Scout Pet "Buff's"

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Anunnaki, May 13, 2015.

  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    So since we are now using the Scout pet almost exclusively (or you should be, since good), I've been looking at the "buff" that the pet provides for the group. We have both a Necro and a Conjy in raid, so I inspected them both, and the buffs aren't really comparable. Once again, the Neco's is better, but both could use some work.


    Granted the Necro is a Grandmaster and the Conjy is just a Master.

    Necro gets a group dehate, which is almost comparable to a Troub's dehate song, so it can actually make an impact on the group. Conjy gets....In-combat power and health regeneration. Necro gets a once per 2 minute damage absorb (not that great because of the 2 minute limitation, but still usable.) Conjy gets 1100 max health. A whole 1100. These buffs should be upgraded so they at least scale to current stats. *Especially* the Conjy's terribly useless buff (please change it so it doesn't suck.)

    Disclaimer: I HATE that I have to make a thread about what a Summoner brings as far as utility. But since that seems to be the way the class is going, might as well get it to be useful.
  2. Koko Well-Known Member

    Haha... that is a difference. It is ill advised to compare individual skills instead of packages.

    That said, much hp, so important, wow.
  3. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    That dehate is the only thing that a summoner, well necro more specifically, brings to a group now.. It's nice yes, but I wish there was more that they brought then just that.. Conjies don't really bring anything tbh, and that's not a stab at conjies. That's just simply looking at buffs and dps. Sure summoner dps went up with these recent changes, but not enough to where we can rival the sorc's like we should be
  4. Veta Well-Known Member

    If this is actually being considered for change, I think the best think to do would be to change te max hp from a set increase to a % max hp increase. This way it will always scale and people never have to worry about the set values.

    The threat decrease on the necro is not that great either as far as ideal group setups. A troub should have you almost capped at decreased hate gain values. If you are running groups where hate gain is an issue I could see it being useful.

    The undead barrier, imo, is actually really nice considering most of high end raid damage is magical. The chance of the stoneskin triggering is almost the same as geomancy without trigger increase gains from other classes.

    Other than that, the other stats gained are not great.
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  5. Ebofu Active Member

    Barrier is useless on almost all raid content as it will not trigger on the passive DoT.
  6. Montag Well-Known Member

    So scout is better than mage now? For single target fights only or both single and aoe?
  7. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    For Linked Encouners,, i.e. Raid trash, you want the mage pet as it focuses on green spells. For single target, i.e. every raid name, you want the scout pet as it focuses on single target damage better than the mage now
  8. Veta Well-Known Member

    Necros having been claiming it worked. My bad.
  9. Anunnaki Active Member

    These still suck, and the Necros still has more use. Figured I'd cry about it again. Add it to the list of stuff that still needs to be properly scaled. Kthx.
  10. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Perhaps show everything the summoners bring to the group and compare that to sorcerers, you know...the other mage dps classes that summoners are vastly outparsing? Exactly. Shut up.
  11. Anunnaki Active Member

    If you are a sorc, and are losing to a summoner, then its your play that needs fixing, not the class.

    Let's stop turning every thread into "I don't know how to play so nerf other classes cuz im bad. plzhalp."
  12. Veta Well-Known Member

    You mean chanters? I am sorry but there are parses posted of fights that have numbers I will never hit in equal geared situations. Even if it was because I am a terrible summoner, I challenege any and all summoners, who think they are elite, to app to Rev or Fatality and top every fight at least once on a parse. I bet you it will not happen.
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  13. Yajirushi52 New Member

    No one class will top every parse ever, Warlocks have a slight advantage on fights like Grimlings and the trio toward the end of Cathedral, other than that Assassins/Warlocks/Wizards should be roughly tied on almost every fight with summoners being slightly below them from what I've seen.

    **edit** But this is a thread about the fact that summoner pets still need some slight buffs, not that summoners can't parse competitively.
  14. Anunnaki Active Member

    This thread is about buffs that summoner pets *already* are given, but are horribly and terribly scaled up to current stat inflation. It's not like these are buffs that only affect the summoner that is going to make them uber. They are group buffs, they are there, but they aren't scaled. Simple. Just scale them up, or at least balance the conjy one to give something that is as useful as the Necro dehate is.
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  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    I know what they do and do not have advantages on whether it is slight or not. I think its funny when someone claims that a class is op and I am assuming the person that made the post before is heated because he or she is not able to compete. Because you are not able to compete does not make a class op if other people playing your class at its best are beating the said to be op classes.

    Also, I am not sure why the person would cry op on pet buff fixes. Making them have a perma-scaling factor is op apparently. He must not realize that things such as applying max hp to the group instead of flat hp gains help him more with survivability.
  16. Breta Well-Known Member

    Summoners bring nothing significant to group since ET was nerfed ehh i mean "fixed"
  17. Mrmacky Active Member

    Yeap... a warlock should beat a conj on every single fight ever made ever simply because of FC being the most op ability in probably any game ever made minus dev's who can insta kill things with their mind
  18. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    The real problem is that buffs in general don't scale very well. For instance, look at Conjuror buffs (yes, this applies to pretty much every single class, just using this as an example since, uh, Mage forum)

    Elemental Aspect VIII - Buffs elemental resistance by 1338
    Geotic Rune VIII - Buffs all resistances by 523

    "Gear" has become far more important than anything provided by a player. Unfortunately. How many buffs are there in the game that actually matter now? Serious question.
  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    Considering the resist buffs actually matter and do make a difference. Also Geotic rune gives me a little over 1k resists. I am guessing your conj did not take the aas and focus effects for it? Its not a buff in general problem. Just because those do not scale, does not mean they are useless.

    However, buffs that have portions that do not work or offer negligible stats, like 1k hp on conj scout buff, should be fixed. When in raid, depending on the fight, I am pushing anywhere from 1.6m to 3m hp. That 1k makes no difference and should just be made max hp so it is always useful.
  20. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    Do you really believe that? Resist buffs matter? I mean, sure, I can take the AA's that improve it, and it gets up to . . . 1605. Ok. Raid geared characters are sporting what these days? 160k resists? 170k? I know well geared heroic characters are running around 140k.

    So, you're trying to tell me a buff that provides, approximately, one tenth of one percent is relevant? I hardly think so.

    Geotic Rune is a bit of a different thing, because it provides physical mitigation in addition to magical mitigation. Physical mitigation has always capped at much, much lower levels than the magical ones, thus, Geotic Rune is smaller.

    I'm not trying to point out something specific, which I did say. I'm trying to point out a glaring problem with the game as a whole. Non damaging buffs no longer matter. Gear has taken it's place, which is detrimental to the team aspects of the game. I can give you scores of examples of this, and in fact, I'm working on a post now. This thread stirred my interest.