Shard of Love and the fate of Erollisi Marr

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  1. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Images of Shard of Love as shown during the Fan Faire.
    What I see in these images is that the building's roof was blown out from inside due to the lack of rubble in the chamber and pieces scattered around outside. So Erollisi may had been ambushed or a turncoat blindsided her.
    Ullkorruuk is the prime suspect. Goddess of Betrayal? Former elite guard to Erollisi herself? Not to mention Innorruk's thrill about the news during the recent Erollisi's Day event.
  2. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Looks like someone forgot to pay the landscaping crew...
    Also its devoid of creatures. I suspect the actual shard itself won't be nearly so empty. With any remaining guardians the rubble could of been cleared from whatever happened. Unless the entire shard is going to be filled with undead?
    If its just going to repeat the history of Erollisi's betrayal then its not a shard of love so much as a shard of betrayal. I'm quite disappointed at that prospect.
  3. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Why are you disappointed with that prospect? It is Shard of Love and something happened to it. Why not Ullkorruuk? We haven't been told how her transformation into the demi-goddess of Betrayal came to be. Just that it did happened.
    Landscaping, well, without Erollisi, it might started to fall apart. Also I'm not sure if there are any elite guards left. If they rushed to protect their lady goddess, they easily can lose their lives in the process. Even if there are any survivors, why just maintain the inner chambers, not the outdoor gardens?
    It will be nice to know exactly how Shard will be released as or raid x2 or x4. Or as a quest instance.
  4. ARCHIVED-ericsweeney Guest

    I would love some more information on Ullkorruuk. If there is more to be found in the SoL, then I will be thrilled. Being a newer person to EQ, I wasn't originally familiar with her. Yet that all changed when I had to do the Fabled / Mythical Epic questline as a brigand. A large part of that quest line is all about collecting the book about her in Nek 3 and her guidance throughout the quest line.
    She claims that she is the patron of all brigands (who are doing that quest series). Interesting. I'd like to know more about her. It would be ever more interesting if they released both Ullkorruuk and Erollisi as gods at the same time. Ah well. Only time will tell.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    Since the Goddess is going to be a deity and for what she represents then this would be great time to introduce more animals types………… that she can take credit for creating. I am thinking a few variety of Birds (love birds we can set in cages), rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and owls.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mistress_of_Nihility Guest

    There are no new Deities being released at this time, is what we have been told. So if she is going to be a deity, we won't know until after the expansion.
  7. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    there were no new deitys for the expantion itself yes, but they never said anything about before or after with a LU
  8. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    Hmm. It's a bit more dark and dreary than I had hoped. I hope there's a good reason for it's ruin, though I still wish it could be a quest zone that doesn't involve any raiding.
  9. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    Well if not a diety then at least bring in more anmials types like I suggested then for these animals types I am asking for should of been here already if you ask me.
    I know they said no new dieties with the new expansion but I didnt hear weather there wasn't going to be any before it or even after???
  10. ARCHIVED-teddyboy420 Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Funny, I hope it'll be a raid zone w/a difficulty progression much like the Shard of Hate (ie. like the TSO raid zones, each mob is progressively difficult rather then a setup like VP where each is relatively the same difficulty). SoH is an awesome zone, w/ great loot, and interesting encounters, well once you get past Sisters they're interesting anyway. My ONLY complaint about SoH is that you never find out why, or how the Shard broke off from the main Plane, and how Inny feels about it, and why he hasn't reeled it back in so to speak.
  11. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Remember something very bad happened to her, so chances are her Plane and therefor this Shard of it would suffer. I am hoping it is full of Inny loyalists and we get to push them out... and rescue Erollisi
  12. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Coniaric wrote:
    This is a shard of the plane of love. Not the whole of the plane of love hopefully. Having the representation of what may (or may not) be a returning diety represent the defeat of that diety as a permanent mark in EQ2 is a bid distressing. For those of us that really wish to see Erollisi return it is a sure indication that dev doesn't have any intentions of doing this.
    Ullkorruuk has been getting an increasing amount of face time with every step of the Theer story line revealed. Its fairly obvious that she is somehow connected. Erollisi's fall being linked to her rise along with her obvious popularity might mean that Erollisi never returns. Erollisi has always been a player favorite, not a dev favorite.
    And if its going to be populated with Ullkorruuk touched mobs and NOT the pristine residents of the plane of love shouldn't it be the shard of betrayal? The shard of fear is completely devoted to fear. The shard of hate is completely devoted to hate. Shouldn't the shard of love be completely devoted to love? Or is the only kind of story/progression that the devs can come up with "you have to beat up the bad guys"?
    Personally I'd like to see 3 progressions series for each of these shard zones. One involves being a worshiper. Mobs are on your faction, which you loose for killing them. They give quests that you can complete for additional faction and some nice end rewards. Maybe introduce a quest for each opposing diety's shard with a level appropriate reward?
    Then a heroic progression which is the default zone. End boss drops a consumable key that opens up a raid version of that zone. Maybe it even spawns the actual avatar in the shard? Either way, it means you need to do the group content version at least once to access the raid version and probaly multiple times to gather enough keys to unlock the big prize. Like maybe consuming 1 key to open the instance, and 3 more keys to spawn the avatar once inside OR you can just kill trash for lesser rewards? This lets you have effectively a x2 zone with a spawnable avatar encounter so you even have casual raiding content right next to Avatar level content. This way your hitting every segment of the EQ2 population with a single zone.
  13. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Agreed! A quest Zone would be nice, I dislike having to raid to see all the time to see the interesting places.
  14. ARCHIVED-Rezikai Guest

