"Secrets of the Sands" Prelude event - Bugs and Feedback

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  1. Miragian Well-Known Member

    Calabash Plum Wine also seems to think Redfin Pickerel is "Some common harvest crop." in addition to the other ones trying to eat rares. Not sure if you already looked at all of the recipes or only some of them.
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  2. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I completed the timeline, it was very nice.

    For those that get lost in Splitpaw and use EQ2Maps, here's the code to add to your file"_User_MapStyles.xml", located by default in "\EverQuest II\TestServer\UI\EQ2MAP\eq2map2" to show the basic Splitpaw map. I'll alter it another day (or check Splitpaw itself to compare.
    <ImageStyle Name="exp19_prelude_cave_main" displayname="The Fractured Cache" zonerect="-62, -266, 149, -22">
    <ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_adv02_dun_sundered_splitpaw_0.dds" SourceRect="0,0,436,506" />
    <ImageStyle Name="exp19_prelude_cave_repeat" displayname="The Fractured Cache: The Return" zonerect="-62, -266, 149, -22">
    <ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_adv02_dun_sundered_splitpaw_0.dds" SourceRect="0,0,436,506" />
  3. Manafizzle Well-Known Member

    A request: Can you please make the ticks Beastlord tameable with the 'tame insect' ability? Pretty please?

    They are horrifying. I love and hate them. Lyme disease to all of my enemies! I need a pet tick, please.
  4. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Scribing the crafting recipes gives chat message that we are scribing Swimming Oak provi/woodworker/tailoring recipes.

    Copy/pasta oops probably :p
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  5. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I wanted to say that I really like this concept of leveling a faction to get access to the items. It's been a while since we had factions around and I find this great (especially in SS where they had massive importance).
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  6. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Or go back whence they came
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  7. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Is there anything more to the adventure quest after you get the dust wisp pet?
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  8. Denmum Developer

    Back at their location in the Sinking Sands, Silrena (evil) or Faezoth (good) will offer you a daily mission to go back into the dungeon and try again to retrieve the arca.
  9. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    And if you dual or do with a friend, note that you can only complete this on one char currently as the item to gather is in limited number and doesn't group-update (Kaitheel said he's looking into it)
  10. Miragian Well-Known Member

    There is the house items/mount/pets for faction and a shiny collection.
  11. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    I went around Whisperwind isle and dindt find more djinn wisps, can more of them be out in there not just right by the cloud station? I feel like everybody will be swarming around that small area
  12. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Can we get some of those green rock formations/blocks from the Fractured Cache zone please? As house items I mean

    Can a little portal / rock be put in at the end of the instance? where last named is? to exit to Sinking Sands quicker than running back.
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  13. Lera Well-Known Member

    Pink cubes? Yes, please.
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  14. Test Taffies Active Member

    I was perusing the new dividers and the like today... and what I noticed is this that when placed it doesn't look like the tile, the stair, the round tile nor the railing match the rest of the set of the Turquoise Mosaic color wise. The four seem white where as the rest seems to have a more yellowish/sand color tint to them.
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  15. Miragian Well-Known Member

    There is a pile of rocks you can click not too far from the last boss to exit, not that it couldn't be put closer. As its down one of the tunnels I can understand missing it.
  16. Playz4fun Active Member

    Will the ability to increase the Nomads of Ro faction continue through the xp, and will the merchant remain after the prelude event? (Just trying to do some planning, lol).
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  17. Kaitheel Developer

    I'll take a look at that one too!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  18. Kaitheel Developer

    :insert wink:

    ~ Kaitheel
  19. Kaitheel Developer

    You are correct. Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  20. Kaitheel Developer

    After you defeat the last boss the final wall of the zone falls, allowing you a very quick short cut back to the original entrance.

    ~ Kaitheel