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  1. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Your issue was answered on the first line.
    So your choices are:
    A. Wait for it to be resolved.
    B. Sub for a month.

    Most of the issues seem to have been resolved anyway. I've logged in and out of HoF server all day on my f2p account with no queue.

    Since the only other option would have been to put everyone in a queue, I'd say it was a smart business decision.

    I don't agree with every decision they make, but the fact that so many of you can't understand what an undertaking something like this takes with as little game interruption as possible. The fact that the changes to the database and the server merge will benefit in the long run. Just cause it's a Fantasy MMO, doesn't mean everything is done by magic.
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  2. Pyrosandstorm New Member

    Thanks for the reasonable answer. I've been watching the comments, and though my server hasn't been merged yet, it makes sense that something like this would have some bugs. And from a business perspective letting the paying members get into the game over the free players makes sense if you can't let everyone play at the same time for a bit. After all, the paying members are the ones spending money on the game on a regular basis, rather than just buying marketplace items at times. It wouldn't be fair to have them pay a subscription fee for a game they couldn't play, and the company will suffer less financial losses if they lose free to play members than they would losing paying members. It may not make everyone happy, and I agree I liked the game better with SOE running it, but you can rarely make everyone happy all the time either.

    I can't really say I get all the melodrama over the queue either. I mean, really? All this when it hasn't even been this way for a month? Are people really that addicted to the game that they can't find something else to do for a bit and give the company some time to fix the bugs? You can't fix everything just by waving a magic wand. It can take some time to even figure out exactly what is causing the problem to begin with.
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  3. Maddestmonte Member

    One thing too. It's not as though people with subs aren't also spending a lot of money on micro-transactions Odds are they are probably more likely to do so in a lot of cases.

    I know this seems obvious, but a lot of F2P players are claiming they may spend more per month because of micro-transactions. I think the data would be interesting, but my gut instinct tells me that on average, all micros included, the subbed player spends a lot more.

    There will definitely be exceptions to every rule. I think a lot of the F2P players that post here, they are either the exceptions or people claiming to be exceptions. Unfortunately for every F2P player that DOES pay a bit here and there, there are about 20 that pay absolutely nothing. That's why, from a business perspective as he said, if you are allowing ALL the F2P players in, in a situation where you put in queues to get the bugs out (which they have, I'm assuming?), you have to choose the population that on average spends more money.

    Those are the people you can't afford to piss off. If you were running the company, and had staff that rely on your paycheques, rent, server costs, and other expenses, I dare you to do it differently. Put yourself in their shoes. If I was the boss of Daybreak, and I chose Option B, all my staff would hang me when the paycheques started to bounce.

    Could it have been planned better? Maybe. I'm not a programmer, I find that hard to say. I just know that they have been working incredibly hard, and from my point of view, two weeks is a VERY short and forgettable time in the lifespan of EQ2.

    Let's move on, shall we?

    (Edit: for the record, my server is yet to BE merged, and I anticipate problems, and won't complain when I get them. The merges need to happen, we've been clamoring for it for a while, and the last thing I'm going to do is start to piss and moan about getting what I've been wanting for years)
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  4. Eyenea New Member

    I am from Permafrost and 6 of my toons and my guild all have to have name changes.My guild is lvl 100 and the one that got to keep the name is lvl 30 with only two people. So how is that fair?
  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Whoever said life is fair? If it was, we'd all be summering with the Rockefellers in the Bahamas.
  6. Seriously Member

    My guess is, your characters and guild are "younger" than those who had the same names. Which is understandable and completely agreeable.

  7. Tralelia New Member

    Can we get an update when the transfer tokens will be up to use. I have a toon on AB, I want over on Maj'Dul. Thanks
  8. Mayble New Member

    Same here, I want to move my toons over to Maj'Dul too. I like to know where tokens will be offer so I can move them.
  9. Eradani Well-Known Member

    from Skyfire
    (1447351185)[Thu Nov 12 11:59:45 2015] \aPC -1 Rothgarr:Rothgarr\/a tells General (16), "This is a macro: "Server transfer tokens will come in December.""
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  10. Chasser New Member

    Has there been an official release of the dates we will have the opportunity to do our free char transfers?

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