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    So, I played for a few hours on launch of Season two. It's been fun. However, it feels like the xp rate is too slow. At level 11 I was getting about 2% of experience when killing another player. I thought pvp was supposed to be the fastest "form" of experience?

    I am super excited that we have AA lines we can use now. I was planning on staying super low tier around T2. I have no desire to spend most of my time raiding and questing on a server that will have a short life span again. Would rather spend most of that time actually pvping since that's what this is supposed to be.

    But it seems you cant completely lock out the xp you get from pvp kills. Also, I can not move the slide from 0 to 100 for AA XP.

    I understand that it hasn't even been one day since launch but is this how it will stay?

    P.S. Can you guys unban me from the games discord? Xoxo
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