Screenshots of T6 Berserker Masters

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Khalad, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    I know we have seen the spells before, but the guild was on a beta raid tonight and got lucky enough to get access to a merchant with masters. I was unbuffed at level 60 with 272 str for these wearing t6 beta buff fabled gear. Also threw in boil blood just to see it as a master. At the bottom I threw in a small pic of what the T6 fabled vanguard looked like.

  2. ARCHIVED-Azril Guest

    Thanks alot for pics. As far as t6 fable, blah, not much of a change from t5.
  3. ARCHIVED-z2xm Guest

    The armor looks alot like the polished parade stuff from the status merchants

    Thanks for the pics Khalad
  4. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    Thanks for the pics ;) The T6 armor is pretty disapointing though, I mean for the fabled and the crafted, looks like they didin't do much editing to add new armor looks.
    Good Luck!
  5. ARCHIVED-thraser Guest

    nice this just makes me want to get DoF even more
  6. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    That skin may just be for the fabled tested armor, they may have new skins in the works for all we know. Stuff like that seems to be handled last sometimes.
  7. ARCHIVED-Sabin the Great Guest

    Is that the T6 fabled protector garb? I saw a Pally post something about it in the pally forums. Was like +100 mitigation more than T5 fabled, wearable at 57, but only had like 600 total resists. If it is the same armor does that stuff just drop like crazy or is there a quest?
  8. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    Its off beta merchants that GM spawn, its not gear that will be in the game. They basically had 2 types of plate, reg for priest, vanguard for tanks. High mitigation, high str, crap resists.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sabin the Great Guest

    Have you seen any legendary T6 Khalad or any fabled T6 of any measure Khalad. I'd also be interested to see the mitigation on a T5 fabled that doesn't cap until 53 (Vanguard Gussets of Mights, Underworld Legplates) vs Reg T5 fabled that caps at 50 (Vambracers of the Shattering, Venemous Legplates). If you could hook up any of those screenshots I'd be pretty appreciative, especially the shots of T6 Legendary and Fabled.
  10. ARCHIVED-JNewby Guest

    ok so again how the heck did you get all those masters so soon on all those new spells? that doesnt seem possible?
  11. ARCHIVED-Sabin the Great Guest

    Not sure how he did it, but there's a Pally who had a similiar spread. I'd guess one of two things. 1.) They are dropping super frequently now, or 2.) Like the armor the GM's spawn Master merchants.
  12. ARCHIVED-MillsFairchild Guest

    He tells you how he got them - a merchant was selling them. They were likely made available for testing purposes.
  13. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    My guild was testing a raid zone called the fountain of life. We were beta buffed to level 60. The dev then spawned merchants that sold T6 master spells and T6 fabled armor, weapons and accesories. Now the fabled gear is not like the fabled gear we see, it was kinda a cross between legiondary and fabled, but it was T6 so it was natuarally better then what we were wearing. The merchant did not have any 2 handers to my disapointment, so I duel weilded for the first time in a very long time. Used a 2.4 spear and a 1.9 mace. DPS was pretty good compared to others in the raid. Had some rogues, a couple wizards, but no preds. I often fell among the rogues in dps, along with monks and bruisers. The wizards were always first (as they should be imo).
  14. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    You can sort of see the loss in DPS we take now at 50 we get back over the course of 50 to 60.
    Quite pleased about that. What im still worried about is the specialized choices we get.
    Any chance you could pop some of those up too please Khalad if you get a chance bro?
  15. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    I think Konk posted them in another thread, but will get some later on.

    Berserker Assault
    Offending Defense
    Unflinching Will

    Blood Boil
    Fearsome Shout
    Unbridled Fury

    (cut and pasted the above from Konk's post, cuz im lazy like that)

    The bold ones are the ones I am going to go with. For some reason, Master 2 offending defense is better then the master 1 of its T6 upgrade, which is a bug im sure. Infuriate is an easy choice for me. Its 10% when hitting, 30% when getting hit 25% dps and haste. It is not replaced in T6 and currently adepts and masters of it do not drop. (although a dev said he would look into this). I already have fearsome shout and U Fury at master, so wasn't in a hurry to look at them. Blood Boil will prob be fine at adept 3 as its not that important a spell.
  16. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    Khalad can u post the pic please boss for Offending Offense cause i was also thinking of taking that.
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  17. ARCHIVED-Mielx Guest

    weapon aegis line spell are jokes.
    Guardian having 30 sec 9xx migration buff . We only can a stupid damage shield like spell which can only proc 3 times.
    Counter attack != rippost , you still get the hit ~

    Proc 3 times ~ come on ~
  18. ARCHIVED-Mielx Guest

    Guarded Vehenmence

    Guardian side have this kind of spell too but they add caster parry but just stupid agi .

    Really no more point for zerker in raid . Just a nice to have ~ /sigh
  19. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Um ive Maintanked in a raid already in beta and um yeah lol, guards arent the only one who can do it hehehe , they should be worried...

    Berserkers after the revamp need to know one major thing.... know which buffs to use while your tanking, it will be alot easier if you do
  20. ARCHIVED-Mielx Guest

    What ever you do , Guardian just do it much better. Same gear same skill , no matter what, guardian still having 9xx migration than you. All we got is just a 3 extra attack.

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