Server Name Suggestions - Freeport, Nagafen, Permafrost

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kander, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Kander Developer

    Greetings Norrathians!

    This thread is for the posting of nominations for your new server name for the 2015 EverQuest II server merges.

    If you are from the servers Freeport, Nagafen, or Permafrost, your server name will be a zone from Rise of Kunark expansion.

    Names cannot be anything that have been used as a server name for EverQuest or EverQuest 2 previously.

    Please adhere to the theme.
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  2. Gankednshanked Active Member

    Nagafen's Lair. PLS
  3. Xephane Active Member

    The Protector's Realm!
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  4. Xephane Active Member

    Nagafen's Lair isn't RoK :)
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  5. oakmiser Active Member

    Does this mean Nagafen will be merged into a PvE server?
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  6. oakmiser Active Member

  7. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Yup, that is what it means.
  8. Aakla Member

  9. oakmiser Active Member

    Veeshan's Peak is my vote.
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  10. Nubek Active Member

    1. Veeshan's Peak
    2. Trakanon
    3. Venril Sathir
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  11. Ratafen New Member

    Doljonijiarnimorinar, or The Realm of Lord Bob.
    No, just kidding! Since Freeport was an evil-aligned city back in the day, I'm putting in my vote for Shard of Hate.
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  12. Gameboie New Member

    Veeshan's Peak
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  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    Wow, crud. Daybreak has completely given up on Nagafen. Hopeless mess. They surrender.

    Kander, why did you say you were going to fix Nagafen if you were just going to give up on it and shut it down instead? I didn't roll all my Naggy characters just to have them shoved in with my Freeport PvE toons!


    Please remember this Nagafen disaster as Daybreak decides whether or not to let Deathtoll keep progressing into its inevitable downward spiral as more and more expansions get added!

    How many times do you think we want to reroll our same characters only to see them wind up on another dead server? :mad:

    And what the heck are we all going to do about our names? I really don't relish the thought of my 90s/80s toons losing their names to some guy's baby bluebie alts.
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    That would be a complete kick in the pants to all Nagafen players. "Hey, here's what you get-- just a name left, when we said we would fix your server just a month ago!"

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  15. Yavie Member

    Karnor's Castle or Veeshan's Peak.
  16. zimzorz New Member

    In order of preference
    1) Shard of Hate, 2) Tarkanon's Lair, 3) Chelsith
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  17. Nubek Active Member

    Shard of Hate sounds like the trollvote option to me

    It is kinda funny though
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  18. Airvh Active Member

    Antonica or Commonlands
  19. Rarrum Active Member

    If it has to be a zone name, Rar would say: Kylong Plains

    But just generally Kunark, Rar would say: Tails of the Iksar
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  20. Somethingwicked New Member

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