    Dareena@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Indeed, as a brigand doing my epic i found it very.... interesting that all brigands willing to follow greed and deciet to claim the Havoc, Blade of Treachery, will then claim Ullkoruuk as their new god. Being a brigand it was, a strange moment. Kaitheel i think worked on the brigand epic quest, which is why Parathior was in it iirc.
  15. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    It isn't called Shard of Betrayal, though. It's named Shard of Love so that's what it is.
    I do have to wonder about the message devs are sending to the players. Should the evil always prevailed? Nearly every expansion send this message. Darathar killed in the battle, but Nagafen didn't lose any eggs beyond the missing one. Soulfire get stolen and we get it back but only to lose it to Lucan D'Lere (or Mayong). The Ethernauts "died" but Anashti Sul was restored to Norrath. Erollisi Marr gone and Ullkorruuk rise in power?
    Do a lot of things have to be depressing at the end and/or have a "but" somewhere in the end?
    Back to Erollisi, if the devs are not going to have us rescue Erollisi and have her be restored as the goddess of Love and players gain another option of worship. Then why bother? If they want to hold her off until after expansion release for a "recovery process" ... fine, but it need to be clearly indicated, if ever.
    If they're letting Fear and Hate run freely throughout Norrath by opening up the Shards, but holding back Love, Valor, and other Shards/Planes ...
    I may have to conclude that the developers & lore writers are a depressed and pessimistic bunch by letting things go the way they are going.
  16. ARCHIVED-Wilde_Night Guest

    I'm glad evil gets to win sometimes. In real life, good doesn't always prevail either and sometimes you get tired of reading/watching about the good guys. *shrugs* But then again, I'm a "good guy" in real life and play evil in games for the challenge. ;)
  17. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Coniaric wrote:
    It is called good Story Telling, for Sam and Frodo things got worst and worst, until Frodo LOST the battle with the Ring, it was only the intervention of Golum that saved Middle Earth, and Frodo Lost a Finger, the Elfs lost the majority of thier power and faded away.
    In good Story Telling usually the good guys have lots of early set backs, because without them there is no struggle to get to the final victory, and in the best stories IMO that victory is tarnished with alot of loss along the way.
  18. ARCHIVED-Vanisher123 Guest

    Coniaric wrote:
    Perhaps the build up to theer is suposed to be dark and depressing then once we defeat him (since if we don't the world ends and that's never good for business ;P ) there will be the big grand "On to new adventuers" thing where we have defeated one of the greatest evils and we now go onward into the inspirational exploration phase of the storylines?
  19. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    We don't even know if Theer IS a 'bad guy'. being trapped in the Void, as was Anashti, he has to find a way out. that way out isn't looking too good for us, but Theer was supposed to be the balance as the Nameless' avatar.
    For all we know if we helped Theer out of the void that might be a good thing for us. remember when he first walked norrath mortal life got better. becuase they didn't have to jump at every shadow or light thinking one of the pantheon wanted something. (though judging by how certain deities act, I'd say the 'evil' gods were more prone for that sort of thing.)
  20. ARCHIVED-Disgustipate Guest

    Coniaric wrote:
    Psssttt... you're playing a video game in which advancement requires wholesale slaughter, even genocidal activity.

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