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  1. suka Well-Known Member

    well, guys, they can't please everyone and they are trying. i agree that time actually played should take precedence over the last 60 days, but really if you haven't played that toon in the last 60 days, how important is it to you? come on now- you have a month. go log all of your toons in for a bit
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  2. suka Well-Known Member

    ok something i don't understand. if you were playing at the beginning and created your toon back then, and later went to freeport when it started up- then your creation date would be back when you started. not when freeport started. but if you started with freeport and weren't even playing when nagafen and permafrost people created their toons, then how is it unfair that someone who created their toon close to the beginning of the game would have first dibs on their name and not someone who started later? i didn't start playing eq2 until 3 years ago. i played eq1 for a good number of years before that. if i lost a name to someone who grabbed it from me while i was still just on eq1 (yeah i created all of my names and no one had them at the time i created them) then i would not be able to complain because apparently the toon means enough to them to still be active.

    if you didn't start until after freeport came along, then it wouldn't be fair for you to demand that someone playing longer than you gets to keep a name. there are plenty of people on freeport who transferred there later but had played from the beginning.

    what am i missing that makes you feel it is unfair?
  3. suka Well-Known Member

    yeah i am very attached to my names- and especially the reputation i have been building lately
  4. suka Well-Known Member

    the shared banks i had no problem with. anything tradable i sent to another account which had tons of empty banks and vaults. anything heirloom i chose a couple of toons for hoarding and filled up their banks and vaults. the hardest was my wizard. she had a ton of no-trade outfits for her house actors. she doesn't have much else other than some old quests she plans to get to someday. but i really wish there was a wardrobe to store all of those costumes in so that we wouldn't have to keep them. something like Rift has comes to mind. they really have the best system i have seen yet in dealing with wardrobe appearances.
  5. suka Well-Known Member

    no uwk. even if you are taking playtime, account age and character age into consideration, if someone has sat on that name who hasn't played in two years, that wouldn't make it right for them to keep it just because they, at one time, had all the time in the world to play. i like the 60 day rule. it means that people who are no longer active don't get to hang onto a name. if your toon doesn't mean enough to you to bring them in during the next 30 days or so before we get consolidated, then that toon doesn't need the name
  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    True to all of that! But the OP of that one was bringing up a few more things, like Tradeskill stuff, mobs slain, etc., that I wasn't sure needed to be counted as much as the first three (playtime, account age, character age) if one were going with anything in addition to the 60 days. ;->

  7. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I sympathise, I really do, and can see a lot of upset happening. I wonder how many name clashes there actually are between Freeport/Nagafen and Permafrost? However I also think that these is a realistic limit as to how DBG can handle this - every stat they have that gives them info about our toons can give an inaccurate picture of activity & use. They really can't please everyone. At least this method is significantly fairer and less prone to endless petitions than their insane 'first come first served' original plan, which penalised anyone unable to sit with their mouse pointer over the login button waiting for the new server to come up.

    There are several background possibilities for toons on the newer servers. When you made your character(s), if you had chosen one of the older servers instead of Freeport or Nagafen, your character creation date would still be the same. You made your character on that date regardless of server choice. You probably chose the new server deliberately and obviously couldn't have had a toon there before a certain date, but ultimately in the raw data your toon didn't exist anywhere until the date you created it. Did you start playing EQ2 at the time of the new servers or did you have toons elsewhere before and ditched them for the new server community? Those who didn't start playing till the new servers are just younger characters, period. Those who opted to relocate to the new servers by character transfer may have creation dates from their original server - I don't know but it may be worth checking out. If you didn't transfer and made a new toon with the same name on your new server, well it's not the same toon - two with the same name on different servers are two separate things, unfortunately, even if the same race/class etc.

    Basically the problem is none of this is clear cut or straightforward, regardless of which stats (or combination) they use, someone will always lose out. Some people may have only started playing EQ2 when either of those new servers came up, so they should be lower priority for the name than someone who created their toon years before and still actively plays it. However others may have had an active toon on another server for years before they made one on or moved to (with the same name) one of the new servers, and thus could be argued to have a good claim to the name.

    I do think that /played should play a part - but again, someone could have played their toon a lot for a few years (and got a good playtime logged) but barely at all in the last few (just logged in for the first time in years because of server merge maybe), compared to a newer character that is actively played now but so far has slightly less playtime.

    No method is going to be perfect at making sure the "right people" (and how do you even define that?) get their names.

