servers down?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kokorobosoi, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    I got kicked from splitpaw and it gave a login rejected error as I was kicked. Now its giving me several error messages and won't let me relog. Anyone else having issues?
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  2. mouser Well-Known Member

    Yep. kicked and won't accept login. Hopefully fixed soon as I was just about done grinding out some SP.
  3. Kesstryl Member

    Yes, I can't log in either, was going to check my goblins before getting out of the house.
  4. SOE-MOD-17 Member

    There is currently some unscheduled maintenance going on that is affecting logins. We apologize for the inconvenience and it should be done shortly!
  5. Feldon Well-Known Member

    We're back!

    StationCash Marketplace balance is not showing though.
  6. Louly Active Member

    I still can't log in :( At least I can log in here now. I hope I can log in soon!
  7. Masa New Member

    When the crash happened and I tried to log into either my account or these forums, I got an error message saying the servers were down for 'scheduled' maintenance. I'm now able to log into the game, but I am missing some characters and all of my SC. When I try to petition in game, I get the same 'down for scheduled maintenance' error page.
  8. Juraviel Active Member

    Well I am able to log in now, after downloading a 1035 MB "patch" of some sort.
  9. Dark Grue New Member

    Can't log in to servers, but can to forums (obviously). Launchpad claims "Invalid name or password." Attempted to try and remove SOE Authenticators from account to see if that's the issue, but the feature to remove the tokens doesn't work, and now claims I've made too many attempts.

    No info on the Twitter or Facebook feeds, seriously? I get unscheduled maintenance, but failing to use the communications channels to tell your customers about it isn't effective customer service.

    Moreover, the server status page doesn't status the login servers, so it's been showing the servers as "up" the entire time.
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  10. Leyden New Member

    Can not log into game. Keep getting.
    There was an error completing your request. Please try agan. or
    Invialid name or password. Please try agan.
    Thanks for any info / help or updates if logon is down.
  11. Fawna New Member

    An update would be nice. I haven't been able to log back on for over 3 hours.
  12. Pemdas New Member

    I can't get in either...from looking around it seems people without authenticators are getting in but those of us with them cannot? I agree that an update would be nice since the "up shortly" post happened 3.5 hours ago.
  13. Masa New Member

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