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  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Calling all Norrathians,

    Please share your in-game tips and discoveries that have made a difference to your experience! This can be anything from a convenient key command to unearthing a new or older feature that you had no idea existed or you feel is hard to find. Think of it as a “tips and tricks” list for your fellow players.

    My hope is to get a number of these in the game once we get a good list. The load screen tips alone could use a refresh, and we'll look at in-game help too. This is just a tiny project in a list of many (news on some of those soon) that we'd like our players to contribute to as our experts.

    Holly Longdale
    Producer, EQII
  2. Pathetica Active Member

    For chat channels /ignore is your friend!
  3. Pathetica Active Member

    When a toon starts annoyingly running and running alt-tab out and come back and your toon should be calmer.
  4. Famorf New Member

    /house is usefull if you get stuck in an object in your house or guild hall.
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  5. Wigglesngiggles New Member

    With so many people asking every-day: use /load_uisettings to load a UI from another one of your characters.
  6. Foxxxy72 New Member

    I just started playing and I spent about a week researching. I know alot of ppl dont have the time or past history with MMOs. Some things that I think could use improvement are maps. There needs to be a legend. I spent forever mousing over the little icons looking for brokers, menders etc. Another thing was flight paths..I stumbled on the Griffins by accident after a couple days playing, which helped alot. Making maps where You could scroll out and see the bigger picture would help. Adding the levels to the map would help. Right now I use EQ2wiki which is fine, but it cant be that hard to add a lil more text.
    Better starting gear would be nice. I am level 20 and I havent gotten alot of good gear from drops or quests. I mostly got weird items that I dont even know what they are. I'm sure at higher levels when I am past the initial basics of the game more involved game play would be great..but not for new players.
    The biggest problem I see now at low levels is the dungeon finder. My suggestion would be to make lower level dungeons more like scenarios. That would eliminate the need for tank, healer, dps groups. Instead any group of any class can run it. and ofcourse cross realm dungeon finder would be great.
    The quest helper is great, but could stand to be a little clearer. The blue tends to blend in with the water.
    I am coming from playing other MMOs for about 8 years. EQ2 is an excellent game with alot of potential to grow. Even though its an older game there are alot of things about it that makes it great. I know alot of ppl personally that are burned out on some of the other games..Not because they are bad, because we have done it all. Even though they add content its still the same game. Right now is the time to act. More advertising, more incentives..Why in a ftp game do ppl have to buy 2 expansion? I can speak for myself and I have spent $100 on a Krono to sell for starting money, Station Cash to buy a mount, My subscription, then a station pass, and then an expansion so I would have a Merc. Its hard to compete against the other MMOs that offer a game that You can play everything cheaper and with less complications. There is a huge market for this game..You just gotta work with them..not against them.
  7. Famorf New Member


    Helps a ton if you accidentally hit clear all hot keys, of course as long as you saved your hot keys prior :)
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  8. Drunk Ninja Monkies Member

    My biggest tip... is links!

    Housing items:



    Artisan Epic for crafting cloak:

    Red adornment faction:

    Qeynos Claymore timeline:

    Adornment calculator:

    Epic weapons:

    Deities and their quests:

    Heritage quests timeline:


    Mounts (over 100 in-game):

    Peacock Club (Prismatic 2.0):

    Prismatic Weapon:

    Racial History timeline (some may be broke with city revamps):

    Signature quests timeline:

    Swords of Destiny timeline:

    Dungeon timeline:

    Vessel of Fyr'un (manastone 2.0):'Un

    Harvesting timeline:

    Tradeskill timeline:

    Consumable items at City Merchants:

    Titles organized by how to obtain:

    Factions in the game:

    Lore and Legends timeline:

    Languages in the game:

    EQ2 News:

    Other resources:
    EQ2 at Zam:

    Clan/guild page and communication hosting:

    Overwolf in-game overlay for Enjin, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Google, Skype, browser, Team Speak, Xfire, timers, Raptr, Steam chat, Pandora and lots more:

    EQ2Maps for enhanced game maps:

    DrumsUI replacement for default UI:
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  9. Tayz Member

    My tip would be join a guild of nice helpful people and they will help you with any questions you may have in game.
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  10. Rarrum Active Member

    When playing a beastlord, stop using abilities when the mob gets low so you don't accidentally kill it with a combat art and bug out Adrenal Flow.