    All this is why I make up such weird, long and unspellable names on all my toons - it is very unlikely that anyone else will come up with them! I've been through two merges before, so far so good....
  8. amarisa Member

    thanks for the info. I am glad to see the devs are actually listening to us. It is so nice. At least there is something on the names, not just a free for all. I can live with that. :)
  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Daybreak Games: Here's a free puppy.
    EQ2 players: I don't like the breed. You're not being fair to people allergic to dander. I want a pony.
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  10. Strings Well-Known Member

  11. Prayos Well-Known Member

    Except played time isn't really a valid thing. Say I created my character in 2005. You created yours in 2008. I average about 90 minutes a week play time. You average about 15 hours a week play time. By now, you will have surpassed me in play time. Yet, we're both still "active". So, tell me how it's fair that you get to keep your name but I don't?
  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    I automatically stand to lose the name of a longstanding Nagafen (server launched in Feb. 2006) character I created in April, 2006 to a character with 22 hours of total play time from Permafrost (server launched in November 2004) because they rolled in 2005, IF they log in within 60 days. So here's hoping they don't. A lot of the other ones are wildcards: They don't show up in EQ2U, but when I try to take the names on all 3 servers as a test by making new characters there, they're already taken.

    Bear in mind that for some of us, these are the names we have been known by in-game for almost a decade. Post-merger we will have to find a name that has never been taken in almost 11 years on some of these servers, and we're fighting three servers' worth of people to get even that.

    Think of how mad most of you were with the initial free-for-all name-grab idea, because YOUR names were suddenly in jeopardy over Daybreak's idea. Now it's no big deal, because YOUR names are safe.

    Daybreak has practically no GM team left; I get that. They lost 40% of their 25-person dev team with the CN takeover. I get that too. But simply going by character creation date really isn't such a hot idea when you have three servers merging together with such disparate years of operation. Most people on Freeport (launched November 2010) are going to get forced name changes if practically anyone logs on from Permafrost, or Naggy.

    Yeah, the name-grab thing stunk worse...definitely for those on launch-day servers, anyway. Hopefully it's only our three servers merging that will be such a clusterfluff, and the rest all have the same launch dates.
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  13. Strings Well-Known Member

    Pardon me for saying, but if someone created their toon in 2004 and still plays now, I personally think they should have dibs on their name. Not everyone on the server is going to have a name that's taken on the other servers, and if there are, they're not all going to be still active. People who created toons on the older servers in the past year could lose their names to older toons on Freeport.
  14. Armageddoux Active Member

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  15. Armageddoux Active Member

    Translation : This is a fresh new program. We have absolutely avoided all the old well known bugs you reported, in order to create new fresh ones :D

    PS : just a joke dont be angry for this !
  16. Antisocial Member

    The Player Studio is the answer to all of this ridiculous name business. If they're that important, put them on a Player Studio auction! Silly Daybreak, missing out on all the cool Daybreak cash sales that can be squeezed out of these last few 30-50 something MMO hold outs. The demographic is ripe for the picking. Why settle for a fine emporium like the Marketplace when you can diversify into a flea market.

    Direct marketing might be your answer too. To quell the sirens, PM some of the really obnoxious name picketers and offer them an exclusive name reservation in exchange for some Daybreak cash.

    Come on out of the cash grab closet already. We all know what you are.

    P.S. " We have been working for more than a year" -- Daybreak has been exploring Mare's nest!
  17. Prayos Well-Known Member

    But as I stated in my post above yours, if I created my toon in 2004, but only accumulated say, 140 days of play time, while still being "active"(logging in at least once a week), and you created yours in 2006 and accumulated 160 days of play time, why should you get the character name? You see how that would be unfair to me?
  18. Arbiter Member

    Most likely explanation is that the characters with the older creation dates lost their names already, as was already mentioned:


    Could be wrong, but I'm reasonably sure that's not how Player Studio works. :p
  19. Meriwyn New Member

    I like that they are requiring that the person log in within the last 60 days to weed out people who are not playing, but I wish they would also consider character level and time played. I may lose my main's name to someone who is not max level and has much much less played time on that character if they decide to log in again this month (eq2wire shows them logging in the first of July).
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  20. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I'd disagree strongly on character level. Not all lower levels will have less play time. Some people like to rush to 100 in a few days (or maybe even bought a heroic toon), others may have played just as long (or much more) but be a lower level as they like to start at level 1, take things slow, explore, do all quests even those greyed out (ie: how I play, even my alts).

    Level has no bearing on how active a character is nor is any mark of superiority/priority at all.

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