Scourge Keep Bosses

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  1. Lea Plath Active Member

    So I'm trying to do a list of the bosses I've fought and how I spawned them. I'm slowly working my way through the list and will update them as I find them.

    1) Harkor Longbow The Archer: Required to access the keep, kill all the trash around the keep.

    2) The Glutton: Speak to the NPC ork in the gluttons respite and let him go free. He rings and gong and summons the glutton.

    3) Porkchop: Kill the butchers guard, then when the butcher runs away, aggro and kill him to unleash the pork based fury.

    4) Prime Vigoth Ansleborg: Talk to the serf in the barracks and tell him to call the commander.

    5) Sanctifier Kilug offers the spears first to the Tallon Altar? I've done the zone twice, first time taking the top option, second time taking the 2nd down option and got the same mob twice.

    6) Sanctifier Maknok and Captain Vulis: The first time I killed Sanctifier Kilug I got a red text about there being a room I can loot near the arena. I got given a symbol I use on the altar to Tallon again to spawn him.

    7) Thurg: Click on the dying jailor, do his little puzzle and get the key to open to torture room.

    8) Partak Headripper/Bandak Necksnapper: Click on all the dying orks in the towers and on roofs to put them out of their misery.
  2. Tsurupettan Active Member

    I cleared all of the trash outside and did not get Harkor. Perhaps it was because I entered via the sewers? I also didn't get Glutton on my run (the orc ran away and disappeared), nor Porkchop. Maybe there is a limit per zone on bosses and it is random each time?

    Bandak and Partak: There are dying orcs littering the zone. Put them all out of their misery and they'll spawn.

    Thrug: Go into the jail and talk to the dying jailer. He'll give you an order to open the doors (is it the same every time?) and there is a VERY TINY key in the hand of one of the corpses in the jails. This opens the door to Thrug.

    Viletooth: Kill enough crocs in the water and he spawns.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Where is the key? I've searched the jail top to bottom and can't find the key. Not in any of the openned cells nor anywhere else.
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  4. Tsurupettan Active Member

    The key for Thrug is in one of the four jail cells. It is in the hand of one of the chained up skeletons. It is EXTREMELY TINY, it took me a while to actually find it.

    I can't stress how small this key is. It is absurd how small the clickie is. There is no sparkly indicator, I got lucky mousing over it.
  5. Lea Plath Active Member

    Thanks for info on Viletooth.

    How do you enter via the sewers? The ability to skip Hakor would be most useful. Then I can see new bosses each run.

    Did you kill the Butcher when he ran away? And there are 3 options I think I chose I am still deciding then freed him.
  6. Lea Plath Active Member

    Another one. The Blood Iron Ore Eater. Just mine all the Blood Iron in the mines and he spawns (2 nodes for me)
  7. Lea Plath Active Member

    And the Sanctifier seem random but you have to kill 5 other named to spawn them. Then you go down to the vault near the arena. Top box if clickable spawns Maknok, bottom spawns Yegigoth.
  8. Robb Member

    I have kill all the crocs, must be something else that has to be done in order to spawn Viletooth?

    Yallessulich, you need Vile essence, Phylactery, Deathrot oil, Blood sap (arrow from tree) then click on the cauldron.

    Rinis you need the shackle, maiden's scream, Vile essence, Blood sap (arrow from tree) then click on the cauldron.

    You can only spawn one or the other per zone.

    Anyone get Onok or Vurgal?
  9. Natinaf New Member

    Unfortunately it doesn't show at all to me :(
    Neither one of the skeletons holds it.
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  10. Robb Member

    Another place the key can be found is in the cells with the seats, I found it one time far left side near the chain & wood of the seat. The key is gray in color and very small.
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  11. Lea Plath Active Member


    Here is the zone, as I understand it.

    The zone is full of clickies and little puzzles. You unlock them by interacting with the world, which spawns certain bosses.

    You can kill 5 named in the zone. Certain names are one or the other, such as Yallessulich or Rinis, inside or Horkor or Viletooth on the outside. I think you can also kill the Blood Iron Ore Eater or Thurg, but not both (needs confirmation)

    After the 5th named, you gain access to a storeroom near the arena where you can get an item that lets you spawn the sanctifiers who act as the zones end boss. You cannot kill a 6th named who isn't one of them.

    I've included all the info I have, including strategy based on the advanced solo. Hopefully they are the same.

    Harkor Longbow requires you to kill all the trash around the keep. He rides a boar, and he a 270 degree "frontal" as well as being rooted. I killed him before I saw any strategy but I guess you got to keep all the squishies in his back quadrant and somehow avoid his red text.

    Viletooth is spawned by killing all the crocs in the river. He cannot be damaged except in the water, and it seems like every 20% he puts a noxious detrimental on you. If you DPS too fast without curing, he applies the noxious again which kills you.

    You can only kill one or the other, both give you access to the Keep either via sewer or the front gate.

    Porkchop is spawned by a little event triggered by killing "the butcher's guard". The butcher will see his moment and try to run, going around the north side of the keep and despawning at the north west tower. When he reaches the north east tower he becomes attackable and if killed will spawn Porkchop. He seems to have some kind of high damage pulse but I didn't see it in detail.

