Separate the Tradeskill AA from Adventuring AA!!

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Cinnimon, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    I’m not sure about others but having to go to house to swop out AA lines is a waste of my time if you happen to be out about harvesting & adventuring and want the maximum AA for both.
    Also, it just like the Tradeskill armor…why can’t we benefit from both? Why not add a separate TS armor tab for Tradeskill armor that we can maybe check to be in effect or not if out an about?
    This having to swop out is tedious and one of biggest things I really hate about this game because I have bag slots filled with this and sure could more room when adventuring.
  2. ARCHIVED-decator666 Guest

    I agree with this...In Vanguard they had a separate clothing set for your crafting armor and when you started crafting or harvesting it put your relevant clothes on for what you were doing.
    And yes AA should be separate for crafting since you shouldn't be punished just because you enjoy crafting as well as adventuring...
  3. ARCHIVED-Puck Guest

    This sounds too much like Vanguard and therefore makes too much sense. But I support it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Hordolin Awanagin Guest

    Another solution would be to bump the AA cap to add 40 points. Each tab only allows so many points. and the cap is 40 below the sum of each tabs max points. As it is now we have to reset one aa tree, spend it in tradeskill, do our tradeskill stuff, reset the tradeskill aa tree, then respend in the original tree.

    EDIT: changed 50 to 40. The difference is 40 points not 50. Sorry for the hasty post.
  5. ARCHIVED-alaplayer Guest

    Or you can use a mirror of reflected achivements to store the profile.
    Someone said they were being punished/penalized but that is not the case there are tradeoffs, you can trim enough points off your adventuring stuff to have a perfectly fine build for solo/harvesting with your tradeskill tab fully populated and have a raid/group profile as well. The first thing that would happen after they do this are the demands for tradeskill to give AA experience.

    The tradeoff is like wanting a compact car that gets great gas mileage to perform like a performance car and still get the same MPG.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hordolin Awanagin Guest

    I agree there are tradeoffs. BUT, it makes no sense to me that you get 320 aa points total. and the ability to spend 360 (add up the max on each tab). Just like any other game that has any kind of a point system, there are tradeoffs, but there is never the inability to gain the maximum. Which is essentially what exists here. You can spend 360 points but can only gain 320. Take the tradeskill tab out of the equation completely.
    What would you think if the max aa was 320 but you could only spend 280 with the current adventurind AA tabs? Would you still say there are tradeoffs?

    EDIT: corrected numbers and forgotten words. I shouldn't post on vacation.
    And to add: The trade off is built into the trees themselves. Each tree maxing each line takes so many points. But you'can only spend so much in each line. So you have to choose your path/tree. That should be the tradeoff. Not that IN addition to whether to adventure or tradeskill.
  7. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    It isn't like this hasn't been asked for before, even before tradeskill AA existed.
    One of the tricky problems is how do you earn tradeskill AA if it isn't the same as adventuring AA? Right now we're expected to get our 40 points from tradeskill quests. Should we get it from that still, or from making items? Should we earn tradeskill AA (only) when we reach 92 and cap our xp earnings? (personally I think that would be a bad idea)
    When your going to propose something like this try and think of the obvious problems and come up with at least one solution. It makes the idea sound more plausable or at least it discourages me from making posts just like this one.
    As for a seperate tab for tadeskill equipment: sure. Why not? Actually I can think of a few why nots depending on how it gets implimented.
    Did you know that casting mechanics get used for crafting? Each time you use a counter it counts as if you cast a spell. Also if you have ability reuse modifiers they apparently work on counters. So spell casters with lots of ability reuse mods actually make better crafters! Adventuring gear that affects tradeskills! Would this stop working if there was a tradeskill gear tab? Would we lose power regen from gear? (not that there is much out there) Would our stats be figured off of the tradeskill tab while we're doing crafting? Would tradeskill stats always be in effect? Would tradeskill gear affect our adventuring stats? (seriously, some tradeskill gear is semi-effective for adventuring) There are some interesting questions to answer when your introducing a new equipment tab that would actually do something other than alter appearance.
    As a side note: the only peice of tradeskill gear I bother equipping now is the shawl. Everything else is in my bags but it isn't worth the bother of equipping it. Now for some serious harvesting I'll equip the shawl and...umm...maybe the cloak. Oh, and the unicorn if I don't want to fly around the area. Try it, you'll find that crafting goes more or less the same with a full set of gear or just the shawl.
  8. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Personally, I wish they would add in 40 more aa points. They could set it so that only 320 could go to adventuring stuff and 40 to the tradeskill tab if they wanted to, or they could let you add it whereever, I don't care which.
    The reasons I would like this are:
    1. I'm at 320 aa's already and hate it when my aa's are maxed out because it discourages me from playing and "wasting experience"
    2. It would be more convenient than having to go to the aa respec mirror every time I want to go harvest.
    3. I like pie.
  9. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    I don’t see why we can’t earn separate AA similar to adventuring but in crafting and with TS quest’s that would hopefully award more TS AA but just like adventuring there can be a max amount spent until you reach a certain level.
    For example every 20 levels we can spend 10 more points
    10pts up until level 20
    20pts up until level 40
    30pts up until level 60
    40pts up until level 80
    50pts up until level 100
  10. ARCHIVED-Lizabethan Guest

