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  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    this is not about merging anymore all servers went down and at least 2 other Daybreak games
    this is a far bigger problem than that .
    ok eq1 is up but Landmark is still down just like EQ2
    and even so that you can log in eq1 has still issues too .
  2. Gramma Active Member

    I ran out and did some errands after reading all the posts on FB and Twitter about the launchpad glitch. When I got home, I logged in with no problem. Maybe they fixed it while I was out.
  3. UBiLL Member

    For me, for the guild i play with, for a lot of people, the merge are coming almost too late. I told it so many times before the launch of TLE : please merge before or you will kill servers like freeport.

    When TLE lauched and freeport died i said to myself : well they gonna merge soon so maybe one more month of suffering and it will be fixed. We all know what happened.

    So now, 2 weeks before new xpac, Freeport is still not merged, most guild died or are on the verge too. We had to say goodbye to raid progression several month ago and guess what : I don't play anymore like a big part of the people i used to play with.

    I'm so disapointed with DBG. I bought the cheap version of the xpac anyway, hoping that things will get better with the merge (with 2 dead server) and the new xpac.

    The thing i regret the most about that sad story is that in the process of all that b/s from DBG i lost my will to play the game. It's gone, i can't even log in anymore. I stopped raiding a month ago.

    I hope very very much that when i come back and log in for new xpac that my will to play comes back but i can't help but think: those are the same people that made all those bad decisions ... why would they do different this time ?
  4. Maddestmonte Member

    UBiLL sorry to tell you this, but Nagafen at the very least is going to add basically nothing to your population. Hopefully the xpac starting and Permafrost make the difference.

    Getting mixed signals though. Last week a guy from Freeport told me that he hopes there is NO merge because the population would become overloaded.
  5. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Im on Freeport and its deader than a doorknob. Nobody wants to raid because we all know the gear will become obsolete when the expac hits. The expac has been extended to December 31 and there is no news on merges for our server still. To top it off we are being merged with Nagafen which will bring nothing to our population.
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  6. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Freeport is dead someone is delusional if thinking otherwise.
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  7. Pariel Active Member

    Where does it say about the expac release date?
  8. Maddestmonte Member

    Fair enough! Not as dead as Nagafen though!
  9. Uncle Active Member

    what this about expac extended
  10. Pariel Active Member

    its probably the pre-order pages says "You'll receive on or before Dec 31st"

    as far as I know its still 18th Nov
  11. Harllequin New Member

    Can anyone please tell me if I've missed the server transfer window?

  12. Raveen Active Member

    No you haven't they are not giving transfers till all the server merges have been done. We still have one more to go.
  13. Anunnaki Active Member

    If you wanna see dead, you should check out Perma.
  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    this will be the most dead merged server of all and I heard rumors that after the relies of the x pack that server gets merged into AB

    but on a different theme I got a question , if nobody else already asked it
    I have characters on Nagafen and as a pvp server we had permanent NPC s to give guide quests I always loved doing those.
  15. Eradani Well-Known Member

    you mean they're not always up on pve servers? :(
  16. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    Nope. The Bazaar used to have them but they disappeared when we were merged into Freeport.
  17. Finora Well-Known Member

    On the regular servers you have to wait for an actual guide. They used to come pretty often to Everfrost, I've seen a couple since we merged to Halls of Fate.
  18. Xahnah New Member

    (Written to Daybreak) (Part 1 of 2)

    "I wanted to launch a formal complaint, but knew not where to do so. This is the only place I could see to be able to, in my hopes, to get my concern across. Currently I am a paid member. However, this is not always so. I am disabled and on a very limited income. In the past I was a constant paying customer, buying a years worth of game play at a time. Life happens and events change how people have to live. My circumstance left me disabled and unable to pay for a game I love.

    Being able to play for free is now my only form of entertainment as I don't get to go out and do things anymore. This last month I was blessed to have enough money to pay for one month. But that month will come to an end. Like me, I know there are lots of other people out there where circumstances just don't work in their favor and they cannot pay to play all the time. But these customers are loyal ones... These customers pay when they can, what they can and purchase through other means that the game offers (marketplace).

