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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Cronqar, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cronqar Guest

    Is this a new curse for the keymobs in shard chest instances that give you a 10-minute timer on changing targets effectively giving you a 10-minute break from the game if you don't pay attention to the keymob?
    I was doing Guk:Lower Corridors, solo w/o merc, to finish an old open quest in there, didn't pay much attention to the keymob and found myself with an uncureable(not sure if it is really uncureable) detrimental, possibly called "Ordinance", that didn't allow me for 10 minutes to take anything into target. Nothing wrong with having the keymobs not killeable by a solo-player in a group-instance but effectively shutting me out of the game for 10 minutes rubs me the wrong way.
    I don't have enough time to play as is and instead of running sky4 and ST blindlessly for hours I just like to do old instances to finish quests, collect shinies for twinks and sometimes the odd gear for a twink. A 10-minute timeout didn't really work for me in school, and now in the game? What is next? You've got to sit in a corner with a donkey hat on?
  2. ARCHIVED-Lueen Guest

    It's called Mandate. It is an Arcane dot that the key mobs have placed on people for years. Just usually there is a priest or mage that cures it in a group.
  3. ARCHIVED-Cronqar Guest

    serious? I never noticed the 10-minute timer associated with it. No matter why and for how long that is in game but that is just plain wrong to shut a player out of the game just because. The shards in the chest are pretty much useless anyway today and the 3-4 Plat for a solo player who can run those instances alone are pretty much nothing compared of what you can get in PR or SoH.
    Maybe the 10-minte timer really didn't matter before since the keymob just was unkilleable for you and you died within a shorter period of time but now you survive and can break the encounter but that timer stays with you. I haven't tried to zone out though but if that stays with you while zoning than I would be really ticked off.
    And yes, you can one shot those keymobs and you will never see that curse but that is really not the point. Neither is that it is a group-zone. Than it just shouldn't let you in as a solo. Whoever developed that should get a rl curse that whenever he does something illegal while driving his car shuts down for 10 minutes.
  4. ARCHIVED-Luhai Guest

    Or you could just grab a healer (merc) and stop complaining about nothing.

    You didn't want what's in the chest anyway. ;)
  5. ARCHIVED-katalmach Guest

    Zone, /camp self, one-shot the mob or use a merc. Literally any of those options are better than your insane idea of disallowing solo players from zoning into group zones. Take 30 seconds of your time and sort your own problem out instead of crying about the injustice of you being slightly inconvenienced.
    And I am saying this as someone who raged hard IRL the other day when my own idiocy caused me to get Mandated and killed in Deep Forge of all places. I realize that it was my own mistake that caused my inconvenience though, and obviously did not repeat my mistake nor ask for the devs to stop letting me into zones I'm too dumb for..
  6. ARCHIVED-Cronqar Guest

    no crying, raging or bitter complaining (guys, just stop reading any of your own personal issues into someone elses question and dismay with a specific situation) just utter amazement that s/th like mandate would be even in game. Sure there are enough workarounds and it is really no big deal but for a dev to even think of s/th like mandate or anything like forced targetchange seems like a bad idea. I just hate the idea of having my toons controlled by unseen forces of code. Yeah, granted as a group/raidheavy game you want to and have to rely on other players or just /zone or /camp to char as a workaround or use the merc as the SOE sanctioned alternative to a group but most players are going to be solo at one point or another or just curious of what they can do solo.
    The more important issue seems the frame of mind in development to rely on mechanics like this which seem rather "old school" educational whipping techniques. I just refuse to give my kid time-outs but rather spend the time to discuss or point out the issues that would lead to a time-out. Different philosophies and don't ask how s/th like this would equate to the game but, please don't give me a nice educational pop-up video instead of mandate^/^.
  7. ARCHIVED-Luhai Guest

    So what?
    Get rid of all kinds of mezzes, charms, stuns, target locks, target wipes, stifles, fears and special curses (like the ones where you're not allowed to cast anything OR ELSE....) just because you don't like to be "controlled by unseen forces of code"?
    There are plenty of ways to get rid of or completely avoid Mandate and this mob isn't even needed to complete the zone solo.
    You want the extra plat and shard from the chest? Put at least some effort in it or leave the mob alone.
  8. ARCHIVED-Cronqar Guest

    I don't think that you understand the finer point here. Nothing, you are suggesting, was ever implied by me nor would I possibly ask for it. So just get off this horse of some little extra plat or no effort since this was really really really not the point.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    the whole point of Mandate was made so that people with high end gear couldn't solo the zone to the key mob, blast it, get the chest, rinse repeat.
    and yeah, it's been there for a while now. it was thier answer to plat farmers farming the 7-8+ plat i the shard chests, leave zone, get the soft timer of 30 min I think.
    so you'd run like 6 zones (5 min a zone per chest) rince repeat ad infinitum.
    so they made people have to box/duo it with a healer mostly.
    or bring a healer merc with you now as the case usually is.
  10. ARCHIVED-Tuckker Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    or solo it by using more Blue PBAoE or a Pet...

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