Share your Chief Broglyn strat in SOLO

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Heinzy, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Heinzy Active Member

    Seems like this fight is do or die anytime I attempt it. (yes the 3packs+1 have been cleared unless some are very well hidden)

    The buffs on the chief seems to indicate I should not hit him with anything when an add arrives.
    The add always has (seemingly) 18 Trillion HP and a Ward.

    I'll die two, three times and out of the blue both the chief and adds are made of paper =)

    Would love some strat. sharing, I'm sure I'm not alone.

    Thank you
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  2. Fannoncodder New Member

    When I do him on my healers, the only option is to just grab a coke and a smile and grit through a super long fight. Curing, interrupting, avoiding, etc., doesn't seem to make the least bit of difference... the adds just have a ton of HP.

    Literally the only thing I ever do is stack up the dots on the adds and save all my ascensions for the Chief. Takes about 3 or 4 cycles, but he dies... not the most painful fight, but it's definitely in the running.
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  3. Bludd Well-Known Member

    interrupt his tegi tantrum cast for less headache
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  4. Heinzy Active Member

    Good advice, I will attempt to interrupt.
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  5. Heinzy Active Member

    I feel your pain =)

  6. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    Your fervor is likely too low. Go back to CD & BoL and get the blue fervor runes.
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  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Starting from The Needlite Queen along the most direct path to the Chlorochamber, kill all the groups of tegi. After each group dies, wait a second necause a fourth "bogling of Broglyn" will pop and must be killed.

    Inside the Chlorochamber there's at least one group beyond where you likely first spot Broglyn. Make sure you really killed EVERY SINGLE DARN TEGI. Even ONE "bogling of Broglyn" will heal Broglyn making him unkillable for most everyone.

    During the named fight, I completely ignore the adds on my warlock (I have a self buff damage shield that makes them take damage if they hit me). My conjy doesn't pay much attention either, just throwing AOEs every now and again.
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  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Hit dragonfire, turn my attention to a video of a cat doing something funny for 5 seconds.. Then loot the chest. Same as every other solo mob.
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  9. Laughing Owl Member

    Can somebody give me a clue what my Paladin is doing wrong.

    I have cleared every single Tegi (even brought out a Merc with track and checked from limestone forest to Tatru (or however it is spelled). No tegis are up.

    When I engage the chief I make sure I always interrupt at the hurry message.

    However, no matter what I do he will always spawn a Corrupted and for my paladin, I will do less then 1% per ability and it will take me several minutes to kill the corrupted. (all of which my max health is dropping from their buff) When corrupted is dead, I will go back to Chief but before I get 10% of his health down, another corrupted spawn. before I can fnish killing this one, my max health is so low that they will kill me.

    No admittedly I have the 120 chest gear, and a few pieces that have been upgraded in the RoS line so far (do also have the weight and cyan adorns from Panda's)

    How am I supposed to kill these before they kill me.... The Sign line is supposed to be solo, and is how you are supposed to start gearing... so the starter chest+drops from previously stages of Sig line should be sufficient gear.
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  10. Bleanienia New Member

    First time i fought him, on my channeler (mostly in 205 resolve gear), didnt have an issue with him, lastnight when i fought him. it took me 45 minutes to kill him, for some reason the second his add spawned, he took NO damage from me (yes damage floaters were popping up and it was listed in the combat log, but NO % loss of HP was seen) and killing eatch add for me took around 5 minutes, his aura's and the HP reduction debuffs, were odd aswell, it seemed to ONLY be affecting my construct, and it would randomly just despawn, so i would have to resummon it, (also odd note, inside the solo instance my construct only has 800m HP, outside in normal area's it has 3.6b) but i also knowticed his corrupted adds, have a debuff they put on you, around -2k crit, potency and crit damage, so it FEELS like they have tons of HP, but infact they mite not, its just they reduce your damage output (and on a low dps character anyway it hurts more) , but yes all in all the fight feels like a horrific slog (keep in mind i also just came back to the game after a year and a half)
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    If there's even on "bogling of Broglyn up somewhere" it will heal him, making him pretty much unkillable. And if there'a sgroup of three tegi that hasn't died yet, the Broglyn tegi won't have spawned either so it won't be on track.
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  12. Slacks New Member

    Him and his adds seem to take more damage when you fight him up on the hill/ramp where he spawns. Obviously all the boglings need to be dead also (you can see his buff with a number on it if there are any boglings up)

    My troub still can't beat him tho because my healer merc just stands there and watches me die.
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  13. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    This is the same as the last expansion. If you have high Fervor, you burn through the solos. If you don't, you won't.
  14. Laughing Owl Member

    Can you give an example of what High Fevor should be.... and realistically as a 'new' ton *Curtesy of the 120 buff from buying expansion) the best way to reach this.. as supposedly buying the game is supposed to allow you to begin to experience the current content.

