Serious Bug for End Game raiders.

Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-121 dirtybird, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-121 dirtybird Guest

    I dont think this has been brought up before but I didnt find anything under search. I am actualy quite surprised no one else has noticed yet.
    Singular Focus - KILLS Crit Bonus if you take the Prestige AA BladeMaster for 5 AE - 1 Crit Bonus. I was sitting at 295 Crit Bonus and it will drop me to 95% Crit Bonus after activating it. It is not jsut a visual bug as I have tested the damage out put differences.
  2. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    It was noticed. It was /bugged. It was /feedbacked. All during testing. Posted in the specific Prestige forums which disappeared from the forum list a couple of weeks ago. Either ignored or fell through the cracks. Giving the benefit of the doubt and choosing the latter I will go /bug it again in game
  3. ARCHIVED-121 dirtybird Guest

    I have bugged this every day for the past week. Sometimes mutliple times a day. It just kinda sucks currently cause on certain raid mobs I have to use Singular Focus and my Crit Bonus falls below 100. My parse drops about 200k :(. However, I did find some earlier posts on this issue and guess what, not a single official response.
  4. ARCHIVED-Synj Guest

    I can't remember the last time I needed to use singular focus.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zemizia Guest

    I'm curious to which fights you have to use singular focus? As a Swashbuckler, a lot of our dps comes from aoes and AE melee attack, and that hate gets transferred to your tank. I didn't even have the ability till about a week ago, and I just picked it up simply because it was an ability I didn't have yet hehe.
  6. ARCHIVED-Twyxx Guest

    Ryptide@Permafrost wrote:
    The imps in ToFSx2?
  7. ARCHIVED-Zivgar Guest

    Twyxx wrote:
    LOL just pull them all and kill them. Unless you are seriously undergeared those imps are east now.
  8. ARCHIVED-katalmach Guest

    I don't use Singular Focus for "proper" fighting, like raids or most heroic content, but it is a useful ability. For instance, if I'm doing the new solo quests in Qeynos and I'm fighting a solo quest mob out in the open, I don't particularly want an x4 guard to suddenly wander into range, get hit and attack (mainly because I don't like killing friendly NPCs).
    The other day I was pulling mobs around a named (who one-shots you if you hit him). Everything was going fine until my group mate's merc somehow pulled the name, who ran over to us and of course, I AOE auto attack him and instantly die. On our next attempt, I used Singular Focus just to be sure I wouldn't get accidentally be splatted again.
    I just like to have control of what's going on, and there are situations when it's important that I do not AOE auto-attack (don't want to hit friendly NPCs, epics, guards, quest mobs.. etc). Unfortunately, if I want to use the prestige endline I chose, I can't use Singular Focus without being massively penalized.
    This needs to be fixed. Though I don't know why I am bothering posting about it here, in the black hole that is the class forums, where no dev shall ever venture and my words are unheard by all but people who think "who cares, just kill them all lol".

    Zivgar wrote:
    Yup just pull em and blow em up. No need to off tank or singular focus anymore.

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