    Lately it has come to my attention that there is now a queue in place on free to play players. This queue can last anywhere from 2 hours to 15+ hours. How fair is it to "punish" your player base in this fashion? All players are equal and all players matter. No matter if the player is paid or the player is free, all players put time and their own money into your game. Limiting a free to play player in this fashion not only hurts the player, but hurts you as a company. Overtime you will see a drop in player base and their money goes out the door with them.

    For those of us who are in a bad situation monetary wise, free to play is the way we can enjoy the game. Kicking free to play players out the door is a sure way to only cut your own throats. Not everyone has the money to pay, which is why free to play has been so great. Has is the key word here for it has been great until recently. Now, like I said before I am currently paid. Even as a paid member I see how unjust this is for the player base as a whole.

    The recent server mergers will soon turn into a merger of all servers into one if players are being discriminated against in this fashion. Just because a player is free to play, they are now deemed as not important and put into a long queue that is beyond ridiculous. This wait time is far beyond fair, even for being free.

    Perhaps someone should put their selves in the shoes of their customers and think about how the players feel? How would you yourselves feel if you were free to play and suddenly you had to try logging in a day in advance just to be able to play for even one hour in the day? How would you feel? I've seen the posts players have been making, the comments that have been said. People are not happy; the players are not happy. These players are seeing how unfair, unjust and how discriminatory it is against those that are free to play.

    Just because a person is free to play, does not make that player unimportant. All players matter. ALL players matter. This comes from a player who is not free to play now, a player who spends all she can when she can. What about all the rest who have paid their share?

    This queuing is a major concern that someone should look into and resolve before too many player leave the game and Daybreak finds themselves merging all servers into one.

    I hope my concern is read and taken into serious consideration. I mean no offense, just simply a concerned player for the fate of a game so many people out there love. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back from someone concerning what seems to be a very serious and growing issue.

    I feel like I should clarify one comment I had mentioned. Thank you for reading this and taking the time to do so, so please bare with my example.

    African Americans were once discriminated against. When African Americans were on the public bus and a white person boarded, these African Americans had to give up their seat, move to the back of the bus and stand merely because of the color of their skin. African Americans were not deemed equal, the same, and were being shown they did not matter in comparison to white Americans. This is exactly how free to play players are being treated now.

    A free to play player is deemed not important, equal and the same, all because they do not pay monthly like paid members. However, all players do matter. Pushing a free to play player to the back of the log in list by forcing them into unfair, more than ridiculous queue times that are unjust is no different than forcing an African American to the back of the bus to stand. That is why I stated it is discrimination against free to play players. You are telling these players that they do not matter. Before it didn't matter if a person was free to play or paid, all players got to log on and off when the player had time to play.

    Now free to play players are forced to the "back of the bus" and into these long and ridiculous queue times. These players are no longer equal, these players are being told they do not matter anymore. Their time and what money they put into the game matters not. These players aren't able to log in and play the game because the times that these players are able to play is taken over by a queue list. So days go by and free to play players wait... and wait... and wait.

    Now I am currently a paid player and this is how I see the situation and feel about it. How do you think the free to play players feel? What does the free to play players time cost you? What is the cost of their lost play time? This queue not only effects the free to play players, but Daybreak as a company. It even effects the paid players as well.

    How does this effect the paid players? Easy enough. Free to play players build relationships and friendships in game with paid players. I've heard and read stories of people coming together in game, building a relationship and getting married. Some of these players now have children and all thanks to Everquest II. These players, paid and free alike, build friendships. These friendships grow in and out of the game. Free to play players join Guilds. Some guilds raid and what happens when a valued member of the guild no longer is able to log on? It hurts the paid players, it hurts the guilds, it hurts the game community.