    Make a "stop everything" macro. This is useful if you accidentally pulled agro or need to move a mob or just need to stop attacking due to a script:
    • /autoattack 0
    • /cancel_spellcast
    • /pet backoff
    • /merc backoff
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  11. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    Harvest ALL the shineys!
    If you get shineys you don't need, or have already collected, don't trash them or sell them to a vendor; sell them on the broker or have a guildie or close friend sell them on the broker for you -- it's a great way to get some money starting out.

    Also, if a chest or a shiney is out of reach, you can bring it to you instead of trying to jump up and grab it. Just target the chest or shiney, type /summon, and poof! Right under your feet, for your convenience.
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  12. Finora Well-Known Member

    Make popular UI features known to new players.

    I'm always surprised by the numbers of people who don't know there is an autoattack bar, threat meter or in game calendar in the default UI.

    A listing of or link to the list of slash commands would be wonderful for new (and many veteran) players as well.

    Make the UI builder's existance better known.
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  13. Greyskull New Member

    Since no one has said this one yet, to save and move your "friends" list type /save_friends and it will save that character's friends under that character's name, and when on one of your alt's type /load_friends, this will bring up a box with any character's names you have saved the friends list with, select one and POOF!!! you have your friends list on your new alt
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  14. Hoosierdaddy Active Member

    Agreed. There are a lot of important components to the u.i. that are hidden when players begin the game. It should be indicated at some point that they are available and how a player goes about making them visible. Maybe at level 20 (or 50), after the learning curve has leveled out and players can make optimal use of new information.

    Also, a minor tip to contribute is that by right-clicking your deity pet, you can bring up a window giving you the option to keep it permanently hidden. This will keep other players in group/raid from targeting it and prevents you from having to hide it every time you re-cast it.
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  15. Sclerotia Member

    So dont keep it to your self, how do you turn them on? I am a new player (A couple of months) and would love to know this.

    Ill make a list of stuff that would have been helpful to me when I started and post them when I pull it together.
  16. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    I know I made a video tutorial on tweaking the UI, but I didn't really get into settings like the autoattack bar since I use an imported program for mine.

    Autoattack Bar -- EQ2 menu, options, user interface, game windows. You'll find a checkbox to enable it.
    The threat meter will only pop up when you're in combat, but I think the default toggle is Alt T (again, if you toggle this out of combat, you will not see anything)

    EDIT -- might as well shamelessly link.
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  17. Hoosierdaddy Active Member

    What Colby said.

    Another tip is that by hitting F10, you can make all windows visible/invisible, allowing you to arrange such windows as threat/auto-attack, even when they aren't normally visible (i.e. in combat).
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  18. Estred Well-Known Member

    For tanks on your emergency abilities (like stoneskins or DR buffs) make a macro as follows.


    This will ensure you cast any Emergency RIGHT when you click it. This allows me to hit a stone skin 1-2 seconds before getting hit for 700-1000K.
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  19. Marrnar Member

    One that I find very useful because I craft a lot for guildies and friends is the ability to add things to the trade window by holding down alt and clicking the item I want to add to the window.
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  20. Lucus Well-Known Member

    If you need to talk to an npc for a quest and you are standing on top of the map marker and the npc isn't there type /target (npc name) and then h to hail and the npc should pop up to it's proper position.

    If you are a class with a single target in-combat revive (like paladin) drag the ability to a hotbar right click "create macro" add a command line instruction before the ability in the macro que with /target. when you group add the main healer's name to the target command for a quick emergency revive.