    Cinnimon wrote:
    So like prestige points, which operate outside of the 320? Kinda like this idea.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Cinnimon wrote:
    Probably with this is that the tradeskill AA aren't just for tradeskilling, they're also useful for harvesting.
  12. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    Cinnimon wrote:
    It could also be done 5pts for every tier so players can feel they have earned something to spend in the Tradeskill AA Tree is also another suggestionas well too.
  13. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    decator666 wrote:
    it is not 'punishment' with AoD you can earn a max of 320 AAs how many you choose to allocate between adventure and tradeskill are up to you. the points exist so you can make choices yet here you are complaining because you have choice and you dont like the consequences of your choice.
    *if* you put 300 pts in adventure and 20 into tradeskill that is your choice.
    *if* you put 320 pts in adventure and 0 into tradeskill that is your choice.
    *if* you put 280 pts in adventure and 40 into tradeskill that is your choice.
    you can pick and choose but no matter what you cant have everything you want.
    go get yourself an AA mirror and setup a crafting and 'serious adventure' template so you can alternate between them.
  14. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    Cinnimon wrote:
    This is a great plan. In addition to the problems you talk about, it would make all the nonsense about tradeskill AA when trying to reset profession go away. We should earn AA for ts separately from adventuring which would virtually end any issue with profession start overs.
  15. ARCHIVED-decator666 Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    I'm not complaining just adding feedback to a topic.
  16. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    (( Adventuring levels and Crafting levels do not come in the same "pot". We can level them separately. Those players who have interest in only one of the two, can ignore the other, and those who enjoy both, can level in both. This is a good design. The very idea that you would have to earn 184 levels and then split them between Adventuring and Crafting would have been a silly idea. The idea of having, say, 174 levels, and needing to stop at 82 adventuring or at 82 crafting (or taking both to 87) would be an even sillier idea. Thank goodness no-one went for an idea like a combined pool for levels.
    Yet that is what we have for AAs right now. A combined pool.
    For those players who are pure adventurers who have no interest in crafting, there is not a problem - they just ignore the crafting AAs just like they ignore crafting levels. The equivalent can be said for pure crafter players. But for those of us who play BOTH as adventurers and crafters, we have to accept not being able to ever be simualtaneously capped in the two separate spheres of the game.
    What is the result? In my case, it means that all my characters max their adventuring AAs and just do not ever bother with crafting AAs. I will not accept being 40AA weaker as an adventurer, competing with 320AA adventurers for groups and raids, because that would make me noticeably weaker. Therefore the crafting AAs may as well not exist for players like myself. This is why 8 of my 9 characters, all of whom are 92/320 adventurers and 92 crafters, will never have crafting AAs in the current setup. The only one that does is the one who basically never adventures anymore.
    As for those saying "just use the AA mirror", the answer to that is just: No. The AA mirror is an incredibly awful design, and extremely fiddly to set up and very annoying to use, not to mention, I would have to use it multiple times per day on multiple characters, and every time the AAs changed it would cost a fortune in money and a lot of time to setup all 9 mirrors with 2 different profiles yet again.
    The actual answer is, and always has been, to have separate AA pools for Adventuring and Crafting.
    I don't care how they do it. I don't care how current points are allocated to those pools. A one-off choice to each character would be one way, but really whatever way it were done, it would be fine by me, as I would just grind whatever I needed on all the characters to hit the new cap ))
  17. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    I'm sure the poster above me makes some great posts, however I'll never be motivated to try to read orange font on black backgrounds...

    Regarding this thread, I fully support changing the tradeskill AA system to be more like the adventure prestige system. I'm not sure we need to auto-unlock the points though. I would prefer it be unlocked via tradeskill type achievements instead.
    Anyone can level a TS class to 92. But the AA should come from completing the different factions, from making 1000 items. Making 500 unique items, and other types of achievements.
    A system like that would be a good tradeskill system. Please do not encourage them to make it auto points for breathing.
  18. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Felishanna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    how is it bad to have choice? we have a certain cap on each tab for a reason just like we have a global cap on how many points we can spend. remeber that when AOD came out no new combat AA lines were released and the global cap was raised by 20. The whole point of the system is you pick and choose what is right for you, being able to get everything would defeat the purpose.
    when you allocate points you are choosing your 'strengths' if you put all your points into combat and you miss out on the crafting bonuses that is your own choice and your own fault. if you put 20 points into TS and 300 into combat sure you'll be less 'powerful' then someone who put them all in combat, but you will be better at TS stuff.
    It's a system of pick and choose. you have to choose between one thing or the other. a perfectly viable solution already exists if you have to go to the mirror plenty of times that is your own choice for trying to bake your cake and eat it too.
  19. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    (( We all know what the current system is, but thank you for summarizing it back to us again ))
    General_Info wrote:

    (( We want a choice, but we want the choice set out differently from the way it is in the current system.
    The feedback is:
    Please SOE, give us the choice to choose our crafting AAs from a crafting AA pool, and to choose our adventuring AAs from an adventuring AA pool. Keep the two AA pools separately, in the same way that adventuring levelling and crafting levelling are separate.
    We would like to be able to select AAs in both independently, and would like NOT to be forced to choose between adventuring and crafting.
    For me, I would prioritize this for developer effort over most other current issues in the game.
    Of course, you may not agree, but that was my feedback, you can make your own ))
    General_Info wrote:

    (( That may be your opinion, but many other players do not agree, and I am one of them.
    We would like crafting AA and adventuring AA to be entirely separated from eachother. Such a change would be loved by almost all players who have characters who are both adventurers and crafters, and would have no effect at all on players who did not play in one of the two spheres ))
  20. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Felishanna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    ok then anwser me this if they were seperate what caps would you expect to get for both types? if the total is no more then it currently is you are asking to control how other people spend their points for your own piece of mind. for example you might be happy if it was hardcoded so you had a 20TS AAs total and a 300 adventure AA total but you would just be removing choice from other people to mix the two together.
    you are't forced to choose between one and the other you are forced to pick and choose abilities by your desire and not by style of play. you can pick up the double harvest AA if you so choose but that means between 1-5 less points to spend elsewhere just like every other AA.
    I'd support Tradeskillers getting AA xp through tradeskilling but not a seperation of AAs.

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