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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Soara, May 4, 2019.

  1. Soara Member

    Okay, so I made a lot of characters when I started this game, did a lot of crafting on them at low lvls and they were like level 20s or so when max crafters. Well I have played them and I just really hate playing them. I would love an option to change them to Shadow knights. I have quite a few and like playing them. I have already changed my paladins, but would love to be able to change beast, etc to sk. Rerolling would cause too much rework and I don't want to do these KA plants or pack ponies that many more times. And yeah, no one's fault but mine, but I would love to be able to change this
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  2. Feara Well-Known Member

    Your not alone. This is a service I would like to see provided. I have 12 toons on live and out of the 9 crafters I would like to be able to change the adventure class on about 6 of them. I have put to much crafting time into them to just let them go and re-roll. I'm a late bloomer because I'm just now learning that I really enjoy running a tank. I wish I would of been doing it for years.

    It could be my age... it could be real life... but I like knocking some teeth in!

  3. Desetibrat Active Member

    Soara, after reading few of your posts like this and watching your YT videos, I decided to give in on your arm wrestling ;) and I created one SK.

    OH, is it OK to hijack this thread with few questions about SK, or should I open new forum thread? Will ask one for now, if OK I will ask few more here.

    I have all tradeskills set up for one playing toon, necromancer, so my tradeskilling at this time is:

    Sage, Woodworker, Alchemist, Provisioner, Jeweler & Tailor.

    Since for SK spell upgrades I need and I already have Alchemist is it correct that for SK I only now need Weaponsmith & Armorer? Which of the two is like primary, more important? I'm getting both just want to know which one to assign to the playing SK.

    Watching your videos (well did some time ago, need to watch them again) who and at what level is crafting those SK potions. Right now, at low levels, my SK is squishy and much less khm, dependable as my necromancer was at these really low levels. I guess it will become better :) :D
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  4. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Armorer (trust me, I have SK one of the main). Well, well .. without a Weaponsmith, too, can not do. all the time you need a dagger
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  5. Desetibrat Active Member

    OK, got it right then, will add Armorer and Weaponsmith. I was guessing this much, but thought to ask just to be safe :)

    Thank you
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  6. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    I agree about the Armorer.

    Woodworkers make the totems that I use. They are lvl 90 recipe for the succulent ones that heal and cause damage. They are only good at low lvls to be faster, I can level a sk easy without them, but make sure you have on gear for your level (whole set, no worries about adornments yet)

    Also, you will want to research your AoE spells, read them to pick the hardest hitting ones first and go from there. Some time before I started using the totems, I had to do this on a pl'd sk because her skills were so low. I had to upgrade her AoEs and that helped, so did visiting the training dummy in my guild hall for just an hour.

    Your AA set up is going to make or break you. You can die really fast if they are set up horribly (found this out the hard way lol over the years) or you can be made to survive. Try to do a balance of damage output and survivability AAs. Mind you, I didn't notice this issue until around level 100, so you have a bit of time to set it up before.

    So I deleted 5 on test and turned them into SKs, now have 14 of them puppies! I had turned off privacy on my characters because of a personal reason, but will turn one on for ya to steal AA set ups on. I have 3 set up, each for crafting, might want to grab all three. I primarily use exper/Pl one but all 3 are soloable. This of course is for low end set up. Will turn on Kindled/Skyfire server. It's turned now, I had renamed the AA set ups but not sure why it isn't changed on the wire yet. Newish is Massproduction/Harvesting. And Exper/PL means experimenting and Power leveling.
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  7. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Ok there all fixed on the wire now
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  8. Desetibrat Active Member

    1 - ahh woodworker, remember now. I was just curious, will level normal way anyway, actually I go extra slow :)

    2 - AoE spells. Gotcha, thank you. I'm really bad player, don't do spreadsheets or calculations, this helps.

    3 - About AA - I'm F2P do I still have a chance to level on my own or are AA points asigned by default? I'm only slowly playing untill end game, but without it, just slow solo, so probably not an issue for me, correct?

    4 - "but will turn one on for ya to steal AA set ups on" - I'm not sure, what you meant here, I'm beginner at this game, I wouldn't know where to go and what to look for, (probably your blog or web site?) so please, turn your security back on, before something bad happens, especially now that you publicly announced this. If I will ever need AA setups, cheat sheets, it will not be for many months, if not longer ;-)

    And armorer. Got it. I may have some silly questions in the future about SK, thanks for the help.
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  9. Desetibrat Active Member

    Ahh, I mean ohh, lol, clicking on the picture banner I can see your stats, right?
    Screenshoting now, thank you!
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  10. Desetibrat Active Member

    Saved screenshots, thank you!
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  11. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah if you click on the AA tab on my character page, you can see the AA set up. You get AAs at level 10. Even ftp gets them.

    There is a download button on the AA tab. You can get it then drag and drop it off in your EQ2 files, then load it in game on the AA popup. Anyway, I was only having an issue on a server that character isn't on

    You probably won't have to worry about it until you are having issues.
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  12. Desetibrat Active Member

    OK, downloaded it, thank you.
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  13. Desetibrat Active Member

    Since you made nice thread title already, I would hate see it going to waste, sort off, lol, so I will use it for various SK beginner questions, if that is OK? That way wee keep this thread alive, talking about SK's alive... :D

    At lvl 20 I got spell/skill Harm Touch. That's actually not a bad one, it is actually useful, hits hard enough, to decrease fight considerably. Now, how to make it usable every 10 seconds? Rhetorical question, don't need to answer lol :p ;)

    I noticed there is some kind of certain spell rotation combination possible on SK (didn't see anything like this on my Necromancer, but that one is powerful enough anyway) that starts with Fighting Chance. If I trigger this one, then usually two other are flashing, I'm assuming I should next use these flashing ones. It seems my SK hits a little bit harder if I use these flashing ones.

    Questions I have are about this combinations that starts with Fighting Chances. Are you use these combos most of the time, or exclusively? Does SK gets much stronger using these combos? Which combination (order) is actually the best, in case there is any?
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  14. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Totally dependent on how many mobs you're fighting. On large (HUGE) pulls of lots of mobs I find HO's to be secondary to using SK Fervor (+20%) spell damage, Pestilence (my fave spell) and Reapers Touch which will make most of your blues insta-cast. On single target your HO's are much more important so follow the available flashies while rotating Hammer Ground, Hateful Slam and Souldrend to keep the mob on it's butt and interrupting nasties.

    This is just my 2 cents and definitely doesn't apply in a group tanking scenario, but i'm sure others will chime in with their orders on that. The most fun way to play a Sk is pull a bunch of mobs and then let your cat walk on the keyboard til everything dies.
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  15. Desetibrat Active Member

    Thank you, will follow your advice. Once I get all those spells. Btw, silly question, but what is HO, you mentioned it twice? And thanks for telling me which is your favorite spell, this helps big time!

    LOL you are too funny!!!
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  16. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Fighting Chance starts your Heroic Opportunity (HO) chain of abilities.
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  17. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    lol was posting while other post popped up
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  18. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Ty Soara :)
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  19. Desetibrat Active Member

    Gotcha, thank you!
    Btw, I'm keep forgetting to click on like, I don't do FB and similar and keep forgetting this social media thingie ;-)
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  20. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    How are you liking it? I mean the sk
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