    And as to other, there is no numbered buff on chief when I have tried, and have gone through and nothing (not even the wisp things) show up on track between the lizards in Tatru (sp) and then the needlites save the chief
  15. Laughing Owl Member

    Yeah it is the near immunity of the corrupted add that really stops me... (and the fact it is recalled within a minute of being killed).. From detect weakness, the Corrupted has 54 billion hit, but yeah with the debuff, their regen is almost more then my damage. While admittedly a 'strong' class my necro can kill the Chief often BEFORE the corrupted even spawns and chief will be dead before my dumbfires fade away.

    From the buffs, the chief is near immune while corrupted is up and you are supposed to kill corrupted then back to cheif... however, my problem is it takes my Paladin 5+ minutes to kill the corrupted.... (all the while their constant max health damage is working away) and once killed a new one spans in usually under a minute.... mean I get like 20-30 seconds of attack time on the Chief every 6 minutes or so.....
  16. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    I don't know exact numbers, but I'd guess you want your Fervor to be around 150-200 or you're going to spend a long time killing mobs. When it's over 300, in solos you can one-shot trash mobs and the nameds burn down fairly quickly. You can still accomplish current content without it, but the fights take forever.

    You need to go back to CD and run all the heroics for the 55 fervor rune, Fabled Kael for a 35 Fervor rune, then run the BoL weeklies for the 50 Fervor rune. You can also raid CD or BoL content for an 80 Fervor rune. Other runes/gear and AAs have smaller amounts of Fervor that also help.
  17. Rdy2rock Member

    I just struggled through this fight greatly but stumbled onto something that might help.

    I was running two of my toons thru together, Beastlord and Inquisitor. I was interrupting the Tantrum but the corruptor add was really hit and miss on whether he would take forever to kill or die rather fast. The last time, and I succeeded, if the toon tanking was not doing much damage I would switch to the other toon and damn near one shot the corrupter. It looks like the corrupter builds a high immunity to one of the toons and the other has to kill it. This can be problematic if using a merc. I guess you can try attacking the corruptor with the merc and see if that helps.

    I could be wrong, but that's what it looked like to me.
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  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I don't hit the adds at all, just burn the name. I'm a warlock, tho.
  19. Lhana New Member

    I've given up on this one, I've tried everything I can think of. L120 Berserker.
    I returned to EQ2 late last year (was L80 when I came back and really enjoyed the content until now), I've not had any issues until this latest expansion.

    I've tried with Tank, Melee, and Healer mercs. With the Healer I came close but the fight went on for so long I ran out of power. Even then it was looking ropey.
    I'm geared pretty averagely, slightly better than the stuff at the nexus (described as 'baseline') but I would have thought as this is pretty much the start of the Sig line, you shouldn't need much more than this?
    I've completely emptied the zone, there's nothing left standing, even AFTER this guy, nothing else in there proved too much of a problem.
    Tried switching to the corrupted, but Chief just summons more.
    Is there some mechanic I'm missing? It's pretty disappointing to grind to halt so early in to the quest line.
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  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Just gear isn't necessarily enough. You need a certain amount of Health and Potency. You should be able to purchase the recipes for the Acrylia mount tack at your guild hall recipe vendor, or via the Status Merchant in The Bazaar. Go for Potency, Crit Bonus, and Fervor as you can.

    There's a basic guide on gearing up for RoS.Remember to fully equip your mercenary(s) from Tishan's Lockbox in the Luclin Nexus of Fordel Midst even if you yourself don't need gear.

    Also, evaluate your adornments. You want "Shadowed" white and cyan runes from the Panda Quests, and if the Panda jewelry is higher Potency than what you have, you'll want to switch to the higher POT stuff. Are you fully adorned? Have all your white, red, and green adorns? If not, grab a full set of gear from Tishan's Lockbox and use the Adornment Reclamation ability (available cheap from your class trainer) to pop off the adorns and then use the ones you need. I think you can get the Acrylia adornment recipe book from your guild hall recipe vendor, or via the Status Merchant in The Bazaar, and these will be much better than anything you presently have.

    A bit further down from the OP in the RoS Gear thread is a list of Fervor Adorns, you always need more Fervor. And a little further down from that is my recommendation to get some level 96 white adorns to boost stats such as +reuse, +casting speed, +hate, +block, +DPS, +multi attack, +haste.

    What quality are your Combat Arts? If all you have is the Apprentice spells you automatically get, that's like using a pea shooter. Get out and harvest to get the rares, then get an Alchemist to make you Expert level combat arts. Have you upgraded your Ascension spells? Sages can upgrade a lot of them, you will need Illegible Scroll Pages for the Adept and Master levels.
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