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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Crayons, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Crayons New Member

    Shaman wards are busted yet again, from what i hear they never got fixed, are the devs ever going to look into this or are mystics just out of the game now? i mention mystic because, defilers get heals on their wards when they cast them so its not so bad, but mystics end game is just spamming one button all day, transcendence, and if that happens to be down its either emergency ancestral channeling or totemic protection, that is a mystics kit pretty much right now for solo healing T2 experts or any challenging heroic/expert.
  2. Crayons New Member

    yes i am 100% aware of bleed through also, but bleed through is ''30%'', with my regular group ward, aa group ward and emergency group ward, all active, my group will still spike from green to red, thus only leaving the abilities i stated above as worth using, anyone at end game can see, group with a warden no ones health in the group moves, green the whole zone (if they know their class,) just from HoTs, group with even a raid geared mystic and i gurantee you, every boss fight if it doesnt die in 20 seconds, there will be hard spikes and ppl will die if you even happen to take the 2.8 seconds to cast your group ward. Shamans role is to prevent damage from happening with wards, if wards are getting hit straight through and doing under 10% on my heal parse in 5+ min fights, there is something wrong there, and it needs to be looked into ASAP.

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