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    I'm a returning player who has begun the climb to 95. I'm struggling with the advance solo instances. Right now I have all but given up and close to closing my accounts. I have accrued a great deal of debt due to the bosses in these instances. Right now I am on the next to the last boss in the Wurmbone Crag. I joust the red text just fine and once that is done go back in to continue the fight only to have him throw me up into the air and one shot me. Is there something I'm missing, does he have an enrage timer or is this a bug? I have a healer with me as I'm Brawler and still losing big time to this guy. I'm very frustrated right now. As it stands, I'm not going to get to 95 because someone decided that in order for the quests in the next zone to open you have to do these advance solos. To me this was not the best idea that Sony has ever had. I don't enjoy pounding my head into a wall and that is what these instances feel like.
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    Also Merglok Mgor does his script multiple times. ANY time he emotes "Slashy, Slashy!" you MUST get away because he is beginning the AE-Kick+Death script. This mob has bugged out before but also these instances especially Wurmbone's are designed for a lvl 95 Character so you are fighting an uphill slope. Questing in Edilon and Obol Planes is much much easier... sadly there are very few non-instanced Quests for Edilon/Obol.

    Indeed though the clicky items you have likely been aquiring from the zones will very much help keep you alive and damage him. It takes only 3 Red-Cystals to almost kill him which is 30-60 seconds of surviving. Tbh CoE is not well designed though it has some good points. Any Solo player can clear these instances, provided they already have a full set of Skyshrine gear solo or otherwise. If you are new and don't have a well built set of gear, these zones are rough. Were I more available I would offer my assistance in killing Merglok with you but I am only on sparsely and at odd times, that is even if you are on my server.

    I do wish you luck, ask for help too sometimes you will find a Heroic of Raid level player who's gear is stronger and they can help you out.
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    This fight does appear to be balanced for a level 95, and it is not one that even a 95 can do without paying attention, because of that meanie script.

    My main is a brawler (a monk in my case), and I did this quest as part of the sig line at 92, and it was pretty rough then, took me two or three attempts to put it down. But my monk was in the EM raidgear from the previous expansion (from the skyshrine zones), and was also fully adorned with crafted white T9 adornments (legendary and fabled), and with yellow/red adorns in all the slots.

    Taking a look at Cajay on EQ2U, I see you are still 92 as well (though very close to 93), but you are much more moderately geared, so that will make it even more challenging. Add to that, your adornments are missing or very out of date, which will not help either.

    If you were on Antonia Bayle, I'd just help you through that fight, but since you are on Everfrost that is not an option. I suggest you try to get assistence from a second player to help you. Either one that can take the damage without needing healing, or from one who can heal you.

    With your gear level, make sure if you are tanking it, to be in defensive, to back off on those scripts, and to use the red crystals to damage him and the green crystals to heal yourself. Use all the defensive/damage reduction abilities at your disposal.

    Don't give up. Those solo instances are actually quite fun. At the very worst try again at level 93, and/or try to complete the earlier solo instances a few times to get those lovely legendary gear pieces from the crates, which will hugely strengthen your character. There is plenty to gain from COE.

    Good luck!
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    Hehehehe, you are going to love the first boss in new chelsith. Stupid tidal wave of doom.

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