Scorched Sky Feedback & Bugs - 2021

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Because those are the models used in game. Oh, were you talking about why they now appear differently than in the past, lore-wise? Yeah, gods are not bound by the rules of our weak flesh and bones. They can appear as whatever they like, when they like.

    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    oh the gods from everquest 1 and everquest 2 are different because of the whole timeline splitting event due to that some stuff from eq1 are simillar to eq2 but not everything.....a good exemple is possibly rallos zek being dead in eq2 but possibly still alive in eq1 and same for cazic thule in eq1 and eq2 the same goes for the gods appearences and even some gods that never existed in eq1 being referenced in eq2 without existing in the original timeline i believe a good exemple is zerani the other daughter of solusek ro i never heard of her until reign of shadows and possibly no one else in norrath heard of her.....

    btw prexus is not evil in any of the two games lore.....and fennin ro is neutral even if his title is tyrant of fire most of this tyranny is non existent or never referenced....elemental deities dont interact with norrath on the daily basis due to the fact that mortals cant understand elemental forces even mages are not fully capable of understanding the greater wheel of elemental power

    and a good theory for why prexus looks like a deep aberrant is.... due to the fact they are his former creations that were banished by him in ages past to other dimension, possibly due to the fact they worship cazic thule prexus in theory felt betrayed and send them far away.....until they returned of course and they see prexus like that as one of them? i suppose....
    (check the waters of norrath quest for those in eq2)
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  3. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    speaking of those......why rallos still exist in gameplay mechanics? i mean he's dead so maybe changing in the future his deity line or replacing for the hounds of war would be a better option.....i mean why are we collecting worship points for a dead god that cant even collect that favor because dead and according to chains of eternity his divine essence was banished to the void after he tried to latch himself to drinal in void=bye bye forever? forgotten? or in anashti sul case weakened until she managed to return.....? and even if he returns he will not be the god of war or even part of the triumvirate of war....sullon,vallon and why why why and WHY! <3
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  4. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    AND WORST AT ALL !!!! how we can gain power or blessings from a DEAD GOD!!!??? DARLING HELP
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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    remember the Egyptians worshiped a dead god , Osiris , his wife Issis even got pregnant from his coffin , so there are weirder things on earth ( or were ) than in EQ2 .
    And in any case , you can't keep a good god ( or evil one ) down .
    Heck we can come back to live over and over ( would be a short game if we died for good ).
    And there is stuff that got pulled into the void and creatures coming back out of it .
    So anything goes .
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  6. Kaitheel Developer

    I'm a little surprised to not see any discussion about the new quest and dungeon. Has anyone run into problems with it? Was the progression intuitive? Any troubles with the boss fight at the end?

    I'm hoping silence is a good thing, but I'm getting nervous about it.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  7. Frulia New Member

    I had no problems with completing the new quest or with the dungeon. The only thing I didn't like is how long it took for the waves of enemies to spawn during the boss fight. It seemed like I spent more time waiting around for the enemies to spawn than I did actually fighting them.
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  8. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    Yeah i know love egypt but is kinda not the same.....
    Void is like 100% goodbye and worst of all rallos was killed by roehn theer swords said to be able to kill and erase gods existence for good soo.....yeah i dont see how rallos can return his case is not the same as anashti,roehn,and lanys t'vyl.....they died or were banished in diferent forms.....
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hmmm now how could there be a way to bring a totally dead god to this game ? " it all was just a dream ? " nah somebody used that already .
    Some of the essence hid out in a corner and was brought back to recreate the god new ?
    It was not really him but a stand in , and the real god was hiding out and comes back for revenge .
    Or one of the devs just says " he's back , because I said so , after all I am one of the real gods here ".
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  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Good feedback! What level was your character when you ran this dungeon?

    ~ Kaitheel
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  11. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Encountered no problems with the quest or zone. I thought the progression was intuitive and really enjoyed doing the quest. The final boss fight is easy for certain classes and harder for others.

    TIP: If you are using a mercenary and a class that finds the fight hard, fight the ring event at the final boss location.
  12. Frulia New Member

    I was using Kahti for the dungeon, and she is a level 120 Conjuror.
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  13. Kaitheel Developer

    Ah ha! Yes, highest level characters will find the waves dead rather quickly. I suspect lower level characters will need that time to defeat them, or else they will be overwhelmed. I am certainly open to reducing the time between spawns, though. I just don't want it to become too difficult for low levels.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I got plenty of low level toons guess I got to see how well they do .
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  15. Playz4fun Member

    Ran a level 21 Paladin and level 17 Fury through the the entire timeline for this, including the new quest and dungeon. It went well and was successful on both rather poorly geared alts. Used a standard merc for both.

    Thanks for the new quest! I love quests!
  16. Tkia Well-Known Member

    I agree. It's not just level, it's also a class thing. My templar is never, ever going to slam through things the way my conjuror does and needs more time to recuperate power between waves of mobs in ring events. (Which is why I rarely dig out the templar :p )
  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea I got a Templar , good support healer , but hard to level up and solo on .
    What I always do with toons like that is mentor them down to make things go faster .
    And I agree :D thanks for the new quest , Overseer is nice , but can not replace a real quest that you have to go in and do stuff .
  18. Almee Well-Known Member

    Today, when I killed a mob, and the small chest dropped, I got the message that "there are no items you can loot." It said I got a coin but not that I got two coins because I was subbed, and it turns, out I didn't get any coin. I littered the beach with opened small crates.
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  19. elflover Well-Known Member

    Where you grouped with a merc or second account? I've had that problem only with a second account grouped forgetting it was leader and toon I was killing on was trying to loot, had to change looting/group options. If not then something is wrong.
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Aw...I kind of liked the idea of my Ground mounts being able to "fly"! :D

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