Server Maintenance - November 10, 2020

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Jinksie Active Member

    Thanks, Dreamweaver. I was able to get Launchpad going and downloading the Beta version now while waiting for everything to unlock. I appreciate the updates!
  2. Laaw Well-Known Member

    4 toons showed as offline and 21 shadow banned for now
  3. Kender New Member

    Hemmel-***So after pre-ordering, don't I have access to the previous expansions immediately?
    I tried updating the game, then logged in and saw that some previous expansions are still unavailable to me.*****

    Preorder is just that a preorder. Once it goes live and your card charged, aka paid for, then you will have all that comes with your purchase. Hope this helps.
  4. Celan Active Member

    I think you may be confusing the 10-12 PST STARTING time of the preorder process with a time period where you can pre-order. Usually preorder is available right up until the expansion launches, then it's not anymore. So you'll have plenty of time to preorder.
  5. Hemmel New Member

    It does. Thanks Kender.
    I was under the impression that pre-ordering provided access to all previous expansions save for the latest one. My bad I guess.
  6. TinyRatongaofDoom Member

  7. Milana New Member

    Thurgadin works, but no overseers
  8. Fireplay New Member

    Lucky its not raid night ;-)
  9. Hemmel New Member

    I just went to - logged in with the Daybreak account - clicked on Shop -> Expansions - Pre-ordered.
  10. dreamweaver Developer

    Overseers will be back up when the other live servers are back up. It's a shared system, Thurg doesn't have their own overseer server.
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  11. Laaw Well-Known Member

    yippeeee locked
  12. Majandra Member

    I must be missing something- when I select beta on the patcher, it doesn't download anything.
  13. Laaw Well-Known Member

    is the overseerer going to lvl?
  14. Miroh Active Member

    Main page > Shop > Expansions
  15. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I don't see the option for downloading beta yet. Guess I'll have lunch and come back to see what's the latest.
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  16. Serpens New Member

    Kaladim Server is up
  17. Flippyfloppies New Member

    What does the preorder give, aside from access to beta?
  18. Zyxia Active Member

    all toons on my Halls of Fate are still locked :(
    any ideas when Halls will be unlocked please?
    I understand that you are working hard :cool:
    however a rough estimate would really be appreciated. .
    Thank you so much :)
  19. Majandra Member

    I just figured out how to download beta. Log into patcher as usual, then select Beta from game version, and make sure full download is checked. It will patch your live servers as well, so you will have a bit of wait time to get into live too if you are wanting to run beta download at the same time.
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  20. Miroh Active Member

    Main Page > Shop > Expansions

    Scroll down and it will tell you what you get with each package.

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