Scorched Sky Feedback & Bugs - 2022

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o yes :D like I did not look the one time we got Neriak city fest on Tarinax and it was missing.
    You were so kind to activate it, but I only found out 2 days before the end (on a weekend) that the local goods vendor had nothing to sell :(.
    So, it's always a good idea to find out early if things work.
  2. Kaitheel Developer

    I hope everyone is enjoying Scorched Sky, or that you have a chance to this weekend!

    How are the 38 new Scorched Sky merchant items?

    How is the scaling content, for those of you above level 120?

    ~ Kaitheel
  3. Manafizzle Active Member

    Ran the solo on through it with a very undergeared 125 necro (mostly crate gear still), but I did have to call to the guild hall to repair a couple of times because I died a LOT. That's a lot of lava. Cats always land on their feet, but they also always land in lava apparently. It was hard to get from place to place, and I could only get to one of the shinies I had on track, which was frustrating.

    Sent some grouchy feedbacks. I was hungry and it took a long time. Don't take it personally, please.

    The adds on that first boss were...a lot.

    It is very hard to see where the fire is going to be at the end boss when they're all close together. Am I inside one? Is that just the ones next to me? Where is my snack? Am I done yet?
  4. Gelenor Active Member

    The solo shiny house reward scales well and is spectacular.
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  5. Manafizzle Active Member

    Well, now you're just taunting me. ;)
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  6. Rawr! New Member

    flying wings from the event merchant please...those would be nice
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  7. Playz4fun Active Member

    I have to agree with Manafizzle, the adds on the first named are a lot. I am not top of the line geared on my 125, but I too have died a lot. My mount/merc isn't fully trained, and apparently I need to do more work on my dps.

    Not sure I will have time to complete that dungeon 6 times on more than one toon though.

    The artwork on the reward cape is awesome! Really, really nice.

    I don't have enough of the coins to buy all the new goodies, but they look great and I haven't heard any complaints about them.

    Looking forward to this on live. :D

    Well done!
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  8. Kasa Well-Known Member

    No problems with either.
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    You may not be aware, but there are some beautiful flying wings named for this event, but available on the Marketplace all year 'round. No need to wait for the celebration to begin to don these fiery wings!

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Chrol Developer

    Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop [Solo] updates coming up...
    Combat mitigation on bosses reduced
    Elemy Elmonnier's (first boss) adds will spawn even slower, and have reduced health
    Savretta Seyzon's blue warning boxes will stay up a couple seconds longer so you can more readily avoid ensuing boxes of fire that replace them. There's also an onscreen warning the first time she summons them.
  11. Rawr! New Member

    yes,yes push them to pay to get what they the mighty have fallen....that's the wrong move to keep a game alive missy
  12. Alyndrys Well-Known Member

    lol You can't have everything for free ! If you get a subscription and get 500 DBC a month you will get those wings in no time :) If not, the Wings of Passion (during Errolisi Day and with a little work) are the next free best thing ! So many possibilities ...:) You have to pay either through subscription or through marketplace for services if not how is the game supposed to go on if everything is free ?
  13. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Ya, Erollisi wings are buyable with in-game tokens(diff color though), and there are normally some LON wings on the broker that one can buy with plats...

    But I indeed hope there will be more wings available in the future, too! (saying this as both eq2/gw2 player myself :) )
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  14. elflover Well-Known Member

    You missed tinkerfest , it has lots of wings ofc tinkered but diff colors. And like another said Eday has same flame wings but purple. The older events have more to chose from scorched sky and oceanfull are just a few years, so not as much added to them like the others.
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  15. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Can the replica cithara be scaled a bit bigger? And I guess the Jacinder merc drops from the new dungeon, right?
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  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    all those replicas are a little on the small side, if I wanted a tine replica of a deity just make it a statue, I can put into my garden like a garden gnome no need for movement.
    I know this is not the right festival, but that T Rex from the chrono event used to scalable to giant size (I put him in charge of my apprentice, so she would not just sit there and do nothing ;) :D muahaha evil laugh).
    And what is it with the title over the replica's heads?
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  17. Kaitheel Developer

    The replica Cellinaire inquired about is not an NPC replica actor. It is a replica of an instrument with the freedom to be scaled bigger and smaller. And I totally can make it scale larger, consider it done, Cellinaire!

    As for NPC replica house items, those ones that look like they could be plushies but can't be scaled bigger or smaller, it is dictated by the art of the NPC it is based on. If a model is one piece (body, armor, etc. is all one model) then a scalable house item can easily be made (think of the High elf vampires). But when the model is an assembly of separate pieces (hair, skin color, armor, weapons, wings, etc.) then they cannot be turned into plushies. Art would have to stitch all of the customization and armor into one model for each plushie. The NPC replica house items (the ones with their names overhead) are a workaround that we have, where we can call up the assets and assemble them on a NPC character that spawns in your house at the location where you place the house item. It's the same basic functionality as Escaped Lightning Bug Bottle, Spilled Beer, Party Cards, Falling Rose Petals, etc..

    Long story short ("Too late!") those NPC replica house items are the best we can do to provide some sort of representation of those complex models, with the assets we currently have.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  18. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Thx a lot! And whoa first time I've seen such development insight :)
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yes, thanks Kaitheel, it works well to explain to us how things work, now we can stop complaining
  20. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Can (at least) one of the cloaks from the new quest have a color change to another? I mean, except purple(!), white, orange, red... :)