Shadowstep Summoner Spell Broken since RoS launch // Line of Sight issuse

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Hellfiren, Feb 27, 2021.

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    Hello to everyone and especialy DB and the Devs,

    Since the beginning of ROS the mention Summoner Spell is totaly broken, it always keep sending an error tell NO TARGET in Range , my pets are constanly beside me and the mob i wanna port the pet to to start fighting is in range too.

    We lose DPS and the Ablility to port pet in fight zone.

    Always checked the AAs for some issiuse abouit but cant find something and my Raid Guys who play necro or conj told me the same that the spell is broken since lauche of ROS.

    An other big issuses since Expas is the Line of Sight Bug with the Texture in nearly every zone, if i can see my pet i shoul be able to comand it as long as it is alive and nothing should break this.
    You need to get a better collisions feature so pets wont sink in texture or the line of sight bug if thier is only a step of 1mm the pet is higher than its comander but still in line of sight.

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