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  1. Melkior Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit confused as to why it is unfair. First, not every Permafrost toon was created at launch, I'm sure there are people there who will lose names of characters created recently. Second, you seem to be overlooking the fact that the characters on Permafrost are in fact older. They have been playing longer. Had you started playing earlier, you'd have had toons on an older server as well. The fact that you started on a server that didn't exist at launch, is an indication you haven't played as long.
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  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Creation date and played time are two very different things. Some lowbie on Permafrost created when the server went up, who had a played time of a few hours, would still take precedence over anyone on Nagafen or Freeport for keeping their name, even if the Naggy or Freeport character had much more played time, as long as that Permafrost characters logs in within 60 days of this merger.

    I have 63 days of played time on one of my characters I happened to check on Freeport. I don't even want to look at the rest.
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  3. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity: what happens to the non-neutral classes* that are on the PvP server once the PvP server is combined with 2 other servers that are PvE? Are those 8 classes going to still have class trainers/class quests in the opposing cities or will a good-aligned shadowknight have to betray back to an evil city?

    I'm pondering on moving my good aligned swashbuckler off of Unrest to Nagafen a few days before the server consolidations happen, betray him out of Qeynos, but keep him as a swashbuckler in Freeport. Once the server consolidation happens, I'd then move him for free off of the new server that absorbs Nagafen characters back to my original server that used to be Unrest.

    *Brigands, swasbucklers, shadowknights, paladins, necromancers, conjurors, defilers, and mystics.
  4. Nicolos Active Member

    Just curious: Will AB have the option of transferring to the new servers? Preferably a free transfer but either way? I've been wanting off that server for years. Also, with the new changes to how things transition, does that mean a guild on AB can be transferred to the new server?
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  5. Nubek Active Member

    Just one question, what will happen to our Server/World discos. I worked hard to get them and it'd be a real shame to lose them.
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  6. Mélo New Member

    I have toons on 2 of the servers that will get consolidated together. I probably need to clear the shared bank on one of the server right? The consolidation will also make me go over the limit in terms of number of toons allowed on one server. How will you decide which toons will be unplayable?
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  7. Arbiter Member

    Been playing since launch day and I have the same issue Siren does. I used to have some of the "good" names on Najena (popular names that are always gone in the first 5 minutes of launch). I lost every single one for arbitrary reasons in the subsequent server merges over the years. All my old characters have stupid names now.

    I got a lot of those names back with new characters on Freeport, because I was on in the first five minutes to get them again, but now there's a good chance I'll lose all of them to Permafrost people.

    I know a lot of players don't get too attached to names, or don't mind being Weiromir or Xanderlily or Johnsdefiler or Lolrickroll or Buttcookie, but I'm one of those people who spends all day coming up with a character concept, saves their future character's appearance in advance so I'll be ready for the new server launch, then takes the day off work so I can grab the perfect name for them before it's taken.

    I'm not going to throw a tantrum in large red font, but I am still hurt and upset (as a veteran from back in ye old days when one death gave the whole team exp debt and you had to find your gravestone after dying). I worked hard for my names and I care a lot about them, but obviously anyone else quick enough to get them on another server can say the same. There is no perfect solution, but I would prefer it if play time were taken into consideration.
  8. Josgar Active Member

    I don't think there is a limit to the number of characters you can have on a server... only how many you can have per region.
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  9. Bellamorte Active Member

    As far as I know there is no per server limit.... if there was, one of the servers I have toons on would have far exceeded it.... as to the shared bank, I am betting stuff will end up in overflow if it makes it double, so to avoid that I would advise clearing one lol Or it will be a pain to clear that overflow if you have 2 full shared banks.
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  10. Melkior Well-Known Member

    I would have been OK with played time as well. My main is sitting at 299 days played. I'm pretty sure he has a boil that's older than 63 days! Not that it isn't a considerable amount of time invested, but look at it this way, 63 days over 10 years is not too hard for even a VERY casual gamer on Perma to acquire. So even that method may not have been in your favor.

    EDIT: I also realize 299 days is not likely anywhere close to a high number for some. I know a few people that dwarf that number. I was just pointing out that having the extra time in game makes it much easier to amass higher /played time.
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  11. Erillia Bloodrose New Member

    AB should get left out of the free sever transfers. They alone are not being consolidated or forced into a new server. Only those of us being moved around should be given that option. And before anyone gets up in arms about this comment, I have toons on Freeport, AB and Stormhold. If a server isn't being moved then why should they be privy to the transfer option?
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  12. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I've got 24 toons on one account on the same server, so there's no limit there. There is a limit to how many free character slots you get per region, but if you already have the characters, the additional spots were either already paid for or otherwise granted.
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  13. Lady Marlyn Member

    Okay so if understand the name conflict thing if a toon has an X or more after their name they get a free name change potion to use at their convenience. That is way cool I can live with that. But I have 8 characters if more than one has to change their name does that mean that each toon that needs a new name gets a potion for the name change or is it one potion per account? Just want to make sure that I know what is going on. Thanks for listening.:)
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  14. Losadunai Active Member

    Actually, this seems like the most fair and equitable way to do it. But they can't please everyone. >.<
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  15. Caela Well-Known Member

    I just logged into a toon on Freeport and did a /played on her - Creation Time Wed Nov 10, 2004, Played 49d, 3h, 47 min.

    Toons were allowed to be copied to Freeport, and when they did, they kept their creation date. So, Freeport toons can have all sorts of creation dates.

    One thing that does concern me - toons that were copied to Freeport back when it was F2P had all their stuff reset to value of 1c. When I transfered toons off of Freeport onto Butcherblock - that came back - all my items - even new items I had just acquired, were valued at 1c. Hopefully when all the Freeport toons are consolidated to the new server they will not have their items valued at 1c.
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  16. Josgar Active Member

    I wonder if they could do a weighted average based on:

    Account Age
    Char Age
    Quests Completed
    Monsters Killed
    Items crafted

    While taking into consideration differences in playstyle.
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  17. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Thank you Holly for clarifying this matter.

    When you say this, do you mean just the depots themselves, or both the depots and anything that has been previously deposited into them?
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  18. Seryndipity Active Member

    Thank you for answering questions that have been on all of our minds.
  19. Seriously Member

    Play on words? Why are you confused here?
    A merger = One joining another. Ala - Blackburrow was merged over ONTO Everfrost.
    This = Three servers being placed on a completely new one.
    Completely different in my eyes. No words were played.
    This...move, is completely different from the merger issues you mentioned. Hate to be rude here but...that makes them irrelevant. They will still stand as they were before as this "not a merger" is something altogether new and different.

  20. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Each toon with an "X" will get it's own potion for renaming. That is the way I understand it, or last merge I was in you had a / command you did for the first 2 weeks or month or something like that to change the name.