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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by lalluna, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. lalluna New Member

    Help! How do you start Arena event in Scourge Keep(Heroic)?
  2. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Go into the arena, move to the gong until Krazk will start talking - when he is done, move between the two iron doors you have entered the place and stand still - you will get a green glow around your character, the doors will close and a countdown is starting.
  3. lalluna New Member

    yeah, I did exactly this but the countdown didn't start and doors remain open
  4. santargria Well-Known Member

    I believe you have to be behind the door that opens to the arena - in other words you have to be inside the enclosure not in the arena

    That's the mistake I made anyway
  5. lalluna New Member

    tried this but did not work... was there 4 times and always failed to start arena, maybe I'm too dumb or something doesn't work as intended, nvm I gave up. Thanks all for help.
  6. santargria Well-Known Member

    It's not just you - I gave up also :(
  7. Earar Well-Known Member

  8. duckster Active Member

    Killed enough names to open the arena ?
  9. Chrol Developer

    Arena Champion Kraz'k says, "Now, should you decide to continue, stand between the arena's barred doors from where you entered."
    Arena Champion Kraz'k says, "As soon as at least 2 of you remain between the barred doors for at least 10 seconds, the arena will commence!"

    It will start should you meet these requirements.
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  10. lalluna New Member

    Ah yes, this is true, I didn't think it is so important to be not alone. Sorry, and thanks for the information. =))

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