Scorched Sky plans?

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Quiarrah, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I don't know what the plans are for Scorched Sky for this year but could we possibly get building blocks in red similar to the new Oceansful ones or even the green marble from Fordel Midst?
    Also it might be fun to have a quest where we have to keep "fires lit" similar to what WoW does during their fire festival. Just a thought. Anyway . . when do we get to test SS?
  2. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    As a general rule of thumb, live events are planned at least a couple months in advance so there is time for the Art dept to do their thing, and for Kaitheel to juggle this along with his other responsibilities, etc.

    We also tend to see events hit Test on either Fridays or Mondays, so I'd expect it "soon"
  3. Kattt Active Member

    Yes, love this idea! =) I would love to see a set of building blocks in this theme:

    That could present some fun opportunities, especially in conjunction with the Lavastorm house. Also, at the very least, could we please have these bridges return? I missed the chance to get any and would love to obtain.

    The red block idea is great, and since you already have some of the textures and shades in game, perhaps makes it easier to draw from those. This is my favorite texture for a red, from a book in game:


    A whole set of blocks in that ^^ would be lovely. If not for this event, then perhaps Eday would be a great fit. =)
    Here is another shade and texture that wouldl be great:

    The last point I would like to add about these possible blocks, is now that these "newer" events have been going a couple/few years, can we add in recipes, and not get too lop-sided in the purchasable items? It makes us crafters feel relevant still, when we can work from recipes, and also to be able to sell wares to help us feed our crafting/housing love. =) And if you do have to make any of them from the merchant, can you make them buyable with plat? The currency thing is getting so overwhelming from SO many vendors/missions/events, that its becoming a bit of turn off to keep up with. And I really do believe this game needs more "plat sinks" to help ease the burden of in-game inflation. But being able to get recipes would be, I believe, most desirable for us all. =)

    Another thought I had about recipes, to make it more fun, would be a quest or collection to get them. Tradeable would also be most desirable. I also had an idea for a fun quest. Something like "How to build a better volcano" and some sort of quest that helps you "construct" a volcano out of materials, that is used to fight off some enemy or some such. Maybe the tinkering ingenuity of gnomes could be involved. At the end of this, we are given a "house item" of an active volcano that we can not only resize to be very tiny OR very large (both important for usability.) Yet it could also have a switch to be made active, or inactive. =) What fun that would be!

    That fires lit thing sounds great too! =)

    Thanks for all you do, for reading, and thanks to Niami and Lera for those images I used here. =)
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    We don't have an RNG "open this and hope" thing for Scorched Sky (THANK YOU, KAITHEEL! :D), but yeah, I'd love to have a recipe book available for not only a bright red (vs. the sort of "Gorowyn grungy" red) or orange marble building block set, but also ones for the Flowing Lava, Sun Scales, Cracked Lava, Burning Ember Tiles (though that last might be from the Moonlight Grottoes?), etc. building blocks. If the NPC event merchants worried about not being able to "sell" anything more for Tokens, just offer the books for a bunch of Tokens, but don't make them with charges...the Vampiric Mirrors holiday book was bad enough, and I'm so glad that's not the case any more. :)

    EDIT: Kattt beat me to this, largely due to my stupid Internet access temporarily going out (was wondering about the "Trying login server #1" rage again), but I agree with everything she said, just about. :)

    The only real worries I'd have would be any quests for recipe books being too high a level, or Overseer only, or whatever; if there is a quest for them, like the option to get the Vamp Mirrors recipe scroll from the Loping Plains Haunted Mansion, please let it scale for everyone from 1 to 120. ;->

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