Server Maintenance - March 30, 2021

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  1. dreamweaver Developer

    All EverQuest II Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM PT (14:00 UTC). Estimated downtime is expected to last up to 5 hours.

    Patch notes can be found here
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  2. Suidakra Member

    Can you please explain more on this:
    • Profession Melee Attack's will now bypass block, deflection, parry, and riposte by NPC targets.
    I can't wrap my head around what a "profession" melee attack is.
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  3. Miauler Member

    I read that as combat arts. Despite the apostophe being wrong (yep, I'm one of those).
    Essentially this pulls melee back into the same territory as casters, where the melee attack (combat art) now just has to deal with regular mitigation, just like a spell only has to deal with resist, in stead of then having to check for block, deflect, parry etc.

    Could be wrong, and sure Dreamweaver will correct me if I misinterpreted.
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  4. Hellfiren Active Member

    Hello i saw the Patchnots for
    upcomming Patch but i still miss the Warlock in your list

    1 Base Damage increase is deffinetly needed, warlock is still behind Pet Casters and Wizzy with nearly equal stats ??
    2 What about the repatch of Instant cast abillity of Decimation ???
    3 What about the repatch of Cataclysem effecive Range on 10 meter instat of 7,5 it has now ???
    4 What about the fixing of Netherlord Swarmpet the level 114 Version it s still broken not contain any damage component??

    All classes Sol Ro spells are still usefull but the Warlock one is totaly useless cast time is to long and instand cast as it should be is cut of since ROS launch ??? FIX IT
  5. Hilarie New Member

    Ouch, what's the rationale behind this, are you going to do the same for group wards?
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  6. Rebelde Active Member

    Don't give them bad ideas... they will do it and I'm too old to switch my main class...
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  7. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I read that as "instead." Yup, I'm one of those too. :)
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  8. Supallitsme New Member

    This is good thing .
  9. Supallitsme New Member

    This is good for clerics.
  10. captain_crunch New Member

    you gatta stop telling people you can't play warlock. We are boss at equal stats. Decimation is far from useless as even with long cast time it still does a slim more dps than apoc, and you can stack buff for cast. The op pet caster you mentioned is having their dumbfires adjusted so there is that, let's be real, stop telling people you need a easier class to play.
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  11. Hilarie New Member

    I mostly duo with my wife and mercs, and we are pretty much never at max level, but how is this good? On a rough pull I'll drop that before I send my merc (or her pet) in so things have a chance to settle before I need to run in, It being able to trigger 12 times, 3 times pretty much removes that utility.
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  12. FalconClash Member

    5 hours, seriously?! Why did you have to do this now? I only have limited time to even be online while the events are going.

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  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    Test is always still up even when the other servers are down. Test never gets wiped, and you get the holidays 2 weeks early (then again when they go live, too). I'm on Test right now! In your launcher in the upper left, change the version to Test, patch, and voila! See you there. :)

    With all the extended downtimes live has had this month, I've decided to make Test my 2nd home. The people there are super nice, too.
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  14. FalconClash Member

    I never knew I could change versions, or just never considered doing so. It's taking forever to install, but we shall see how this goes. Thank you for the info!
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  15. Hellfiren Active Member

    You guy should shut up before you got the matter facts for the first.

    2nd i can play and i do like more then 9 years now and only for your collction of facts thier is a Discord and thier is a Mage forum and i am still in and talking to other warlocks especialy the once who are better than me.

    And what should i say all the things i mentiont are Matter FACT on this class tested in Raid // Heroic and Solo and hours on the Puppet.

    So if you dont play the class shut up until you have some facts after played it a long time in serveral Expansions we can start a serious talk.

    On Thurgadin thier are a hand full Warlocks left especialy in Raid and all i have talked to, told me the same facts i constantly mention here and i will go on with this until the point DB will change things.

    And if it takes forver and will be last i do i have time so no worries.
    I dont Cry for things i show facts and only for you the captain of what ever i have nearly every class in Game on my Account an all in highest tier played so i know many things about thier mechanics.
    So you cant tell me things about the Horse clear so far.

    And for Apocalypse and Decimation Apocalypse does more Damage following the fact you can Press it instand and 3 or 4 spells after it in the same time Decimation is done and for you again Decimatron is the replacement for Apocslyplse so it should follow the same mechanics as all spells do on every other class in the whole game.
    And for you my son again i have nearly all classes and i have the Spell from Sol Ro on nearly 24 Classes here and non of them has been broken to uselesse until now exept the Warlocks one.

    Greetings from Thurgadin
  16. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Does everything you earn, buy etc. stay on test or can you send/take items to your main server?
  17. Beee Well-Known Member

    There is no transfer to or off Test possible
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  18. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Thank you. :)
  19. FalconClash Member

    I hope this is all done by tomorrow, (my normal day to be on). I want to get all my Bristlebane stuff done so I have nothing to distract me from Beastr, I only have 2 days to participate in that one.
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