    Partak Headripper/Bandak Necksnapper are spawned by finding all the dying orks in the towers around the keep and putting them out of their misery. They can be on the first, second and third floor and 2 of them are on roofs, requiring a jump down from the center keep or l33t jump skills. The two named seemed to gain an incremental which when maxed out let them one shot people based on the examine info.

    The Glutton is spawned by killing all the orks in the tavern then speaking to the toiler. Let him go free and the sneaky sod will go and ring the gong spawning him nearby. Make sure all the doors possible are shut, as he will try and rush to the tavern and if he gets there he will become unkillable.

    Prime Vigoth Ansleborg is spawned by talking to the serf in the barracks. I didn't see a strat, but she comes with two adds and is a tallonite. And if she is anything like the tallonites in Drunder/Vig1-3 expect oww.

    They both come out of the same room so I expect you can only summon one or the other in an instance.

    Sanctifier Kilug spawns using the items that drop from orks in the keep. You only get 1 shot to spawn him, and you have to pick Spears first on the tallon altar. I didn't see a strat for this guy, so sorry.

    Thurg spawns in the jail when you click the dying jailor. He gives you a quick puzzle and says which room the key is in. Stand on him, face towards the way out and go from that. The key is small and behind a skelly normally so zoom in. Thurg seems to be a high damage mob and can only be damaged while moving. Killing him also gives you a quick way to get back up to the walls again.

    The Blood Iron Ore Eater spawns when you harvest out all the ore veins in the mine. He seemed to be a pretty simple tank and spank who died really easily. No idea if he does more.

    Rinis is on the first floor in the alchemist chamber. You need the shackle (by the chauldron) , Maiden's Scream (Across from cauldron), Vile Essence (Other tower, second floor), Blood sap (arrow piercing the ork) then click on the cauldron. The fact you don't use up the maiden's scream, it respawns, it is a usable clickie and the fact she is a banshee suggests to me you use this in the fight somehow. For me she died very quickly.

    Yallessulich is needed for a quest. You need Vile Essence (Other tower), Phylactery (nearby), Deathrot oil (armory on the floor below) and Blood Sap (arrow piercing the ork) then click on the cauldron. Deathrot Oil is a usable clickie that gives a buff that is only washed away by the cauldron suggesting to me that this is part of his strat, but he died too easily to comment.

    Sanctifier Maknok and Captain Vulis are one of the two possible bosses. Maknok can't be killed until Vulis has, and Vulis doesn't take much damage unless he is near one of the detrimental causing totems that spawn. Besides that it seems tank and spanky.

    Sanctifier Yegigoth and the Spirit Princess are the other option. Each prince spawns in a circle, and can only be damaged when they are standing in their circle. Besides that it seems tank and spanky. Yegigoth is rooted until both princes die.

    Now, I'm not sure how to spawn Onok or Vurgal, however there is a vine you can click in the stables which says it is a very dry vine that might just catch fire and I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it. And with a title like the gutter I bet one of them is in the arena.

    There are also a few mini quests for coins (currently keys).

    One is a clickie outside the keep to the North. Kill 100 orcs and wargs in 30 minutes.

    The second is bugged, but is found in the sewer. Kill 14 croc eggs in time (only 14 spawn and you need to kill one to trigger quest)

    The third is from clicking the throne up top. It ports you down to the tavern and you have to run into each tower and go down then up.

    I think there may be a 4th but I've not seen it.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Robb Member

    You catch it on fire not far from where you got it there is a building with two lanterns on each side of the door, one is clicky what needs to been after that I don't know.
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  13. Chrol Developer

    Crocodile egg mission starts when you first attack an egg. There are enough in there to complete it, just make sure none of them hatch.

    Regarding the throne - it's supposed to port you in front of it, not below within the keep. That'll be fixed soon.

    Great write-up so far!
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  14. Lea Plath Active Member

    OK. I've done it several times and it only starts when I've killed an egg. Maybe it should be offered when you enter the area?

    And ooooh, that suddenly makes much more sense, as much as I love the "I am now standing in a bunch of aggro orks. Maximum tryhard time". (Do something like that at some point!)
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  15. Chrol Developer

    I wonder if you're one-shotting the eggs...

    I'll check it out.
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  16. Lea Plath Active Member

    Sometimes but not always? I've run the zone 3 times so far, and every time the egg has died before the quest started.

    Maybe just to be safe add an extra egg?
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  17. Chrol Developer

    Will have a fix in for the crocodile eggs. Thanks Lea Plath.
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  18. Tsurupettan Active Member

    Egg worked fine for me last night. Had no trouble getting it when I attacked the egg and getting all 15.

    Also I was able to kill Rinis and the Lich in the same run on my very first time, so they are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps it was because I was doing the quests, though? Unsure.
  19. Robb Member

    I think because you were on the quest.
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  20. Lea Plath Active Member

    As I understand you can spawn both if you are doing the quest, but you won't get achievement or chest for the lich.

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