Screenshot of Berserker Skills

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  1. ARCHIVED-NekoNunu Guest

    Enjoy :smileywink:

  2. ARCHIVED-Jvaloth Guest


    Much appreciated.

    I see alot of changes, some look interesting, some look lame. Wish I could get into beta and feel the skills out so i could post an educated response to the changes moving forward.
  3. ARCHIVED-fierceleaf Guest

    Do you know if Controlled Rage and Unflinching will Stack? Since Controlled Rage has been reduced to a pitiful 30 seconds, and 1 min recastand and only 8.5 defense. (lame) (and like 3 mins wasnt stupid enough)

    And do the Hp regen buffs stack?
  4. ARCHIVED-Zizar Guest


    having played with the changes, how much does this matter if we cant get close to epic encounters due to wrath of fury? OR did they eliminate that spell with the new changes?

    i mean, as it sits now, melee dps is almost useless against any contested mobs.
  5. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    pretty sure reckless stance and whatever the skill before controlled rage do, so UW and CR probably do. will double check in the morning.
  6. ARCHIVED-Oldboy420 Guest

    Im curious what kinda hp's you have now , and if u can reach the mit cap self buffed?
  7. ARCHIVED-Pinche Vato Guest

    Fearsome Shout gone?

    Guess I knew the nerf was coming for Promise, but it still makes me sad in the pants. That was invaluable on raids.

    Nice that Beserker Assault hits ALL enemies in range. The damage almost sucked until I saw that tidbit. Hoping thats not just frontal rip arc.

    Wonder if Vehemence is REALLY fixed or just reads as fixed.

    What the bloody hell is *Focus* that No Quarter now lowers?

    AE component removed from Wallop -(

    Weapon Guard ripostes EVERY hit for 30 sec? NICE!

    Mutilate will be handy as heck if the buff doesnt drop instantaneously.

    Any chance someone can check to see if Intercede scales? Maybe App2 is 100% caster 15% target? Here's to hoping.

    They really need to quadruple (if not more) the damage on Vanquish, I thought it was low at 1k before nerf...err patch. Its a 1 min refresh for pete's sake.

    War Chant looks BADARSE!

    I was very skeptical, actually borderline ready to quit when I heard we were getting nerfed, but this gives me some incentive. I was always pissed we couldnt tank as well as guardians, but I didnt say a peep because I outdamaged everyone on raids. I am one of those zerkers who would like to tank now and then. I would have traded some of our sick DPS for better tanking abilities. Not sure how this will all pan out with changes to every class, and exactly where we stand, but I will give them credit for making it seem very appealing. I never thought I should finish in the top 3 damage wise on raids, but it was nice while it lasted. Our raids are typically scout/mage heavy. I positively crushed the *real* DPS classes with regularity. That seemed out of whack. I would still prefer to have better tanking and less DPS and this seems to be a step in the right direction. Just hoping guards didnt get a huge boost as well, leaving us a distant consideration for MT. I've tanked a few raids here and there, but only ones we destroy with ease. No one wanted to heal the zerker with 1k less HP than our usual guard MT's and 10-20% less mitigation.

    Thanks a TON for posting the pics and giving me renewed interest to log in. I really want to be a zerker for life. I just want to be someone who the raid says "We could really use you for *soandso mob* tonight!" Not just a filler for raids that have the critical 15-20 people and pity slots left over for friends who arent useful but safe to bring cause they arent really going to affect the outcome.
  8. ARCHIVED-MillsFairchild Guest

    Today's test server patch notes introduced a new caster skill called Focus that affects their chance to be interrupted. Check out the patch notes.
  9. ARCHIVED-cr0wangel Guest

    Thank you for the screenshots, anyone can check about Fearsome Shout? Just wondering because I have the adept 3... I wouldn't want to loose that skill...
  10. ARCHIVED-stellerx Guest

    blood boil , destructive rage, ,and WEAPON guard seem to be a winning combo

    your CA damage doesnt look half way bad either, but seem to all have higher recast timers than usual? burst damage isnt bad
  11. ARCHIVED-z2xm Guest

    Fearsome shout is included in this post:

    Scroll down to the second set of shots, the ones with the violet background. They go all the way to 50, although the wording on our aoe taunts just says "-increases taunt by xyz" but the description still mentions encounter and the icon is still green, so I assume it is just bad wording to not imply the taunt is for the encounter.
  12. ARCHIVED-Daffid011 Guest

    30 second duration and stops functioning after 3 succesful counterattacks. They buffs still stays up however. It would be way overpowered if it riposted every hit for 30 seconds, but I find it one of my favorite skills even at 3 counter attacks.

