Server Maintenance - October 20, 2020

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by jgolenbo, Oct 19, 2020.

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    Probably a good plan.
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    I finally stranger than fiction and thought it was good.
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    Thank you for the information about what is being done at the moment and that this is being shared with us. The question is, however, wouldn't it be better to shut down the servers for a day or two and get a grip on a few errors, i.e. these constant bugs in the game and the unstable servers. I think Corona or not, many players currently have to work and perform in the same way and many of the players pay a lot of money for the game and receive, to put it bluntly, a poor quality in terms of service.

    In 16 years of play it is sometimes strange how bad the service is at the moment, and no new add-on makes everything good again or the small bonus that is more or less offered to all of us.

    It is like in life it is about finding a reason why the problems are always not to push them further or push them to yourself or to make them even worse. ;)

    This has nothing to do with criticism but are simply causing things where they are currently available and which annoy or annoy many.

    Have a Nice Day and hope some trouble is sold in near future))
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    A long time player Thanks You the team at EQ2. Thank you for keeping our game running. :)
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  7. dreamweaver Developer

    NA Servers are coming up as we speak, Thurgadin's ETA is still close to the last updated timeline of 2 PM PDT.
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    dreamweaver !!!!!!!!!!!! your back :) :D
    Just could not stay away ,relax you deserve a break .
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  10. dreamweaver Developer

    Quick Thurgadin Update, QA is happening on the patch right now, so the updated ETA is still holding.
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    Thurgadin is in the process of unlocking now.
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    Go into set design or game design. ^_^
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    After Star Trek Enterprise, I'm hesitant to give another Star Trek series a try. Enterprise was just... so disappointing, and uncomfortable.
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    Disovery is worse. It just isn't Star Trek. :( Picard on the other hand was a very pleasant watch.
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    You can't beat the originals LOL for some reason one of my favorites was Deep Space Nine. And I LOVED Babylon 5.
  16. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Good shows. I've become a fan of "The Expanse." Has been entertaining and involved.
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    Picard was pure fan service....loved every minute

    I agree Discovery is not as Trekkie as it could be but that said, very enjoyable watch. I too gave up on Enterprise was just....meh
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    lol Bumm F Egypt, lol look up Egypt North Carolina, that is where i live, well, above there , in Ramsytown
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    What happend to the server Thurgardin?! Want to connect to the sever and get the massage that the server doesnot exsist! Is there a downtime jet?!

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