Share your Chief Broglyn strat in SOLO

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  1. Lhana New Member

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to write that. It's appreciated! Also, wow on the linked guide!

    Things changed LOTS while I was away (last expansion before I left was before Sentinals Fate came out), not least inflation! Looks like I've got some catching up to do!
  2. Monge New Member

    Molo, LVL120 Paladin.
    Long fight but no risk.
  3. Raeven Active Member

    I go in with a healer merc, usually Zughrus. Have to make sure your merc is leveled up and geared, with accolades too, I use the acrylia ones that give the merc mitigation.

    I always keep moving while fighting the Chief, throwing whatever damage I can do at the range I am at. I think my merc runs a lot of interference for me. so it isn't too hard to stay away from the Chief as long as I don't stop moving.. Seems that the Chief throws out some big damage that kills me if I fight him in one spot, so I just keep moving.
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  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Sig's response earlier in this post spells out some of the difficulties in RoS sig lines, etc. People create a new toon, grab the gear out of the chest and think they're gtg for content. Let me be ain't gonna happen. She posts a lot of solid ideas for negotiating the content.
    The bottom line is, xpacs have been building on each other for some years now. They're not stand alone packages where a returning/new player can just jump in and start doing things without adequate preparation on a number of different levels. Get into an active guild that doesn't mind sharing wisdom and helping new/returning players. Be prepared for some work catching up. It's a PITA in the beginning, but worth it. Best of luck!!
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  5. Torri Active Member

    And of course, as you do it more, you will learn and adapt. My first time through doing the sig line I was dreading him with all the horror threads I had read. My first toon through was a Swashbuckler and they are ideally constructed for this type of encounter...Warden, not so much.

    Even the first time through though, I never was in any danger of dying. It took probably 3 minutes with the fabled anniversary Paladin merc but I may have cast one group heal the entire fight, letting the prestige ward and Natural Boon do all the healing. I left the merc on named and switched pet and myself to adds as they spawned. Managed to keep up with add spawn barely the first time through

    Gear is all box gear aside from any upgrade/drop I may have picked up doing questline, no Celestial gear, only adorns from the box. Still missing two blue and 4 reds on jewelry and zero optimization of whites, just plug them into new gear as I get it for now. Spells are expert except the epic 2.0 which are maxed (Rewards for digging in the dirt) Still had not gotten used to having Ascension spells when doing the questline, may have cast one apprentice Elementalist AoE, may not have

    Check buffs on the Chief before pull to make sure you got all the minions. It is entirely anecdotal, but I also found it much easier when fighting him on top of the hill at the far end of his pathing range.
  6. Lhana New Member

    Job done, thanks everyone for suggestions.
    My gear was pretty much the same as before, a few tweaks with jem positioning but overall the numbers were about the same.
    Upgraded all the combat arts I could (Expert) and went back in. Legendary Inquisitor as Healer merc.

    Failed.. 4 more times with the battle playing out almost exactly the same way as before.

    Finally in complete desperation, switched focus to the corrupted and completely ignored the chief and his tantrums. Used lots of Berserker AoEs so I guess I was chipping away at the Chief while the main damage was piled on to the corrupted.
    Got about 30 seconds on Chief each time before another corrupted showed up, switch to that... rinse and repeat.

    That was not nice.

    TLDR: Focus on the Corrupted, use lots of AoE. Potions of Clarity were used but never dropped below 80% power so not sure how much benefit they were. This worked for me (L120 Berserker).
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  7. Eliz New Member

    I appreciate the info and everyone who's kind enough to help with strategy, however all these requirements to kill a quest mob in a solo instance is wild.
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  8. Lhana New Member

    TBH I agree. Fine line between challenge and chore and this one was close to being on the wrong side of that line.

    I want to believe I just missed an obvious strategy and ended up powering past it with the upgraded combat arts, but I’ve no intention of EVER doing that quest again to find out!
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  9. Smashey Well-Known Member

    I did it yesterday on a brand new account using just the gear from the chest and a few solo pieces on my illusionist and level 1 Moninalla merc.

    Its extremely overtuned for a character of that type. A guildie jumped in and killed it in less than 6 seconds. I tried for 1½ with various AA setups and it just wasnt possible at all at 153k potency and 60 fervor(outside solo instance).

    On main account I had zero issues at all just burning it down on all 4 of my characters because I had the blue adornments from previous expansion. On the new account the merc couldnt even keep me alive and killing the add took ages.
  10. Kattt Well-Known Member

    I feel for ya! My first time was a horror show! I could not really add anymore than has been advised here. Sigrdrifa said anything I would have said, and then some, and better. Her posts for help are usually some of the best. Her guide for ROS has been a HUGE help since I returned to game. She helps people a lot! =) (My apologies Sigrdrifa if you are a man...either way, sentiments the same!)
    But I can say doing this line on any other toon, I dread doing that fight. So, the only thing I can add here, is now that you have managed on your own, and would rather stick toothpicks in your eyes than fight that beast again lol, next time you want to finish the sig line on a toon, just bring a friend with you, guildie, etc. Together you can get past it much quicker, and less stress. =) That is what I intend to do on any other toons. I'd rather spend my time in groups or other fun stuff, than with that crazy fight!
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