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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by That Guy You Know, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. That Guy You Know New Member

    Hello there after taking some time off of my paladin i decided to see how the other half lives and roll a Shadowknight after doing some research of how they operate. I took a shot at it in beetny in hopes of making the sturdiest Shadowknight I could and was hoping to hear some feedback and if possible ways of improving it thanks for your time;h...@35005@5105@30511t3a00a8aa0@51t53@42112103003
  2. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    Im using something close to what you have, the biggest differences being in the crusader tree. I dropped the strength line entirely and went with agi/sta/wis lines to get their end abilities. The points in the int line are pretty much wasted I believe. In the heroic tree I went with the health/mana over attribute selection.

    Something like this, which could probably also be improved with better gear than I have.;h...5105@305105@34511t300a8a@30@51t53@42112103003
  3. Gregore Active Member

    I went down the STR, STA, and WIS lines for all 3 of my SK's. I'm not very smart about posting links, but my main is Gerkin on Guk. You can look up his spec if you want. I can solo stuff with him that others I know can't even come close to. My build is an all around build for soloing, grouping, raiding, and farming plat. A lot of peeps aren't very high on divine aura and the no fear spec these days, but I'm still sold on them. Gerkin has 75k hit points self buffed in defensive stance w/o his INQ merc up. With his high resists as well, mobs almost never beat through his 16sec DA. The whole WIS line is beneficial IMHO. The new AOE is the only way to go in the new prestige abilities IMHO. That new AOE is badass! I could easily solo the WE HM mob w/o a merc or 2nd player, and w/o using any red crystals on him with my AA build, with all three of my SK's prior to this new nerf. I haven't run it since the nerf yet. They kill old epics quickly as well, I've been farming up to 2k plat per week with these 3 SK's! I support my five other toons with the plat I make from these 3 SK's. The only thing I need to change is the amount of AA spent to decrease reuse timers on certain spells, as I have continued to get my reuse higher up to 70%. I've just been to lazy to look at this for a while. It will only free up another AA or two at best anyways.
  4. Lord Darrack New Member

    Everyone has there own play style and tends to pick the skills they are happy with so i am not going to start trashing the AA choices you have made but as i pretty much solo all the time (or duo with Merc) all i can recommend is the following.

    You need everything that improves your chance to stay alive;
    Drop the Agility line and go Wisdom for Fearless Morale - Immune to fear
    Get Divine Aura - this is THE panic button and will give you valuable seconds to think when things start going wrong in the dark depths of Norrath when no one can hear you screem.
    Crusaders Faith - I notice you have enhanced it in Heroic but it isnt a choice in Crusader?
    In Shadows i would drop Rancorous Spite and take Malevolent Protection.

    May way of thinking has been in the past to take anything and everything that increases HPs/Power Pool and protection.
    Look at having everything that increases heal procs from your skills and weapons.

    We have many emergency buttons at our disposal and you will need them all to really test yourself as a soloer in places you shouldnt really be!

    Be safe
  5. Nynaeve Active Member
    near perfect AA setup :)

    of course it always depends on 1.) how your gear is 2.) what you want to do.
    if you want to tank a real hard boss with few adds, you may want to switch to left Prestige tree fully. For regular grouping you simply need 2 Chaos clouds to round up adds easily on each pull.
    The group ward + Fear immunity would be nice, but there's only so much AA you can spend, and I think they're better used elsewhere. just use Aura of the Crusader if you get feared.
  6. Nynaeve Active Member

    btw. the AA thingy that says: "this increased your damage by 12% of your strenght" - yes it *sounds* good, but it really only gives you 480 Ability mod (if you have 4000 STR: 4000/100*12 = 480). So it's probably spent better elsewhere...
  7. Koleg Active Member

    The Strength line is a waste of 23 AA points when your gear supports other means of increasing Casting and Reuse speed, which the OPs gear level does. It is much better and easier to reforge into Casting/Reuse for other over the stat abilities found on the higher level gear and by doing so gives more AE Auto and fear immunity. I would move 23 points out of STR into Wisdom and 4 out of Cavalier's Shout (you only need 1) and 5 out of Avenging Hatred and 8 into Knight's Leadership.

    I never though the Shadowknights tree could be messed up becasue the choices were so obvious, but you've somehow managed to do it here. I see a good 20+ points in poor choices.

    I see at least 15 poorly spent points in the Shadows tree... seems to be a hybrid build that will end up being week either way its used. Like specing for half taunting and half DPS but extending abilitys which don't really help much with either.

    Heroic is ok .. but 8/10 CB should be 10/10 ... get the Reuse somewhere else.

    Prestigue .. again is speced for both defensive and DPS at tha same time... Hybrid specs can be good for farming, grinding or heroics, but if your tanking than spec for it fully and if your DPS'ing spec for it. If you're role changes mid riad, then choose one or the other and suffer through your choice rather than being weak at both.
  8. Nynaeve Active Member

    just post your EQ2u link then we can check you out easily.
  9. Nynaeve Active Member

    getting rid of STR line is intriguing, I will check if i can replace the hate, and casting by reforging. Sounds like a good idea.
    Of course it's a hybrid build, because I mainly run heroic instances, and I only put as much into tanking and hate as I can get away with and the rest into dps. That's why I wrote 1) AA depends on your gear and 2) what you wanna do.
  10. Koleg Active Member

    SK build hate via Threat generation plus DPS ... being the highest DPS fighter class allows for less pure Threat generation. If you're trying to compensate for the lack of a Drige or Coercer in your group them I can see the need for some extra AA spent on it, but the 8% or 10% from the Str line isn't nearly as much as the +25% you could get from Shadows and moving Str to Wis give you more DPS and more protection and more DPS, which is more threat.

    My spec would do you no good it is completely gear based, but the concepts are all the same. I reforge to 100% Cast/Reuse for my Reckless stance and about 75% to 80% in Defensive (becasue I get raid buffs for the rest). If you give up 10% to 15% hate gen for 10% to 15% more DPS it will be a wash on threat gen. You can't stop manaburning wizzies or sniper shot ranJa's from stealing aggro with self-buff hate in a heroic w/o a Dirge or Coercer no matter how much hate you spec for. But you can have them announce thie big nukes so you know when to toss out a Chaos Cloud to lock the mobs down.
  11. rhylis Member

  12. Koleg Active Member

    There are a few (very) things I would change in that spec Rhylis, but I would caution only on one thing in general terms be aware of what the SK's Reuse is and what AA is being choosen that reduced casting speed. Sooner or later you're going to hit the cap on one side or the other.... like 5 pts in Rescue when Resue is >75%, where you'd only need to spend 2 pts to get Rescue to max reuse... stuff like that.
  13. rhylis Member

    Sony deleted my posts:( cause i was mean and they don't like people who tell the truth, should of just deleted the cussing.
  14. Koleg Active Member

    Truth hurts ... it doesn't fit into the PNP or Liberism by definition.

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