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  1. Kharnagex New Member

    I've been playing eq2 for a good while now, and yesterday hit me like a brick. We had our raid force in PR. Should be a cake walk with only one minor hickup and that would be Ludmilla and crew. This however is getting dumb when a few weeks ago we cleared the whole zone in less than 2 hours. Yesterday we spend 3 hours on 3 bosses cause they aren't T1 riad mobs anymore, they seem to be as hard as VP mobs and that isn't cool. These mobs by the time you have DoV gear are supposed to be easily soloable by certain classes. Wymbulu alone hits like a dang truck, what have you guys done to TLE Raids?
  2. Okanagan Member

    Remember when to even get into a PUR on live you needed adornments, all of your potions, experts, everything good to go?

    If you aren't wearing any resist adornments, have terrible gear and are standing on the mobs *** when the AoE goes off you deserve to die. These mobs have been 2 grouped by bots in heroic gear. This isn't DoF where the whole raid stands behind the mob and goes AFK.
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  4. Leibnitz Member

    Yes sometime in the last week they made PR significantly harder.
  5. Kharnagex New Member

    Well i know for a fact that PR mobs never healed on deaths not on live not on any TLE up until a week ago. We don't stand in the middle of mobs and let them blast our faces sorry to break it to you this isn't my first rodeo. Sorry we didn't use a gob of cash to cheese the system in the first week and get all the collectible broken stuff and win all but Trak. They changed it recently and now the mobs are basically challenge mode on a zone that is meant to gear you up for those challenging fights. Sorry for ruining your day by letting you know i've raided this on live when it was current, and did it again on Fallen Gate (though the familiar thing was stupidly overpowered). Didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday i know what zones and how to do them all the way to AoD expac when i left eq2.
  6. Okanagan Member

    Great, then you would see that as of Today August 4th 2020, they do not heal when below 50% on death, and as per the above screen shot, they do about 15-20k damage at max range, which everyone can live through. Clearly this is your first rodeo as these mobs are jokes and basic 101. I am not talking about 'cheesing the first week of content' I am talking about pulling these mobs literally today.
  7. Leibnitz Member

    Well the OP was posting about his experience yesterday. And as I raided them yesterday too, I can confirm that they were healing on death at below 50% health, as he stated.
  8. Seth Active Member

    Okanagan can you go kill Tangrin for me, remember to grab pots.
  9. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    You sure? I was fairly sure Doomcoil always healed on player deaths, so I went to eq-raiders to check the strat, and indeed, the very first line says that he will heal any time a player dies, and that was last updated in 2009.
  10. Seth Active Member

    DoomCoil does infact heal on deaths, however i believe the OP was referring to the Skeletons in the side rooms.
  11. Nata New Member

    I couldn't tell you if they healed on death or not, cause I've never had many people die to them. Either on TLE or Live when they were new.

    Debuffs, range reducing aa, resists, broker / crafted gear, these mobs die unless you let them aoe on your face.

    As someone else put it, its raiding 101.

    The most common fail I see on this are newbie raids targeting the adds first. This results on debuffs not on the named and the aoe trucking them. Target the named, splash the others down. Put an OT on adds if you're still struggling.

    Or ask for help on discord.

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