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  1. Dreorg New Member

    Hey, I'm an old EQ player and currently burnt out on WoW. Tried out EQ2 a little bit at release but only got into the low 20s. So I'm effectively a complete newbie even if I have fond memories of Norrath from original flavor EQ.

    I need a distraction so I would like to try out EQ2. I paid for a subscription so I can pick whichever server I would like. I'm mostly into questing / exploring / crafting, and not really looking to raid. I'm not trying to level up quick - I plan to take my time to explore the different zones and quest lines.

    While I enjoy being social in guild chat and contributing to a guild, I take care of my elderly mother, so I tend to avoid grouping because I don't have much control over when I have to go AFK for an extended period of time. Because of that, I'd like to be able to solo through instanced group dungeons if possible in order to further my exploration and questing.

    So, I have a pair of questions. Based on the above, am I better off going to Kaladim or going to one of the live servers? And would the suggested classes be different?
  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    There is more stuff opened up on the live servers, like horses and flying, and travel. Not sure when all that opens up on Kaladim. Live servers also get guild halls which is a big convenience, it's like on stop shopping LOL Since you will mostly solo and not looking for groups I'd try live.

    Welcome back to Norrath and Happy Hunting :)
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  3. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Since you're going to solo and explore, and would like to hit dungeons, I would go to live on the regular server. You can then have a merc and have easy dungeons, and turn the merc off or set to passive healing overland. You can set your AA slider to 100 and not gain levels at any time. You can also chronomentor down by fives if you outlevel something and want to go back to where the mobs are aggro.

    Class wise, play anything you'd like. Best way to choose is to try them all out for about ten levels on Isle of Refuge/Queen's Colony. You'll know pretty quickly if you like the playstyle. Then reroll the class you like best and start in either New Halas/Greater Faydwer for good or Darklight Woods/Timorous Deep for evil (better armor rewards, mount reward for quest, smooth progression). Race wise doesn't matter much on live except for a few classes, unless you would like to have track on a non-scout class. The information on race bonuses is on the wikia:

    Eta: I would also recommend making your tradeskill to make experts for soloing. Mage/Priest is a sage. Alchemist is for fighters. Jeweler is for Scouts. If you don't use a merc to fight your battles, experts help out a lot.

    Welcome to Norrath!
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  4. parissa Well-Known Member

    You might want to look into rivervale too... Its a low population free trade server.... everyone there is pretty cool in open chat and are nice to answer your questions and all that... The reason why I said rivervale, you mentioned wanting to solo and take your time... With free to trade you can buy armor on the broker that would normally be heirloom... Not sure if it would be any good for you, but you might wanna take a looksie at it.... You also get free 95 character tokens for all your characters, but you don't have to use them... Some do some don't.... Just thought I would throw that server out there too...
  5. Dreorg New Member

    Thank you all for the help. I finally remembered what my old EQ account name was and the email address attached to it. I have accumulated 12 years of veterans awards, including a couple of prestige houses, the run speed buff, and about 350 loyalty points to turn into plat. So that really made the decision to go to a Live server easier! :)
  6. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    AB is nicer, community wise, IMO on the whole, but Maj'dul is more functional, depends on your play style and that is a indicative, but maybe helpful generalization only.
  7. dorotea Well-Known Member

    AB is nicer, community wise, IMO on the whole, but Maj'dul is more functional, depends on your play style and that is a indicative, but maybe helpful generalization only.<

    No - AB is nicer on average. Niceness of a community tends to be inversely proportional to the size of the server.
    Maj'dul is significantly larger. This is more functional if you constantly looking for groups or want a huge guild. It is less functional if you like to harvest or quest with less player competition. Saying flat-out it is more functional presupposes that higher population is always better which is very far indeed from being correct.
  8. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    AB is nicer, for this reason my toons are on this server.. however, if you are on AB then you need to be prepared for fact that someone with whom you liked to play together can go to another server
  9. Raff Well-Known Member

    I suggest rolling a a new toon on AB, Maj'dul, Skyfire & Thurgadin...then playing for a few hours on each in your time zone. To see which one fits "your" needs.

    AB is my favorite server as well.
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  10. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Halls of Fate Server is the best imo... Wait I meant Outlaws server! ;)

    Home to the biggest most active guild on any server with a min of 50 people logged in in the dead of night and over 100 in prime time. We are even hosting a server event over the 4th of July weekend that is inclusive to all! No one can put on events or give you friends to grp with more than Outlaws Server! Come check us out.

    Resistance if futile...
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