose a picture for your hot key and float it over to your tool bar.

    Can do like /2 Need More to join guild. If chat channel 2 for you is general chat ( or type in which number general chat is for you when make hot key ) then you click your hot key and it type for you in general chat " Need More to join guild " Also there is ways to custom make hot keys for combat like if you want to have 2 combat arts or spells happen same time you can make it so you cast one then another after . Can have hot keys to turn off things and turn them on .

    Any /slash command can be used in a Custom Hotkey :)

    Anything you can think of really you can make your own hot key for it. Can be fun . /dance /wave /cheer /flirt all on one button . cast a spell and do /taunt emote for fun on a hot key. Can even put Delay between each command or action or spell . Used a lot for EQ1 for Healing on raids in a Heal rotation where you click button and game "waits" for a time you typed into hot key and then later cast like Cleric Complete Heal .

    Custom Hot Keys or " Macros " a Ever quest game word can make you a much more organized and much better player in eq1 and eq2 mostly when you group or raid.

    3) Have to hold down Ctrl button keyboard to move platinum gold silver copper from your character screen. Kind of buggy have to hold down Ctrl first then move mouse over the say like platinum then Left click AND Move the mouse pointer across the small tiny picture of the platinum on character screen. Then small window opens asks how much platinum you want to move. Money it is on your mouse pointer and you have to click the platinum picture in your bank to put in bank .

    Did that make sense? Have to try it and get it to work for you to learn how very strange they need to fix that.

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  2. Aran Anar Active Member

    No fun :( time limit to edit your post 35 min has expired. I have a lot more ideas ill post here later but I was thinking of a few good ones and then forgot :confused:

    4) O yea try F10 in everquest 2 press that button on keyboard a few times and you can change it show all game windows are gone and you can move around, Great for screen shots .

    Use F10 to make all windows show then you can move say where your target window is or how big your mini map is. Can right click any game window get Window Options click there and make changes to windows change size of window move mouse pointer close to window edge and left click edge of window drag to make bigger or smaller or mouse on a window and left click to drag window around and move where the windows are .

    When your all done simply press F10 again and you can play game with your game windows set how you like :D
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  3. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    My main advice is to find a good friend or friends or a good guild that fits you as well as you fit them. This game is so much more fun with friends!
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  4. Aran Anar Active Member

    i agree meneltel i play at library try to voice chat have to be quiet in library . One day ill get my own computer and internet at home then i can voice chat and should be able to have more friends in game and be able to follow a expansion much better . Well i can listen with headphones but not talk i get the libraryn SSSSSssssssshhhhh me .

    I guess for playing at college library from 2012 to know and missing like 15 days a.month i did pretty good in eq2 . I made my own guild got it to level 123 hard to keep up to travel try find comouter i can use install the game fix all settings AND be a guild leader And Try to make tbe guild Fun so players stay in guild . Some days not so easy where they all go .

    My Tip or Idea : If you are guild leader or officer really make shure you Talk with your guild members try to have a Voice Chat with your guild members at least 1 or 2 times for each member. EQ2 has built in voice chat to hear your eq2 friends voice and not type or read words really can help both people feel like they know who there friend is better or guild friend .

    Reading chat very much no personal idea of who you speak with. If you get along good in voice chat then be good friends playing the game in groups together or even Decorate a home .

    Thank you Soara like my post. nice name and has " a r a " alot like my guild theme for my guild Aranara . I can type that maybe she or he read it and nice . Or not ever read it words go by fast in grneral chat in game.

    Well we got eq2 built in voice chat and we have discord voice and chat. My TIP Please remember to try to use as can really helps even if you simply listen no micro phone or if guild member listen to you .

    Best Tip Ever !!!! : Clean out your in game mail box in eq2 and check mail every day you play and remember to send new guild member a nice welcome to guild Mail .

    I try everything be nice guild leader me have taken alot of break from game. I want one player of each class type to join my guild i know really must wait till i get my own computer to be able to play when i want and help guild members .

    Hope my tips help and if i ever put books on broker i would only charge 4 silver so anyone can have one if my books and that migbt help.

    have fun if it is fun it is nice normal and good - Arnar Anran on Antonia bayle server
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  5. Uganda Knuckles Member

    try /cutemode bristlebane and u get bristlebane head rofl press /exit cutemode to leave. if dont work immediate redo it.
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  6. Santaclawz New Member

    My tip if a new or returning player is do the full timeline quests in the new zones for awesome collection loot to get a boost to stats to make it easier to get heroic ready.
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  7. Fatyl New Member

    I highly recommend EQ2 maps. Its a download from
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  8. Shadowethrone New Member

    If you want to train your body while waiting for a raid or dungeon, and burn a few extra calories, do some burpees excercises. For one must maintain a healthy body :p
  9. Rehv New Member

    Thank you! I did not know this and it saves so much time! ♥
  10. witchy77 Member

    Wow so many great tips.thank you to everyone for taking the time to post these
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  11. magicbob New Member

    Something interesting I discovered was that if you are mounted you can for instance gallop off a dock into the water - the mount graphic disappears but you are still moving at mount speed over/thru the water. This greatly increases swim speed. Not sure if this is a bug or intended (doubt it) but works pretty great.
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  12. Smackbottom New Member

    I am a new beast lord (well one year, but still know nothing) and was confused by what you said. Why would I not want to kill the mob? Did you mean Warder abilities? And how does Adrenal flow bug out (heck, what even is Adrenal Flow?).
    When I search adrenal flow it talks about Bloodrage which can cast adrenal flow but doesn’t explain what adrenal flow actually is.
    Hope I am not being a bother about this, it’s just that so much helpful information is just not available.