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    "befriend animal" is pretty cool too...just saying... but tbh, i don't know what it's like to raid, so I can't really comment on that portion of the argument. just thought i'd troll a little. lol
  3. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest're bringing up those massive trash fights in UFD, aren't you? The ones where anyone with any level of AE abilities will do the most ridiculous DPS known to mankind because there's a billion mobs with low health coming in all at once? You're using that as basis for comparison?
    You cried about the drake room in Halls of Fate, didn't you?
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    No, I don't cry about anything. And if its the room I'm thinking about, we didn't spawn those till we were done with the zone, so I just left.
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    ...Uh huh.
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    Fail troll is fail.
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    Wha' happen?!