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  1. Barak Member

    Maybe I expressed myself wrong. I meant, that a general showcase is better than a special showcase, because it does not limit you in what you are able to put in. You can throw in everything and have the same advantages, when selling your stuff (no tax).

    Of course, higher tiers offer more space, but they cost usually much more too. And they make only sense, when you are able to craft stuff, that is actually bought on the market and not for the dustbin only ;)


    (Dunno, if the links are up to date, since you mention 96 slots...)
  2. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Horses for courses... I find that the specialist crates are one way to make it easier to organise what I have on offer.

    My tuppence on brokerage:
    When I visit the broker, I usually offload everything I want to sell into one general crate. This allows me to immediately ready to head out adventuring again, as I've freed up space in my bags. Or, if I have time on my hands, I can look at the items in that one crate that aren't currently on offer. High-value items usually go into the 'veteran' displays (lower broker rate for buyer; my wares can be competitively priced yet earn me more). Lower value items are all worth selling (just because it's 'trash' to me doesn't mean it doesn't have some use for someone else).

    Variety is the key, I think. Someone once called it 'the spice of life'.
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  3. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    Shop s mart. YOU GOT THAT! just kidding.

    I advise buy at least a krono a month to have fun with your characters, if you like to play alot of them, dont fool, with the buying and selling unless you play max level, and enjoy mostly end game. As an alternative monkey with the xp vial system and sell them you can get 3 a month just for subscribing if your cheap. The 60% siphon is a good way to slow down leveling, so you can take the time to enjoy yourself and sniff the succulent roots.
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have big sales crates and the two veteran's crates on most of my toons. I make almost all of my plat selling shinies.

    To make my life simpler, on all my toons, I arrange like so, basing by decision on what the icons look like:

    (1) Veteran's Crate - paper, books, jewelry, coins
    (2) Expanded Veteran's Crate - really pricey stuff
    (3) "Tinkered" - anything made by sentients that doesn't go in box #1
    (4) Skeletal Materials - bones, beaks, skulls
    (5) Rocks - anything that looks rock-like, "chemicals" such as containers holding fluids like blood or chimera bile, totem/icon type-things
    (6) Nature - bugs, feathers, feet, plants, etc.

    When I come in after a bunch of harvesting, I can quickly distribute my goodies among the boxes following my default scheme. Having certain boxes holding all of a general class of stuff helps prevent me having the same thing for sale in two boxes. Also, if I see that one of my alts has the same item for sale, I mail mine to that alt, because it's easiest to maintain pricing in one spot.

    I can just dump my goodies and head back out. But when I am ready to stop adventuring for the day, then I go through and check the price on everything I have on the broker. I re-price older stuff if necessary, and set prices for the new stuff. Anything that is going to end up being over 100p gets shoved into box #2, and if needed overflow into box #1. I almost always have extra room in box #4, so that's my overflow for less expensive stuff.

    I'm not advocating following MY scheme. My categories are what work for me and my cognitive style, and still ends up with a pretty even distribution across the boxes.
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  5. dariusthegreat New Member

    all I can say ta give back is if ya ever in halls of fate I can help with what I know I enjoy voice chatting stats ect ect ma best classes are paladin/fury/wizzy/defiler, my in game names the same dariusthegreat holla its easier ta help ya live!!! and thanks to windstalker for all the great ground work and dedication to the game we all love <3
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  6. dariusthegreat New Member

    also remember folks eq2u is best place for everything eq2 statwise check it out also noobies grabb eq2 maps program its a marvelous program :)
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  7. Pariias New Member

    Hi, I hope its okay to ask here, but is there a way to view the characters on my account somewhere? The links on EQ2 homepage don't work and any other site I've found requires you to know the characters name. Thanks in advance!
  8. Finora Well-Known Member

    All your characters will be shown by region.

    All your US region characters (no matter what server they are on) will show up on character select if you have your patcher set to US region. Same if you have it set to EU English (or Test or beta).

    The other regions (German, Russian, Japanese, French, forgive me if I forgot someone) were all merged into the other regions so any characters you had on any of those would be found in either the US English region or the EU English region.

    You can switch regions by clicking on the region listed in the bottom left corner of your launcher.
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  9. AngryConjy Active Member

    low level Dungeons would be awesome. sorry I could only like your post just once.
  10. Marakad New Member

    Best tip i've seen is to be social, the game only feel 'dead' if you just sit there, don't join any guilds or talk to people in chat or spend time grouped with friends. Its a big game, nobody will force you to have fun, its all up to you.
  11. Gaelmyst New Member


    Just two quickies for ya:

    1. Re: Quest helper window (and any other window for that matter), R click on window, click through choices until you can set your window opacity. I have mine on permanently slightly opaque and much darker on mouse-over. Gives you the contrast you're looking for.

    2. Re: Maps - Check out "Map Updater" from
  12. Gaelmyst New Member

    Dang! I've been playing forever and didn't know this one. Thanks!
  13. Gaelmyst New Member

  14. Gaelmyst New Member

    Many veteran players without alt-addiction* may not realize:

    There is a very handy "Remove Adornment" spell available from your class trainer for 1c. The spell scroll is Heirloom so you can buy enough for every toon on your account and stick 'em in the shared bank.

    *In know. I couldn't believe it, but there ARE people out there with only 4-8 toons. Incredible! :eek:
  15. Soara Member

    Omg so complicated! This is why I totally do not play my beast.....Anyway, My tip, If you are not good at a class, don't group as that class! Alts are the enemy. They steal progress from your main.
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  16. Nergal New Member

    Gearing for Kunark Ascending

    First thing to know is kunark ascending itemisation leaves a lot of gear , with combat mechanics as they are , not very useful to you . Second thing to know is that if you are obsessing about your resolve and eq
  17. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    If you can't see the shiny's, or quest goal items, then play with your settings in Options / Display / Particle Effects (you may need to click Advanced to show all the options)

    Tab to nodes in places where it's hard to find ts nodes to harvest. change the color of your target arrow and make it bigger. The color to change is the "trivial" color, make it bright yellow or magenta or something. The nodes in tranquil/phantom sea are particularly hard to see.

    Use the threat icon all the time, the checkbox is in options / (somewhere)

    Heh, could I take this opportunity to ask for a keyword search in the options window? ;)
  18. Airvh Active Member

    ANISOPTRIC FILTERING: Turning this ON in your video card settings makes the game look 100x better. Once its activated restart game. Also go into your EQ2 graphics settings in options and set the texture resolution to medium or better. <-- Anisoptric Filtering needs to have something to work with! :)
    Also its not very taxing on the video card so the game will look good and play good still.
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  19. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I tried this - it was originally set to "application-controlled." Different levels of anisotropic filtering made no difference for me, so I set it back to the original.
  20. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    My latest hot tip: If you end up with a few extra Celestial Ascension scrolls, pass them on to your alts, they're Heirloom!

    In a similar vein, Your Ascended main character should be able to buy Tears of Ascension from Nye'Caelona to help your alts, or themselves. Look for the big guide quests for status. The Newsies quest and the Guide to Thallumbra guide quests should give you another boost to your status so you can afford them. I mean, besides the PQ, the quests in PoP, etc. :D

    Upgrading to Premium will get you the Overloaded Ascension potions which really help alts especially when they are starting from level 1. A few quest turn ins within the 30 minutes and you're not constantly going back to Coliseum of Valor and Sunspear.
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