    A lot of mobs have rampage an extra target attacks now, which reminds me I need to test that it still works on those types of attacks.
  13. ARCHIVED-Sambora Guest

    Awesome job with the screenies!! Thanks a bunch :)
    I must say that I am a little less pissed than I have been over the last few weeks. I still say that if I wanted to be a MT I would have chosen to become a guardian rather than a zerker. It looks as we still will be able to repoiste to, so that's cool. Call me selfish, but I don't want my whole group going zerk though...I would rather have that our ability. Besides they are still obviouisly tinkering with this new system and I'm sure it's going to be another couple weeks and screenies to see exactly what's going to happen to us when the expansion is released in September.
    Oh and I am still pissed about Anarchy...they best plan on changing that name for crying out loud. Sucks that most all of us upgraded that to Adept III :-(
    /blowit SOE

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  14. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    just an update, the stifled rage line does stack with our defensive stances.
  15. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Take a closer look at Fearsome shout, it has a 20 sec recast ( faster then any other AE taunt ) and you can use it even thou you are stunned or stifled, thou the threat needs to be upped a tad since at master 1 it should still be almost 500 less threat then Protect at Master 1 but over all its kick **** now
  16. ARCHIVED-z2xm Guest

    /agree stryker one of the things I missed the most from the training version of our aoe taunt was the 20sec refresh. It seems like those 10 seconds is just the amount of time an overeager wizard needs to see if they can pull crap of me
  17. ARCHIVED-fierceleaf Guest

    so, Anarchy, Controlled rage and Weapon guard are all 30 sec durations, Anarchy being 1min 30sec recast, controlled rage 1 min recast, and Weapon guard 30 sec recast. I thought to myself...this is going to be annoying having to recast 3 buffs every mob and possibly recast Weapon gaurd and controlled rage during the fight. I can bet theres 1 or 2 other buffs im missing that are going to need casts just as frequently to add to these 3 just havent found them yet. Wasnt the change to longer 10 and 15min buffs to minimize the annoyences caused by buffing every 10 seconds? Arent we taking a huge step backward here?

    Am I wrong or do people like to recast buffs constatnly? I dont.

    Is this the devs sick idea to help balance things by making the berserkers cast buffs constantly so we cant do dps :p

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  18. ARCHIVED-zths Guest

    Interesting, Very interesting how they've taken away many of the abilities that made us berserkers, making us much like guardians. Although what is interesting is the entire HP in-combat regenning, if no other class gets such an ability, Omg, we will be basically invaluable. I will like to see them scale the monsters.
    The huge strength buff, which was about 20 with War Chant, and is now 60 with the switched-name Tides of War, is MUCH better, I found it useless in most cases to cast the dang spell because 20 str doesn't make much of a difference.
    Although, how exactly were these obtained? Lots of new abilities, some at Master I and some at apprentice I, looks to be arbitrarily chosen qualities.
    Hoboslayer, 50 Berserker, Oasis

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  19. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    Thanks alot for the pics.. looks like being an offensive Berserker as I am now, I will have to learn how to keep being offensive with whatever skill I get together, and trying to get the highest dps as posible.. since thats my way of the ninja :D.. I am not very into tanking, but I do the job when it has to be done, but my focus is on dps and offensive, even though they are nerfing us completly into a dps class I will keep trying my best to be an offensive class :).
    Good Luck!
  20. ARCHIVED-konofo Guest

    None of the abilities shown at Master I are new, though some were repurposed. These screenshots, and most of them you'll find, are from live characters who were copied to the DoF beta server. All of the new arts shown are Apprentice I.

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