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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Hydraulics, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Hydraulics Member

    Hi, if at all possible could we please receive some information if set bonuses on gear will be reactivated with the launch of EoF. I know they were intentionally turned off on TLE due to the cloud mount gear. The set bonuses become an integral aspect of gearing your raid force in EoF and the later expansions.
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  2. Kittik Well-Known Member

    Hear hear!
  3. Okanagan Member

  4. Ryonyx Member

  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I agree, based on the majority of the Kaladim raiding community wanting these. I'm confused where the party who doesn't want these in game is at.

    Non-raiders aren't getting significant gains from any set bonuses in game like raiders are.
  6. Cviidar New Member

    Set bonuses would be nice. If I remember right, they were originally added with EOF. Another option would be to use the Focus Effects that eventually replaced set bonuses in a later expansion. Even if they opened up only three of the focus effects, I would be perfectly happy with that.
  7. Dionetys New Member

    Set bonuses are what make the game fun and help add effectiveness to each class, please add them back!
  8. Reptoid Member

    I agree with this very much so. While I understood taking away the set bonuses from the cloud mount questline, I do not understand why turning them off completely from here on is even a thought. They are such a monumental part of itemization from EoF forward. Were some of them stronger than others? Sure! That is what made them so much fun is because you could also mix and match different set pieces to get a special bonus from each.

    I understand that you guys don't have much in the ways of man power to be able to do balancing of the set bonuses like they should be. However, you guys did a great job with them imo on Fallen Gate. Were they perfect? No but they were close enough to where it was still nice. Meanwhile if you see fit, you could then later change them while we have the set bonus effects from Fallen gate.

    I personally think it would be a grandiose mistake if set bonuses were left out. I know several people that have even talked about quitting the game entirely because that was their favorite thing about the game. I am one of those people as well. I would also say alot of people simply don't voice their opinion on public forums like this or the discord but feel the same way.

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  9. Tdark New Member

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  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    But if they leave them disabled, the server will die faster and they can start TLE 4.0 and make all that T5 money again ;)
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  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I m all for set bonuses, i don t want focus effect ever, groupe wide tenacity is just way overpowered.

    I m not even sure if they shoukd be put on Paineel era raid gear....

    I would reconsider my point if Primal Fury and Instinct were made groupwide by focus like tenacity, but this is in 3 expansions o ...
  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    dreamweaver Today at 1:52 PM
    There will not be set bonuses in EoF, and in fact there won't be in further expansions either. The dev team's intention of removing them during Kingdom of Sky was to remove them completely. They will not be put back in. There are a number of reasons including balance and the amount of time required to properly itemize the items while including the set bonuses, they were not just hidden from the player, they were removed from code entirely. However while there will not be set bonuses they are working on itemization for the expansion overall and it is still scheduled to launch on February 20.
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  13. Somedude Active Member

    Look guys, Kander knows better than pleb players what is best and fun for the game.

    You're just going to have to trust his immaculate wisdom that the game becomes more fun without this defining element of game play.
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  14. Somedude Active Member

    Lol, what?

    I mean, I have the concentration slots available to maintain on 4 targets already. Are you seriously suggesting by it being group wide and being able to have the extra dps mod on myself and the illusionist is game breaking?
  15. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I can't believe that they really told Dreamweaver that the code didn't exist for set bonuses, they're literally still on live. All TLE items sans the new mara stuff which was put into live has the same ID codes and is itemized the same.

    They can't really think we're that dumb.

    Kander has told other players no set bonuses until level 100, yet 100+ items don't appear to have set bonuses on TLE either, they were just coded to not be visible/give bonuses much like how crit bonus is on gear yet it's not applying on TLE. He really expects us to believe that they /deleted set bonuses on every item 1-99 and just miraculously made the 100+ ones not appear to us.

    Yeah sure.

    If I had the EoF set bonus I would gain around 8% potency, 5 crit, 300 mod, and 5% max health.

    Not particularly crazy or game breaking considering that amount of stats is what a Familiar was giving me on Fallen Gate around this time, and that was considered perfectly normal!
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  16. Leibnitz Member

    I'd like to see set bonuses, even if they're grossly simplified, to a stacking bonus to primary stats for example.

    I haven't had sets in a long time, and I'd really like a good one.
  17. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I don't have much hopes, itemisation is a complete mess. Nizara came with ton of decent plate healer items but almost nno leather healer gear. Today i just looted the fury hat from Vault, and guess what it has neither casting speed nor reuse nor ability mod. We get a grandiose 1.2% haste on it.

    Many of the quest armor items for mage do have a bit of haste and no casting speed/reuse/amod.

    The process that generates items is clearly broken, it throws blue stats almost randomly on gear and as a consequence the only items that usually make sense are tank items that get 2 blue stats more.

    Making a proper process should not be too difficult, for that one would need to define items types : melee dps, mage dps, healer, tank, tank dps and to associated which each type a set of useful stats.

    Stats equivalence should also be reconsidered, amod is overpriced.

    Last tanks are quite overcherished since they get 2 extra blue stats per items, as a consequence my SK can solo anything that my conjurer can and she is way better for most type of encounters.
  18. Leibnitz Member

    I wouldn't bother mate. Just go play the game you like now.
  19. Krov Active Member

    My question , is the itemization finalized now ? That way we know for the next TLE if you are going to revamp them again , I understand if you want to fix stuff ... but is it fixed ?

    I want to play a TLE , not a new game every relaunch.
  20. Kalika Well-Known Member

    From lnizarra lot it seems that they think that only bruiser wear leather and that half of the population is made of tanks.

    I will never return to nizara with my fury, all i saw was : tank weapon (a lot), tank belts (many) ..

    The broker is filled with semi decent lvl 70 plate healer gear and zero leather healer items.

    There is a decent ring from a mini named in forsaken city, and amusingly it s bard/mage only ...

    What they did is trash.

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