    These free to play players also buy the game expansions. They buy the expansions because they want to continue to journey throughout all of Norrath and all the new experiences that await them. By taking the free to play players money, you are saying enjoy the game! Go forth and play! But that statement is contradicted by casting these free players to the back of the bus. You are now telling these free players that you will take their money but they cannot play the game they just paid for. Unfair. Unjust.

    With all of these added examples, and my previous message, I hope that someone out there reads this and sees how this is a valid and extreme concern. I merely hope my message opens the eyes of those that may read this and help solve a problem that never should have been.

    Many thanks."

    As a paid customer I see the negative effect queue has on all players. If a f2p is in a guild with paid customers, that f2p player now misses guild events and the guild will suffer because the guild is down a player (as mentioned above).

    I play with a member that is f2p and has sent in his own concerns about never being able to log on because of the queue.

    Players play on their own time. Players log in when the player themselves are able to log in. Not all people can play at the same time, and not all players can log in when the restrictions are not in place on them. Before now, f2p players were able to log on at their times of being able to play. By initializing the queue the rights of the players are being taken away. It is the players rights to log in game on their time and that right was given to f2p players.

    Now people will say, then just sub. As I mentioned above, not all people can afford to sub and pay when and if they can. F2p allowed people to play with fair and just restrictions. However this queue is beyond fair and beyond ridiculous with the length of time a person is forced to wait (not to mention what I previously stated by it takes away a players rights).

    F2p players are still players. F2p players still pay and purchase when they can and thus are still paying customers, even if it is not on a month to month basis. What happens when all f2p players leave the game? That will be a major drop in paying customers (as mentioned even f2p people purchase things). That is a great deal of money that will go out the door. That also means a lot of people left the game leaving no choice but for more mergers until finally, only one server will remain. This really does effect all players, not just f2p.
  19. Xahnah New Member

    (Part 2 of 2)

    As I mentioned, I know a f2p member. He brought forth his concerns and this is one of the replies he received:

    "Thank you for contacting Daybreak Games. The server queues are in place to ensure server stability while we sort out all of the kinks of the server merging process. The greatly increased server populations of Maj'dul and Halls of Fate require that we place queues on the servers to ensure that the servers remain up. If the servers were to crash without the queues, no one would get to play at all. No amount of planning can remedy unforeseen kinks in the merging process. If you'd like to bypass the queue altogether, you can purchase an All-Access membership. That is an advantage afforded to our members while we sort out the servers' stability. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    TSR Gary B.
    Technical Support Representative"

    Seems fair, right? When he posed the questions on what happens if all f2p players subbed, what happens to the servers then? There was no response. So, what would happen if a good majority of f2p player subbed? If there really is an issue then those now paying members, along with everyone else, will notice they cannot play. Which means merging 3 servers into 1 was far too great of a stress on the server. Has it not been 2 servers in 1 in the past? Daybreak only did this to themselves at that point. But what happens if a good majority of f2p players subbed, or all, and there are no issues that was being mentioned? Then the queue on the f2p players are for nothing. In either case this is bad business on Daybreak's part.

    This is bad business because f2p players are being punished for Daybreak's own issues. If they could foresee the stress then why convert so many servers into one? Why purposely go into it knowing players were going to be kicked aside, pushed aside, and told they cannot play? That is bad business and punishing players for Daybreak's own mistakes. Don't take it out on the players. The queue, period, is just bad business for all reasons mentioned above. If there would be no issue and it is all a ploy to get people to sub then the community should be told and notified of the motives.In any case, these issues should have been thought about fully before venturing into a merger that effects so many people.

    Since I addressed my own concerns to Daybreak I was told to simply post on the forums. I merely hope to only have Daybreak, in the very least, realize the issues at hand.

    ALL players matter.

    Thank you all for your time.
  20. Pyrosandstorm New Member

    Merging Freeport, Permafrost and Nagafen may not add as much to the population as merging the other servers, but it will at least add something, right? Personally I'd rather not play on a server that was really overcrowded as it causes my computer to lag at times (computer is far beyond the requirements for playing, but my family's internet is terrible, lol). I tend to pick lower population servers on purpose.
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